So, after fifteen years, with breaks and hair-tearing-out moments I finally finished Sience and Magic. It grew from a short story to over a million words (wish I was beibg paid a penny a word!)

So many of you, loyal and patient, waiting for each update, and to you fleeting readers, have supported me with every single review. I truly believe these are an author's catnip. I would have written this story (these stories) anyway but maybe not in as much detail.

In the meantime, you have developed the story with, "I want to know this about Sirius..." and, "I think x is going to happen to y". The story took off in different directions because I wanted to know, too!

The HP universe has changed too. I began this in 2005, when the 6th book came out and 5th film. As the series finished there were some Ron "bloody hell" momemts, so reading them from the beginning I hope there are not too many continuity errors. My readers have changed a little bit too, from casual readers to (and I say this with the greatest respect, as I consider myself to be one) Pottheads who pull me up on the detail.

My style has changed too. Finishing "The Art of the Wize" I went back to "Science and Magic" and it feels like it could have been written by a different person. I'm more confident in taking risks with the writing that I wouldn't have done in the early days of "Sciemce and Magic"

Now, over to you. I want to hear what you think on the following topics:

1. Favourite character(s if you cant choose one).

2. Favourite part of any of the three stories from the trilogy.

3. Favourite way I portrayed a HP character.

4. Favourite original character.

5. What did I miss that you'd like to have seen? Or what you would have liked me to cover?

6. What bits you think could have been done differently or removed.

7. Anything else e.g did the audio on Youtube add to your experience? Artwork? (I just cannot draw but the faces of my original characters are clear in my head)

8. Other future ideas? Or other authors you recommend? (HP or other authors, FF authors or physical book authors.)

Ten replies and I'll write my answers to these too.

I am in awe of anyone who takes the time to read others' work. We do it because we want to, not for payment or reward and share our fictions in the hope other people get the same enjoyment out of them as you do.

Wishing you all peace, prosperity and joy this New Year and beyond.

MrsRJLupin (Lucy)