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There was no way that this could cause me such grief. No freaking way!

I stared down at the black plastic comb that was lying in my hand. I could feel my eyes glaze over: what can I say, I was in pretty deep thought. I continued to stare down at the comb broodingly, a slight frown on my face. I quickly glanced up at Edward.

Edward smiled at me, at first; his grin faded slowly to a look of utter confusion at my apparently far-off expression.

"Bella?" he asked, sounding amused with a hint of anxiety.

"Hmmm?" I responded. My eyes, now on the comb again, were still out of focus and I was finding it extremely difficult to hault my thought process. I glanced quickly at Edward and then back at the comb. I repeated this about five times, Edward's face becoming more incredulous with each glance. Finally, I snapped out of my reverie. I looked up to see Edward wearing a totally bewildered expression.

"Are you alright?" he asked tentatively, like he was fearing for my sanity.

My brow furrowed again as I thought about that. I shrugged and smiled. "I was just thinking. . ."

"What?" Edward asked, now curious. I smiled wider and blushed scarlet. It was so stupid, but I really was curious. . .

Edward leaned forward, not even three inches away from my face. "What were you thinking about?" he asked, his sweet breath whirling around my face. Of course, I (rather unthinkingly, ironically enough) blurted out what I had been deliberating over just moments ago.

"Well," I started, holding the black plastic comb to eye level. "I was wondering. . . see, this here comb says that it's unbreakable and I wanted to know if you, a vampire, could break it."

Edward looked at me for a moment, his expression unreadable. Then he burst out laughing.

"Honestly Bella. . ." he said after regaining his composure. Edward's voice was bitingly sarcastic when he continued. "Here, I'll show you just how 'unbreakable' this thing is."

Edward snatched the comb from me quickly, but gently. He then proceeded to break it. Or, should I say, attempt to break it. He was wearing a bewildered expression again, which quickly morphed from shock to incredulity to anger.

Edward stood up and tried to break the comb. Again. And again. And again. It wouldn't budge, except for a little bending. He couldn't even break the teeth off! Edward threw the offending piece of black plastic into the corner of the room, sitting down next to me again, looking appalled and . . . frightened?

I blinked a few times before speaking.

"Well. . . That was unexpected."

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