An arrancar-girl in Seireitei

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Children always speak the truth

„Master! Master!"

Byakuya turned his head. It was one of House Kuchikis minor servants, running like hell. Not a good sign. The servant stopped in front of him, literally fell onto his knees and attempted to say something, failing miserably cause of his lack of breath. Byakuya watched the man outwardly calm. All members of the House of Kuchiki, from the nobles to the servants, had a distinction of being calm and collected every time. Whatever made this man run through the house bawling at the top of his voice, it certainly wasn't something common.

"What is it?" he asked. "What is the reason for you startling the whole house? Is Seireitei under attack?"

"No… no, not Seireitei…" the servant managed to say. He looked quite frightened. „Master… House Kuchiki has… been infiltrated."

Byakuya raised an eyebrow. His hand wandered to the hilt of his zanpakatou unconsciously. „By whom?"

„Master Byakuya!" Another servant ran through the hallway and collapsed in front of 6th division's taichou. "It is terrible! They have already crossed the garden!"

Byakuya closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Part of his legendary reputation in Seireitei was based on his calm behaviour. Most teachers in the Shinigami Academy adduced him as an instance of self control and discipline. It wouldn't look good if he shouted at his own servants. But when he asked them again, his voice was a little strained.


The first servant looked up to him fearfully. "Ku-Kusajishi-fukutaichou."

Byakuya blinked. „How is that possible?" he demanded to know. "After her last… visit I ordered you to equip the whole garden, every road, every tree and even the ponds with all sorts of candy. Didn't you obey my order?" His glance made the two servants shudder.

"N-no, Lord Byakuya" the second one answered quickly. "Of course we did. But it wasn't enough, cause this time… Kusajishi-fukutaichou had help."

"She had help?"


A sudden human-shaped whirlwind raced through the hallway, jumped onto the back of the first servant – whose face met the floor in a rather unpleasant way – and landed on Byakuyas chest. Or better intended to land, because the black-haired man shunpoed aside in the last moment and the pink hurricane crash-landed on the floor.

"Ooooh, Byakushi" Yachiru whined. Which was rather scary, because there was a rather maniacal grin plastered on her face when she turned around. If Seireitei had known drugs, Byakuya would have assumed that she was completely stoned. "Why didn't you catch me?"

"Kusajishi-fukutaichou" Byakuya said with a voice as warm as an iceberg. "Why are you here in my house?"

The scary grin on her face widened. "I wanted to visit my favourite taichou – aside of Ken-chan of course. Didn't you miss me?"

"Not really" Byakuya answered. „Some of the servants still have nightmares from your last visit."

Yachiru pouted. "Bah, they're spineless jellyfish! You should have stronger guys in your house, Byakushi."

"Well, I heard that there are many 11th division members that are scared of you too."

"True, but Ken-chan says that they're worthless anyway." This sentence really made her grin look scary. Then Yachiru put her finger on her lips and looked up. "That's strange, I somehow forgot why I'm actually here. Someone lost a whole lot of sweets outside, and they were so tasty I can't think of anything else anymore."

Byakuya closed his eyes and counted to three. This afternoon was straining his nerves. "I was told that you aren't alone, Kusajishi-fukutaichou. Who…"

"THAT'S RIGHT!" Yachiru yelled happily. „I brought along a friend who wants to meet you too!" She looked around a little confused. "Where is she? I must have lost her in this big house. Oops." She flashed the black-haired taichou a toothy grin, which was repelled by his stern face. She wasn't bothered. "SKULL-CHAN!" she yelled out loud. „WHERE – ARE – YOU?"

There was one blissful moment of silence before a human missile tore through the thin walls next to Yachiru and knocked the pink-haired girl over. When the two small bodies came to a dead stop, Byakuya recognized the young arrancar girl Kurosaki Ichigo had brought to Seireitei. His face darkened – even more. He had known from the start that nothing coming from this boy could be a good thing.

The girls were giggling. "Found you!" Nell exclaimed cheerfully. „Why didn't you tell me this house was so big? I asked some guys I ran over about you, but they all ran away screaming bloody murder!"

"Really? That's funny!" Yachiru replied not any less loud. It didn't seem to bother her that she was currently pinned down by the young arrancar, she was still smiling. "They do the same thing every time I visit Bya-chan!"

Byakuya threw the two still kneeling servants a meaningful glance and the two lowered their heads in shame.

"Bya-who?" Nell looked around, but since the three grownups were standing – and kneeling – behind her and Yachiru, she didn't see anyone. "Eh? Where is he? We still have to tell him that someone lost so many sweets in his garden."

Yachiru giggled. "He's right behind you, Skull-chan. And could you please stand up? You're getting a little heavy."

"Oh yeah, sure." Nell rolled to the side and hopped to her feet. She looked up to Byakuya with her big eyes and flashed him another smile. The taichou was considering imposing a ban on smiles in his house, but Nell was as sugar high as Yachiru and his expression didn't scare her. She pointed at him. "Ah, I know you! You were one of the guys I first met when Ichigo brought me to Seireitei! One of the taichou!"

"That's right" Yachiru joined the conversation. "Skull-chan, this is Byakushi. Some guys say he's even stronger than Ken-chan, but they haven't fought yet." She looked at Byakuya and frowned. It looked rather silly since her mouth was still smiling, but Byakuya wasn't amused. "I must remind Ken-chan of that. Anyway, he's the most mysterious guy in Seireitei and cause of that our Shinigami Women Association wants to have a photo book with his pictures. By the way, can we make these pictures now, Bya-chan?"

"No!" Byakuya declined with a determined, though still collected voice. But in his eyes one could already see a glint of the rising anger inside of him. Unfortunately that didn't include the two sugar-drugged kids. "Are you telling me that you two consumed every piece of candy in my garden and demolished my house and some of my servants just to ask for these stupid pictures again?"

"No, actually I just wanted to introduce you to my new friend, Skull-chan" Yachiru answered him good-humouredly, completely ignoring the accusations.

Meanwhile Nell had been watching Byakuya pryingly. She nudged Yachiru, leaned towards the other girl and said out loud – which kinda ruined the secretive behaviour – : "Ne, Yachiru-chan, is he really Rukia-chans brother, like you told me? They aren't very much alike."

"You think so?" Yachiru asked surprised. „But they both have black hair and they both don't understand my jokes…"

"Stop!" Byakuya interrupted them firmly. The two girls looked up to him surprised. The eyes of the man were narrowed to mere slits and focused onto Nell. His hand was lying on Senbonzakura's hilt again. "You do know Rukia?" His voice sounded lurking, but Nell still wasn't fazed.

„Damn right" she said and nodded. „I don't know her as well as Hime-nee or Ichigo, but I met her in Hueco Mundo too."

"So you don't really got to know her" Byakuya stated. "Why do you say that we aren't alike then?"

"Weeeeell" Nell answered and cocked her head slightly. "Cause Rukia-chan shows her feelings more often. When she was mad at Ichigo her head was completely red, she must have been very angry."

"Mad?" Byakuya pressed on, suddenly interested. So Rukia finally got mad at the… boy? "Why would she be mad?"

Nell smiled and took a deep breath. „Well, Renji-nii asked Rukia-chan if she was jealous, cause Ichigo saved me and not her, and she said that I wasn't human and she and Ichigo weren't lovers…" She blinked and looked at Yachiru. "What are lovers, Yachiru-chan?"

"Ah, I know that, Featherface told me about it" Yachiru rejoiced. "Lovers are people who are together all the time, but not like me and Ken-chan, cause they do very strange things like dressing prettily for each other, like Featherface does for himself all the time, or holding hands or kissing or…"

"…fucking?" Nell suggested.

Yachiru stared at her friend blankly. „Eh? What's that?"

„That's when…"

„Enough!" Byakuya interrupted them. He couldn't believe where their discussion was headed. "Rukia said that she and Ichigo aren't lovers. What happened after that?"

"Oh yeah, sure" Nell agreed and tried to focus on her memories with her sweet-poisoned mind again. "After that Renji-nii smiled strangely and said that of course they weren't lovers and then Ichigo woke up and interrupted them, and I think that made Rukia-chan angry cause her face became red. And Pesshe told me once, that when someone goes red in the face, then he's probably mad at you and you should be careful." The little arrancar was all smiles. "Am I right?"

Byakuya seemed to think dismal thoughts, but that didn't matter since Yachiru answered her. "Nah, Skull-chan, I don't think Rich Girl dislikes Ichi. Don't you know that he even saved her life once?"

"But just because he owed her his powers!" Byakuya threw in, but the girls were too focused on each other. "That's of no concern for Rukia!"

Nells eyes went wide. "Really?" she asked interested. „But she was totally red!"

"Yeah, he even fought with Ken-chan to get her back" Yachiru told the little arrancar eagerly. "Ken-chan was really happy cause Ichi fought him as hard as he could. I don't think that Rich Girl would want to fight someone who fought with Ken-chan for her."

"I'd want to fight him neither" Nell agreed and shuddered slightly. "He's frickin' scary, Yachiru-chan."

Yachiru beamed with joy. „Yes, isn't he?"

Suddenly Renji appeared behind them. He looked angry. "There you are" he barked. „I've been searching for you everywhere. Where have… why are you smiling at me that way?" he changed his question a little puzzled.

"Oh, we just found many sweets that someone has lost outside in the garden" Yachiru answered dreamily.

"Yes, but we still don't know whom they belonged to" Nell added, smiling too.

Renji remembered the bunch of sweets the servants of House Kuchiki had scattered in the whole garden. He stared at the two girls with wide eyes. "You ate up ALL the candy?" he asked unbelievingly.

"It was very tasty" Yachiru argued.

"Yes, and nobody was there to tell us not to eat it" Nell added.


The red-haired man looked up and finally became aware of his taichou. He bowed hastily. "Kuchiki-taichou! Zaraki-taichou ordered me to keep an eye on these two…"

"Get into my office! Now!" Byakuya commanded him with a voice that seemingly had met Hitsugaya-taichous zanpakatou somewhere. "I want to ask you a few questions about Rukia… and your friend Kurosaki Ichigo!"

Renji blinked. "About Rukia… and Ichigo?" he repeated dumbfounded. Then he looked at the two girls at his feet. "But taichou…"



The tattooed man stiffened and a second later he vanished, shunpoing to his taichou's office as fast as he could. Byakuya threw Yachiru and Nell one last cold look, then he turned around and simply walked away. The two servants hastily moved out of his way and followed him, for they definitely didn't want to be alone with the two girls.

Nell blinked slowly. "He didn't even say goodbye, Yachiru-chan" she complained. „That wasn't very nice."

Yachiru shrugged. „He's like that most of the time, Skull-chan" she admitted. „I guess he won't have time to play with us for quite a while."

"And what shall we do now?" Nell asked her a little disappointed. Sure, Byakuya hadn't looked like someone very nice, but he had surely been… mysterious, like Yachiru-chan had said. "Shall we pay a visit to ba-san Uno? Or Nemu-nee?"

"Nah, they're probably busy too" Yachiru denied, thinking deeply. Then her face suddenly lightened up. "I got it! We'll go and see Kouri-chan (1) and Giant Boobies!"

Nell blinked. She still wasn't really used to Yachirus way of naming people. "Do they have candy too?" she asked.

"No, I don't think so", Yachiru admitted a little less enthusiastic. But with the next sentence her smile returned. "But they are waaaaaay more fun than Bya-chan! I'm sure they'll love to meet you, Skull-chan!"

For one more moment Nell was looking at her friend sceptically, but then the remaining sugar in her body kicked in and drove her lips and her spirit upwards again. "Okay then" she announced. "Let's go."

Byakuya had nearly arrived at his office when two blurry shapes ran past him and the two servants, causing him to stop and look at the destruction the two girls were leaving behind.

"You two" he ordered the cowering servants. "First… repair the walls they broke through. And in the second place, re-equip the garden with sweets… twice as many sweets than last time."

The two servants bowed and practically ran away, glad that the nightmare had finally ended. Byakuya turned around and opened the door. Renji was looking at him rather nervously. Byakuya hoped that there was no reason for that, otherwise there would be serious consequences for his fukutaichou… and for Kurosaki Ichigo. He closed the door.

To Renji it sounded like the closing gates of Hell.

(1) Ice-chan

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