Title: Reunions are a Bitch

Author: Ash's Boomstick
Rating: R
Summary: A clash of ideologies will cause widespread death and destruction for two races both alike and strange to the other.

nBSG/SG-1 Crossover

Spoilers: Some small ones for pre season 9 SG-1 and some for all of nBSG

Dedications: The now expanded MSN usual suspects-one day I may end up writing all the names out for this ;), Skeet and Jason Thompson.

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"All ships are ready for FTL jumps sir, Vipers and Raptors are on full standby, nuclear ordinance has been authorized for use by Picon Command."

"Very well, start the clock Captain."

"Aye sir, FTL in three minutes."

"Commander, the Admiral has ordered our wing in as the first wave. Missile ships will follow us in; the other groups will jump in a few seconds after we do."

'"Good, the attack shouldn't be too difficult for our forces. Then we can bring the thirteenth tribe back into the fold. Bring all weapons to full power and load Vipers into launch tubes. We want them out as soon as we jump."

"Aye sir."

The Warstar Zeus stood at the very center of the formation of ships powering to the front of the fleet. Almost half again as large as the already impressive Mercury Class Battlestars the vessel was one of the latest in her line. Her four hangers carrying close to three times the viper forces that of their sister class were capable of, missiles and heavy railguns made up her formidable ship to ship armament believed to be able of shredding any ship any enemy could possibly send against them.

She stood surrounded by countless other capital ships, escorts, missile cruisers, and even a number of electronic countermeasure enhanced warships to jam any scans the enemy forces might try against them. She was part of the largest concentration of warships in the history of the colonies. Approximately two hundred of the most powerful and capable vessels in the Colonial Defense Forces had been assembled for this mission. It had taken months of planning to bring the veteran forces to this point, but after all this time they were ready. As the fleet began countdown the last Raptors and Vipers of the attack force landed on their respective ships, the fleet began opening up their formations as the jump engines spooled up on the other ships.

"Fleet is beginning jump, escorts are jumping."

"FTL countdown in five, four, three, two, one… FTL is go."


Unobserved, the Colonial war fleet flashed out in bursts of light. All two hundred vessels jumping the final few light years to their destination. Now it was time to remind the humans of the planet Earth of their place in the Lords' universe.


Local Space Defense and Orbital Telemetry Station

Cheyenne Mountain

"Sir, we're detecting energy bursts, a lot of them."


"Can't Sir, I don't recognize them we're putting them through the database Colonel Carter set up. But we're reading over two hundred of them. Aahh Christ..."


"Ships, sir. Every energy burst is a ship appearing in system."

"Point to point travel?"

"Aye sir, energy pulse identified."


"Yes sir, two hundred warships incoming."

"Alright Walter, contact all off world bases, inform them we are on a Code Red emergency. They are to prepare for incoming refugees. Inform Atlantis that the Daedalus won't be making their scheduled run and contact the Jaffa if you can, we might need their help."

"Yes, sir." Walter Harriman began the dial up sequence for the Alpha site,

"Airman," Landry barked at one of the other on duty Airmen. "Call SG-1 to the briefing room and get me General O'Neill on the phone."

"Yes, Sir," responded the young woman.

"No need for that Hank," a very familiar voice came from behind him.


"What's goin' on?"

"A fleet has just jumped into the system. We've identified them as Colonial ships from the Cyrannus system.

"Cyrannus system?"

"The Prometheus almost blew up some of their ships when we dropped into the home systems a few years ago; seem they've decided to pay us a visit."

"Ahh crap, those guys."

"That's about the size of it, you'll need to contact the president Jack if those ships get close enough we might not have the forces to stop them before they bombard the surface."

"Crap, it's always me that gets stuck with this."

"You took the promotion Jack you could have stayed in the field."

"With my knees, you better believe it. Can I use your office?"

"Sure, you know where the phone is."

Oval office

White House

Washington DC

Henry Hayes always saw himself as a capable man and believe himself to be a fair and capable president, he however had not expected the phone call that had come through the line from the SGC. Since the destruction of Anubis and later Garek and his followers he was looking forwards to a nice long and quiet administration.

"Who taunted Murphy this time?" he said to himself.

"Don't know Sir. If I find out he'll get a 9mm lobotomy."

"Alright what is the situation, General?"

"Two hundred ships at least sir, all armed with projectile weapons and nukes and headed right for Earth. We're readying to mobilize every ship we have but I'm not sure we have the numbers or the firepower to stop them, we just need your go order sir."

"No chance of talking them down then?"

"I don't think so Sir, the Colonials see themselves as the living embodiment of what their gods wanted. We're the 'wayward child' in their eyes, they are convinced that we need to be brought in and around to our way of thinking… no matter the cost to either side. It's there way or nothing."

"How much do they know about us?"

O'neill paused as he contemplated their answer. For once Daniel had listened to his orders and had only told the Colonials the basics of Earth and its people. After things had gone to hell they had been out of there fairly quickly and he just hoped that they didn't get enough to be an immense threat.

"Not much Sir and what they did have is now years out of date. They don't know our true strength however we don't know if they have any Intel from outside sources. Satellite scans don't show shields of any kind though so I think our own Intel may still be valid."

"Alright General, I'm giving the orders. Use whatever means you have to stop that fleet. We'll get whatever we can in the air. I'll contact the other IOA countries get their forces up as well."

"Thank you, sir."

"Do what you can to keep them away Jack. We'll be behind you all the way."

"We'll do our best, Sir."

"Good luck, General."

"Thank you Sir, god knows we're going to need it."

"Hank, we're a go."

Landry looked directly and Chief Harriman who had already punched up communications to the numerous bases and airstrips set up worldwide for this eventuality.

"Chief, send the orders."

"On it Sir. All stations, all stations this is Stargate Command. Code Red repeat Code Red, we have hostiles in system all crews to orbit immediately." Harriman's calm voice echoed in the now silent Gate Room. "Code Red this is not a drill hostile units incoming."

The minutes passed as the allied stations began their launch preparations, one by one the incoming reports began filtering through. Walter looked up at the officers his eyes wide beneath his glasses. "Sirs, all ships are confirming launch orders, all F302s are in the air and Commander Winston is on his way to the weapons platform. Sir, Area 51 has asked me to inform you that the Prototype is ready if it is needed."

"We'll let them know. We'll probably need it and have it sent to one of the ships when in orbit have all ships rendezvous and enter formation safeties off. Then get me a line to the incoming fleet."

"Aye, sir," Walter replied.

"Think that they might be here as friends, Hank?"

"From what I read of the Prometheus' flight logs, not a chance." Landry looked up to see the members of the flagship team coming down the stairs. "SG-1."

"Sirs," Carter greeted the two Generals.

"What's the big emergency?" Cameron Mitchell walked in behind the others. "The entire base is going nuts… damn that's a lot of energy spikes."

"It's a fleet of warships a few hours out from orbit," Landry replied. "We're sending everything we've got into space even the partially completed ships are being armed and sent up."

"That still leaves us badly outnumbered against whoever it is," Mitchell said. "Uhh who is it exactly?"

"They call themselves the twelve colonies…"

"Oh great," Jackson murmured."

"I don't remember that mission report."

"It was classified at a high level and locked away, the then president didn't want another holy crusade kind of thing to worry the government," O'Neill said. "But it's the main reason we have an increased Daedalus production set up. Sorry for that Hank, but we need the ships and quickly."

"It might be a good thing if those ships are here for a fight. Walter, confirm numbers then get me a radio channel to those Colonials. Maybe we can stop this before it becomes a real fight."

"Aye, sir."

"I think it might be an idea if I go up there, command the fleet from the Prometheus," Jack said. "I'd like to take SG-1 with me; we might need all the help we can get."

"Uhh Jack," Daniel interrupted. "After what happened last time do you really think that we should? I'm not sure what I said but I think whatever it was pissed them off enough to target the Prometheus."

"I need a languages expert and you're the best we got. You're coming the rest of you as well. If anything hit the fan you can usually get us out of it. Hank?"

"Alright take them, the Prometheus is standing by."

"Good, I…"

Walter interrupted again calling out, on the screens the number of enemy ships has finally been calculated with over two hundred warships and tenders. Already the fleet was splitting up protecting both the fleet supplies and heading towards Earth, on the second screen the few warships of the SGC fleet stood ready.

"That explains why they came out of whatever faster than light drive they have." Mitchell nodded at the screen. "Their supplies had to come with them, how far away was this sector?"

"About six hundred light years down spiral. Their FTL drives are very underpowered compared to our own hyper drives. It must have taken them this long to pull their forces together as well as pool their supplies for such a long mission. Odds are they have a number of supply outposts all the way along their path to Earth."

"Scanners detecting thousands of new signals sirs, all smaller types."


"I think so sir. Single or double manned ships. Fighters and attack ships possible sir."

"Status of the fleet?"

"Still incoming sir, one hour and closing."

"Get me that radio channel, Chief."

"On it Sir; radio channel established."

"Feed it through the translation systems, both ways we'll see if the boys from area 51 have earned their pay." Landry spoke to the microphone. "This is Major General Hank Landry Commander officer Stargate Command to incoming fleet, you are violating Earth space. State your intentions or you will be fired upon."

"Translation has gone through Sir. They are receiving it."

"It's going to be we're here to bring you into our nice cuddly group and you'll do as we say type or else type of thing." Jack smirked. "That or they'll try to sell us a copy of the galactic version of the Encyclopedia Britannica, either way I'll still shoot them. Alright time for some fun," he said soberly. "Tell Prometheus to bring us up."

"Good luck, Jack."

"You too, Hank."

With a flash of white light the five SGC personnel past and present disappeared from the Stargate operations centre. Hank Landry turned to Harriman the younger man shaking his head. No reply had been sent by the incoming Colonial warships and they were closing at a rapid rate. Landry ordered the message sent again and retired to the briefing room where already a number of officers were setting up communications and navigational charts.

"Alright. People, what have we got?"

Major Davis from the pentagon stood to attention only to be waved off by Landry. "The Prometheus, Daedalus, Odyssey, Korolev and the partially built ships are all in position sir. All F-302 squadrons are off the ground and heading for orbit. The prototype is being fitted to a captured cargo ship just in case we need it."

"What about atmospheric defenses?"

"All members of the IOA have been informed and fighter squadrons are being prepped for launch across the world. If they get past the fleet then the fighters will be in position to attack."

"Good, we're sending teams to contact the Jaffa and Asgard for assistance as soon as possible. But for the moment we're on our own. Two hundred ships even unshielded, could do a lot of damage if they get past our handful of cruisers."

"I've read the reports of the Prometheus' encounter with the twelve colonies sir. It's possible they will use nuclear bombardment to force us to accede to their demands and we have little to no ground or orbital defenses to stop those missiles."

"We have the outpost."

"Yes sir, we do, but the drones are seriously depleted after the attack by Anubis and then by the fleet under Gerak a few months ago. We may not be able to deploy many drones against the incoming fleet let alone enough to stop the missiles we are detecting from their heavy ships. The fleet's own defenses may however be able to stop any from hitting our ships."

"Have all 302s assigned to interception duty, enemy fighters and ordinance are primary targets."

"Aye, sir."

"Sir, we have incoming transmission from Prometheus. General O'Neill has taken command of the fleet. All ships and fighters are in position between us and the Colonial fleet."

"Get me a channel to the Prometheus."


USAF Prometheus

Earth Orbit

"Hank, Jack. We're in position."

"Understood Jack, we're receiving a reply from the Colonials."

"Took them long enough."

"Look like they use old style radio transmissions; no sign of subspace activity at all."

"So it takes a while for the messages to get from them to us then."

"Yes, we're sending it up."

"This is the Colonial First Liberation fleet to the planet of Earth; we are here to return you to the way of the true home of humanity and the Lords that are the creators of humanity in all incarnations. The false religions that are forced upon your peoples will be erased and the religion of Kobol shall once again embrace you all."

The woman's voice that rang across the radio waves was picked up by the advanced systems long before they were picked up by the Earth itself.

"Any way we can stop any of this getting to Earth?"

"No sir it's too encompassing. We can jam most of it but there's too many individual signals scattered across the western hemisphere to block even with interference from our ships. Pretty much every country in the western world will hear that in the next few minutes," Colonel Pendergast said.

"Great, that's all we need. Alright let's get this show on the road, take us in closer and then open up another channel to the Colonial fleet. I want to talk to them person to person."

"Helm, take us to within standard radio range and then all stop."

"Standard radio range, Aye."

"General, that puts us well within range of our main weapons, but we don't know the range of their weapons."

"It's not their range I'm worried about Lionel, it's the numbers and nukes those things are carrying. If we can stop this before it gets started then no one has to die…" O'Neill was interrupted by the Airman as they entered the close range that was needed to contact the Colonial ships. "Let's see if we can get this rolling… Colonial Flagship this is General O'Neill of the United States Air Force Warship Prometheus, you have entered protected space. Halt or we will be forced to open fire on your ships. You will not get another warning."

He looked at the communications off who shook her head again, whoever was in command of this fleet was not at all talkative or at least not to O'Neill. As it was the ships of the Colonial fleet were moving steadily along the course they were taking directly to Earth.

"No change in trajectory Sir. All enemy ships are heading right for the fleet."

"Ready main gun," Pendergast said. "Target the center of the enemy ships, warning shot only."

"Gun charging, full power in thirty seconds."


"Proceed Colonel, if they don't stop feel free to shoot the bastards down." O'Neill grimaced. "Hopefully they won't be stupid enough to get their people killed for no reason."

"Main gun ready Sirs, warning shot plotted."

Pendergast nodded his assent as he spoke "Fire."

A single bright blue energy pulse emerged from the very front of the Earth warship. The Asgard derived energy cannon had been a gift to the SGC from a grateful Asgard race via their fleet commander Thor. The cannon was difficult to power and even more difficult to use compared to the other weapons in the SGC's arsenal but no one weapon was nearly as powerful or useful as the PPC was. The blue pulse shot straight between the two closest capital warships to the Prometheus spinning past at close to light speed. The scans of the Colonial ships barely registered the pulse but what little they did detect was enough to scare a number of ship commanders into halting their warship groups.

"I think that got their attention, Colonel."

"Yes Sir. It did. Seventy ships have stopped the rest have slowed but are still advancing on our position."

"Sir the largest ship in the center seem to be their flagship, they are hailing us."

"About time, put them on Lieutenant." Jack waited for the nod from the operations officer before beginning. "This is O'Neill."

"This is Admiral Nagala aboard the Warstar Zeus, you and your ships are opposing a rightful crusade in the names of the Lords of Kobol and the colonies that are the legacy of the gods. You will stand aside and allow us to complete this mission or you will be destroyed. You are outnumbered outgunned and of inferior construction to our capital ships, stand down and join your world."

"Negative Admiral, we've had enough of so called 'Gods' and their followers trying to kill us. Remove yourself from this system now or we will destroy your fleet. You have ten minutes to remove yourself from the system before we start killing your ships, anyone left after that time will be made an example of."

"It is the destiny of the thirteen colonies of Kobol to be brought together as friends and allies, you will join us."

"No, we won't."

"You will one way or the other, once the people of Earth know the truth they will follow the path of the Lords of Kobol above any other."

"Then you guys obviously don't know much about Earth."

"We know enough."

"I doubt it, you have eight minutes left Admiral or we start killing. Prometheus out."

The signal between the two ships was cut from the USAF warship's end. The small warship increased power to its engines and accelerated away from the slowly moving fleet of Colonial warships. The other five ships of the Earth fleet already stood guard an equal distance from the others expanding their defense 'net' out as far as possible. The Prometheus moved into her own place directly forward of the larger Daedalus class ships.

Its main weapon would be necessary to suppress the fire of the incoming ships while the massed nuclear weapons of the other warships would strike the enemy vessels, around the six ships the entire shipboard and ground based F302 class fighter squadrons had launched and formed up to assist against the incredible number of incoming Colonial fighters.

"Prometheus to Antarctica Base – come in."

"This is Antarctica Base," the familiar voice of Sam Carter came over the radio, "We're here General."


"Yes sir, we were transported across by the Odyssey a few minutes ago to keep an eye on the chair platform."

"Status Report."

"Chair and all attached systems are powered up. Sir, three operators are standing by in case we need them. Naquada reactors are fully functional and ready for use."

"What about the drones?"

"Drones numbers less than ten percent sir, maybe enough to defend near Earth orbit but not much else, Gerak's fleet really did a number on the supply we have. Atlantis' request for reinforcements had to be turned down in order to keep the platform viable."

"Any word from Thor?"

"SG-9 still hasn't returned from the remains of Cimmeria, the few Jaffa ships in this arm of the Galaxy are still undergoing repairs or patrolling the damaged planets that Gerak destroyed. They may be able to get a dozen Ha'tak to us sometime tonight, but they aren't too hopeful."

"So it's just us."

"Yes sir, we're on our own for now."

"So what else is new?" O'Neill huffed. "Alright Carter once we engage the Colonials some of their ships will get through, do not let them land troops or anything else. They come anywhere near Earth orbit blow them apart. You better tell the President it seems we have a new war on our hands."

"Good Luck General."

"To all, of us Carter. Prometheus Out."

Turning back to the main bridge he sat down in the center seat of the command podium, Pendergast was at the rear tactical screens coordinating the local squadrons and their own fighter wing. The rest of the ship's personnel were at battle stations simply waiting for their orders. O'Neill had never enjoyed the wars he had had to fight in especially now he knew that he may have to kill tens of thousands of people purely for following the insane machinations of their leaders.

Already the two hundred ships were picking up speed heading towards the assembled ships of the Earth defenses; they were far out of range of the weapons of the Colonial capital ships whilst the enemy ships had entered range of their own more powerful weapons.

"Colonial ships picking up speed General-still in formation. Fighters are leading in, counting at least two thousand fighters incoming. The rest are staying back. Escort squadrons seem to be flanking the fighter swarms, capital ships also staying with the other fighters."

"Status of fighter squadrons?"

"All available squadrons are launched sir, full anti-fighter load outs."

O'Neill sat back in his seat watching the slowly trundling Colonial fleet heading towards Earth, thousands of fighters and hundreds of warships against his pitiful fleet of a half dozen ships and two score squadrons of fighters. With no reinforcements available anywhere near Earth this really was a make or break time for the Tau'ri.

He stared out of the windows in front of him and nodded to himself. "Time to start this. Get the prototype out there. Tactical plan Baker," he ordered. "On the signal launch the prototype, then follow up."

"Aye, sir," Pendergast said, all ships acknowledging plan baker."


The Prometheus' main weapon lit up the sky again as two pulses were sent hurtling towards the Colonial fleet, the two massively powerful energy bolts impacted the port and starboard hanger pods of the forward most Battlestar in the Colonial fleet. The unfortunate Hermes bucked one way and then the other as both the ship's massive hanger bays simply shattered lengthways, the twin bolts traveling down the middle of both nacelles blowing them to scrap and sending debris everywhere.

As the first shots from the Prometheus lanced through the Hermes. The remaining Earth warships began launching the first wave of nuclear missiles headed right for the Colonial fleet. A dozen naquada enhanced weapons spewed from the Daedalus class ships attempting to get close enough to detonate amongst the heavily armored warships.

The first wave of nuclear weapons were intercepted by the fast moving Viper CAP above the warships, the nuclear weapons simply disappeared off the screens of both fleets their warheads unexploded.

"The first wave didn't get through sir; there are too many fighters to intercept our missiles."

"As we thought. Can we send them via the transporter?"

"No, sir. The Asgard still have them locked out as weapons. None of our Asgard technicians are with the fleet."

"Alright Colonel, phase two. Deploy the prototype."

Pendergast looked up at the General, O'Neill was as unhappy about having to deploy the weapon as he was. The deaths of a great many people would upon his hands if this went as planned. Sending orders throughout the bridge the Colonel had the prototype leave the ship and head towards the Colonials.

From the portside flight bay of the unfinished Apollo a four man flight of 302s launched out into space, banking away from the incomplete Daedalus class ship all four fighters pulled away from the main battle and headed out to the left flank away from the battle zone.

"Fury One to Four, you ready, Doberman?"

"This is Four, as ready as I'll ever be."

"Good luck kid, see you on the other side. Countdown to hyper jump six seconds and counting."

"Hyper drive online, systems ready prototype is armed. Activating hyper drive."

A flash of light opened up a hyperspace window the single hyperspace capable 302 launching itself briefly into the impressive faster than light speeds the small craft were capable of. Within seconds the small craft broke out of hyperspace at its target coordinates. In front of him the bulk of the Colonial fleet sat arrayed in close quarters allowing their point defenses to overlap.

"Dude this is the most stupid thing you've ever volunteered for," the pilot said to himself. "Prometheus is this Fury Four, am in position for deployment."

"Fury Four this is O'Neill, you are cleared for deployment. Drop the package kid then return to Daedalus for refuel."

"Roger that Prometheus, prototype locked on. Fury Four, Fox Five."

The highly modified tactical nuclear weapon casing left the underneath of the Earth based star fighter, its rocket engine propelling it away and towards the Colonial fleet. The closest fighters of the CAP screen began their run towards the fighter and it's ejected payload. His job complete however the pilot turned in space and jumped into hyperspace once again back towards his own people.

"Prometheus, payload delivered."

Aboard the Prometheus, O'Neill smiled grimly and nodded to the weapons officer. The Captain looked at his equipment board and transmitted coordinates and go codes to all the ships in the fleet.

"This is Prometheus all ships, begin phase three."

"O'Neill to all fighters, bug out."

Simultaneously the F-302 squadrons turned tails from their intercept course with the incoming hordes of fighters. The preplanned aborted attack was yet another of the intricately planned traps set forward by O'Neill and his staff. The 302s hit their afterburners fleeing the Colonial attack wings pulling away and behind the Daedalus class warships.

As the Earth star fighters pulled away from the engagement zone, four missiles launched from each of the warships of the defense fleet. Twenty four mark seven strategic nuclear weapons accelerated from their silos towards the Viper clouds, within each missile a single warhead wrapped in Naquada was armed and awaiting the order to detonate.

"Time to target."

"Twenty six seconds, enemy fighters are moving to intercept the missiles."

"How many?"

"Only a few dozen on each."

"Wobble them."

"Aye, Sir."

Each of the missiles had been specially refit before they had been supplied to the Air Force starships. The missiles had several more powerful correctional jets for navigational control. It was these modifications that allowed the operators to move the missiles slightly above their current trajectory and as predicted, the Vipers moved again; more of their number swarming to intercept the missiles.

"Time to package."

"Nineteen seconds, enemy fighters are not intercepting."

"One missile against their point defenses seems ridiculous. There's no need to divert entire squadrons from their main attack. If I didn't know what that thing was I'd not bother..."

"Interception of missiles in six… five… four… three…"

"Phase Four. Now."

"All ships detonate."

Almost as one the twenty plus nuclear missiles detonated close to the Vipers, the very closest had let loose a single burst that impacted the rocket booster propelling the closest missile. Hundreds of megatons of nuclear ordinance exploded simultaneously close to the Colonial Viper wings. The giant fireballs sent out shockwaves and radiation in a massive sphere directly into and around the incoming fighters.

Dozens of fighters exploded as the brief explosions lit them up en masse. Yet more shattered under the massive shockwaves that merged and propagated as they crossed ways. Hundreds of fighters were wiped out in the first seconds of the attack. As the explosions cleared, a massive number of fighters began to turn in space or simply follow ballistic courses in multiple vectors.

The rearmost fighters of the formations slowed to a stop as they saw hundreds upon hundreds of their comrades blown apart or cooked within their cockpits. But their hesitation was a mistake as the now stationary fighters made perfect targets for the reengaging Earth star fighters.

"All missiles detonated, enemy scans blinded."

"All fighters engage at will. Captain detonate the package."

"Detonating now."

The single tumbling bomb rapidly approached the Colonial war fleet, its own thruster long burnt out only the momentum of the weapon and the slowly moving Colonial fleet kept the weapon on its course. As the package reached its terminal point the signal from the Prometheus activated the Mk9 'Gate buster' prototype bomb and detonated it less than five kilometers from the very edge of the Colonial fleet.

The blast wave expanded tens of thousands of meters to either side of the epicenter of the explosion, expanding outward and towards the fleet. The Colonials could only watch in horror as the leading ships of the first wave were engulfed in the massively enhanced Naquadria/nuclear detonation. Fighters, Escorts, Raptors even Battlestars were completely shredded by the powerful energy release and shockwaves of the multi teraton explosive.

As the bomb extinguished itself a number of other ships of the fleet underwent the same hell s their smaller fighters had. Blast damage, radiation exposure and flying debris smashed into the hulls of more Colonial ships killing more and more pilots, crewmen, even ships.

"Package detonated; enemy fleet is out of position and blind."

"All ships this is O'Neill, launch Alpha strike. Now."

"All ships are acknowledging, missiles in the air. The 302s are launching against enemy fighters."

Every remaining missile within the Allied ships inventory thundered from their silos as the command override kicked in on every ship. The ripple fire of all seven ships sent over one hundred and twenty nukes into space past the crippled forward defenses of the Colonial war fleet.

Colonial Warstar Zeus

Command Ship

First Colonial Liberation Fleet

"That the frak was that?" screamed Admiral Nagala.

His ship's DRADIS had been blinded by the massive EMP and flash damage of the truly massive nuclear blast that the perverted 'Tau'ri' had sent at his ships. Just before the scans had gone dead the screens had shown entire squadrons of fighters and wings of ships disappear from the formations ahead. The blast wave had slammed into his flagship only seconds later.

"Some kind of massive nuclear detonation Sir. Bigger than anything we've ever seen. DRADIS is dead and so are communications and most primary systems." The ship's officer of the deck pulled the blaring phone from the table in front of him "Yes, understood get the reserves out immediately, we need a picture. Yes all Raptors and Vipers."

Dropping the phone in its cradle the OOD signaled the flight control officers to begin launches of the reserves. Nagala hovered over the DRADIS table almost willing the damaged systems to come back online.

"Admiral?" Nagala looked up at the ship's master Commander Adam Howlett. The younger man stood there arm to his chest awaiting the admiral's attention. "Sixty ships confirmed dead, thirty more damaged. The rest of the fleet is moving up to assist."

The ship was rocked by more shockwaves as the nuclear missiles of the Earth ships began to rain on the blinded flee. A small number of ships had been sheltered by the massive Battlestars allowing them to survive the close range detonation of the Mk9 explosive.

"Do we have running lights?"

"Aye, sir."

"Fleet flash code Alpha. All ships to launch nukes immediately. I want every missile we have up in the air immediately. Any intact capital ships to proceed in and destroy those damned ships immediately."

"Transmitting now, DRADIS is coming back online."

Outside, the escort ships of the forward attack wings were spraying the surrounding space with thousands upon thousands of rounds of flak and anti-fighter rounds. The massed fire shredded the majority of the incoming missiles. Only a very few survived either through luck or the unfortunate aim of the gunners facing them, the surviving missiles detonated in proximity of entire wings of ships sending smaller ships spinning and the larger ships off course altogether. The few hundred surviving Vipers intercepted yet more of the weapons before they could devastate any more of the fleet.

The Colonial's answer was nothing short of spectacular. The majority of the Colonial's missile heavy capital ships had been to the rear of the engagement protected by the battle fleet's forward wings. Hundreds of missiles broke from their launchers and headed straight towards the half dozen Tau'ri ships. The surviving Battlestars and escorts still armed with their own nuclear weapons let their own fly. By now every ship capable had launched their first wave of nuclear weapons towards the Earth ships. The F-302s already in a gradually increasing fur ball with the Vipers were unable to pick off any of the incoming nukes were forced to watch as more than five hundred missiles unerringly headed towards the far flung warships.

"DRADIS online sir, reading multiple launches from all available ships. Wow…"


"Sorry sir, DRADIS is unable to pick each of the outgoing signals. We've got more than five hundred heading towards the Earth ships all ships have staggered their launches. The Hermes managed to get her missiles off as well. She's still in battle ready condition, sir."

"Flash Commander Graves my regards and inform him to pull back with the other damaged ships. Then begin a full fleet transmission, all ships to regroup behind their moon and then jump out, we need to rethink this campaign."

"We can't just leave sir," the ship's Commander said. "Sir if I'm right the enemy ships can't have many missiles left not at their size, even if they do the defense guns will pick virtually all of them out of the sky."

"Impact's in nine seconds."

"It's that virtually I'm worried about! Those nukes are nothing like we've ever seen. One gets through we could lose thousands more people. We're pulling out."

"Missiles on final approach… Impact."

The six ships of the Tau'ri defense force had started firing their close-in weapons systems in focused cones, the accelerated metallic shards hammering into the missiles. Six, eighteen, thirty, ninety and more fell to the guns of the Prometheus and her Daedalus class escorts.

There was not nearly enough time for the Earth ships to destroy all the massed incoming missiles and even with their weapons still shattering missile after missile the entire group disappeared among close to a hundred nuclear explosions each. Thousands of megatons erupted from the direct hits causing the ships to disappear in nuclear fire. The constant battles between the fighters fell to a standstill as they saw the massed detonations.

Aboard the functional Colonial ships the crews watched as each of their enemies' capital warships were smothered by missiles, the flashes and explosions of each weapon showing up on the DRADIS screens across the Fleet. The Colonial soldiers and crewmen held their collective breaths as the last of the missiles impacted the growing momentary fireball.

Shock rippled through the entire Colonial fleet as the explosions dissipated to reveal all six Earth starships intact. The Prometheus stood at the forefront of the fleet flanked on each axis by each of the Daedalus class. The two unfinished ships looked the worse for wear their shields having let through a limited amount of the atomic energy their incomplete shielding was unable to stop.

"By the Gods!"

"All ships full retreat! Get us out of here!"

"Comms are still down, flash message from the Pegasus. She's taking command of the fleet, ordering a full retreat away from the engagement."

"Helena knows we've lost this engagement. Transfer emergency power to FTL and spool them up. Set course for Valiant Base."

"Aye, sir. Ships are falling back. Enemy ships are advancing, enemy fighters are regrouping. Viper squadrons have been decimated; the survivors are retreating from the battle."

"Flash the Pegasus. Cain is to get everyone else out those ships that can't jump are to be evaced immediately…"

Nagala's orders would never be realized as the entirety of CIC saw a blue flash pass through them then nothing more. The already crippled Warstar began to drift as the Asgard PPC bolt passed through the ship colliding with a destroyer to her flank a perfect hole cut through the very centre of the 'head' of the Warstar.

USAF Daedalus

Daedalus Class Warship

"Prometheus has crippled their Command ship. Enemy vessels are pulling back and regrouping. Looks like they are trying to leave."

"Put me through to Prometheus."

"Strike one! Next one on the list."

"General O'Neill on the line sir," the Comms officer smirked.

"General, looks like we have them on the run."

"That we do, I want you and the Korolev to flank us while we make a run on the Colonials. Odyssey will stay behind with the Apollo and Ajax, all 302s will converge on the odyssey's group for defense, and I hope your rail guns are operational."

"They are, sir. The Colonial missiles only hit the shields but the engineering crews are shoring them up as we speak."

"You and Colonel Chekov are to follow us in to the flanks concentrate on their smaller escort ships."

"Understood General." The voice of Colonel Chekov echoed over the shared communications channel, the former Russian ambassador to the SGC had been granted command of one of the active Daedalus class ships already in service. "I assume the Prometheus will be taking on their larger ships."

"You assume right Colonel. Our main guns seem to be effective enough. Watch your backs gentlemen this could get messy."

"Korolev is ready.

"As are we, General."

The three warships pulled away from their formation and headed for the Colonial ships, behind them the remaining F302s were themselves reforming with the ships staying closer to Earth. Apollo and Ajax were covered by the majority of the fighters, their scorched and battered hulls barely intact and shields gradually firming up as power was redirected and increased to the defense systems. As Prometheus led the charge towards the Colonials, their main Asgard based weapon firing bolts of coherent light into the enemy fleet the other ships of their force began shredding smaller escort ships, surviving fighters and Raptors.

The closest Battlestars turned to the incoming ships unleashing nukes, rail gun slugs, flak and any and all forms of weaponry the Colonials could bring to bare on the fast moving Earth ships. Hundreds of rounds and missiles slammed into the forward shields of the Prometheus, its weakened shields however were more than capable against the limited fire that the Battlestars and their escorts could manage.

"Helm, bring us around to the largest concentration of enemy capital ships. Guns I want surgical strikes on the power plants and engine arrays, let's see if we can't get them to take the hint."

"Aye, sir. Korolev is requesting leave to hit the escorts."

"Denied, keep the group together. They haven't hurt us yet but it doesn't mean that can't. Stay in formation and destroy anything that comes close."

Prometheus banked to starboard the two Daedalus class ships following in her wake, rail guns from all three ships slammed into the smaller escorts again and again. Frigates and destroyers all went up as the fast moving projectiles pierced amour and bulkheads detonating fuel and munitions stores. Raptor and Vipers were cleared as the Earth ships mowed through them like flies.

The Asgard based weapon aboard the Prometheus fired again and again, pulses of energy burning through any ship it encountered. Amour simply vanished as the bolt slammed into the flanks of the cruisers and Battlestars that made up the center of the Colonial formations. Flight bays exploded as the energy bolts set off their stores while the main hulls of ships shattered and melted under the bombardment of energy and projectile fire.

"Main gun power down to twenty percent. We need to pull out to recharge."

"Helm find up a gap," O'Neill ordered. "Comms order our escorts to follow us out."

"Aye, Sir," the two officers answered simultaneously. O'Neill smirked at the echo and turned back to the screen. "Colonel, ship's status?"

"All systems online, shields are almost back to full strength hull is undamaged. Some slight energy feedback occurred through the external sensors and shield generators. All missiles have been used, rail gun ammunition at seventy percent, main gun at fifteen percent."

"Helm get us back to the other ships, we'll…"

"Sir." An officer at the rear of the bridge shouted. "Enemy ships incoming."


Outside through the windows of the Prometheus' main bridge O'Neill could only watch as a dozen Colonial ships broke from the very rear of their formation.

"Oh hell."

Colonial Battlestar Pegasus

Mercury Class

De facto Flagship

"Admiral, Commander Cunningham's Squadron has broken formation."

"What? What are they doing?"

"Heading right for the Earth ships Sir. Reading fire from all ship. Nuclear missiles salvos launching from the Battlestars."

"Comms, Signal them, return to formation."

"Trying Sir, they aren't accepting communications. All other ships are pulling back to regroup." The Comms office was interrupted by the collision of their port fighter bay with the tumbling debris of their sister ship, Hydra. "Frak, that was close."

"Put me on." Cain yanked the phone from its cradle.

"Ready, sir."

"Frank, what the hell are you doing?"

The low buzz of an open line was interrupted by the Co of the Atlantia squadron answering. The deep baritone voice of Frank Cunningham came over the line direct to the Combat Center's speakers. "What does it look like Helena? Giving the rest of you a chance to jump out, get whoever can still move and jump. Atlantia out."

"Frank… FRANK. Gods damn it." Cain threw the phone across the DRADIS console the plastic hand piece bouncing across the Perspex surface. Looking back up at the DRADIS readout she turned to the other bridge officers. "Contact all ships, full retreat. Begin jump prep recover any survivors possible and get out. All Vipers and Raptors to land on any ship available."

Once again as she peered at the DRADIS, Cain was forced to merely watch as an old friend began what was nothing more than a suicidal attack on the enemy ships.

The Atlantia's main forward guns were blazing at the rear of the relatively tiny Prometheus, the immense kinetic impacts from their heavy weapons merely bouncing from the intact rear shields. Answering fire from the three Earth warships barely scratched the thick amour of the incoming Colonial capital ships.

Spinning around in as tight a circle as possible the Prometheus brought her main gun to bear on the Battlestars. Whilst the rail guns of all three ships were added to by the incoming second group, the 302s began runs with their remaining missiles trying to buy the warships enough time to position themselves to destroy the Colonial squadron.

Prometheus' main gun sent answering fire towards the rapidly advancing Colonials, the drives of the massive ships increasing their speed with every second. Two Battlestars took a half dozen energy bolts straight on each shattering or exploding as the bolts found critical systems or fuel bunkers. The Daedalus class ships sent rail gun rounds into cracks in the hulls of the larger ships or into the main hulls of the escorts. Five ships were hit in quick succession, their own weapons firing impotently against their foes.

One destroyer took a full salvo of main rail gun fire from a Daedalus class ship. Its port engines detonated wracking the ship with explosions causing damage all along the ship's spine. Heavily on fire as its atmosphere emptied out into the burning sections, the destroyer heaved to, following a half dozen nuclear weapons directly into the damaged shields of the USAF Apollo.

The sheer kinetic impact of the Colonial warship was intense, as the nuclear weapons hit they were simply enhanced by the crushing damage of the Destroyer. The kinetic impact shattered what remained of the Apollo's unfinished shielding, as the shields gave way the last structural integrity of the destroyer disappeared.

All the remaining engines and fuel aboard the unfortunate destroyer met in a massive conflagration, the massive energy burst enveloped the defenseless Apollo crushing its lighter hull completely shredding the Earth warship. In turn as it detonated its own Naquada reactors both ships finally disappeared as the explosion winked out leaving only scattered debris of the two combatants.

USAF Prometheus

Tau'ri Fleet Flagship

"Fuck me," a voice came from one of the stunned crewmen on the Prometheus main bridge, the incomplete Apollo had just been rammed by a crippled Colonial ship. Her unfinished and damaged defenses had collapsed from the severe impact of a ship close to its own size. The debris field left was barely enough for a shuttle let alone a pair of warships.

"Bastards," O'Neill forced through gritted teeth. "Continue firing, kill anything in our way."

"Main gun is almost exhausted," the weapons officer responded. "Forward Rail gun ammo is depleted, rear stocks at twenty percent."

Comms spoke up again, "Daedalus and Korolev are reporting close to depletion of current rail gun ammunition, Ajax's missiles are out completely, Odyssey is still firing but are also reporting they are down to minimum. All ships need the chance to change the magazines, sir."

Another Colonial Cruiser went up as the Asgard cannon speared it lengthways, blowing it in half and shattering what remained into debris. Two more bolts slammed into a Battlestar, the much weaker bolts holing the ship but not crippling it. Rail gun fire followed the bolts in scoring the amour but not penetrating into the Battlestar's interior.

"Main gun is depleted, rail guns are depleted, missiles depleted."

"Route power to the main gun take it from wherever you need it. Get the damn thing back up and get those magazines in place."

"Sir, the Korolev..."

The ship's sensors picked up one of the most seriously damaged Battlestars heading straight for the evasive Korolev. The range was too close for the Daedalus class to fully move as the speeding Capital ship slammed straight into its starboard flanking shields. Unlike its unfortunate sister the Apollo the Korolev's defenses were intact and had been reinforced after taking a sizable number of nuclear weapons to its forward shields. As the massive two kilometer long Battlestar hit the shields its self destruct activated, blowing the Colonial ship apart. The ramming damage dropped the shields into the red causing automatic systems to reinforce the damaged shields with more power from secondary systems, it wasn't enough however.

As the explosion propagated the shields, they were broken fully exposing the Korolev to the energy blast of the destructing Battlestar. Already maneuvering wildly the energy blast slammed into the exposed central hull of the Daedalus class warship sending the vessel spinning its hull blackened and melted and its starboard hanger bay shattered.

"Five enemy ships remaining, sir they are heading right for Earth."

"Antarctica Command, this is O'Neill."

"Antarctic Command here, we're receiving you General," Carter's voice filtered over the speakers.

"Sam you've got incoming, five Colonial warships; all heavy bastards."

"Sir we're reading multiple launches, counting thirty three nuclear missiles," the scanner operator said.

"Carter nuclear ordinance incoming," Jack called over the radio, 'Do your stuff."

"We've got it sir, chair platform is online. Targeting both missiles and ships."

All the ships from both of the opposing fleets could only watch as from the huge white expanse of Antarctica a thin column of yellow dots reached up into the air. The first instance that Colonials knew what was coming was the largest of the Battlestars, the Mercury Class Hyperion shattered under the bombardment of hundreds of Ancient drones penetrating it's hull and destroying the ship.

Shock paralyzed both the attacking squadron and the retreating main Colonial fleet. More drones attacked hitting the other ships in the fleet or annihilating the nuclear weapons already launched against Earth.

Colonial Battlestar Pegasus

Mercury Class

De facto Flagship

"What the frak was that?" Cain shouted. "DRADIS!"

"Unknown, sir. Whatever they are it's like nothing we've ever seen."

"Continue retreat orders, jump as soon as possible."

"Wait sir, look!"

The massive column of drones petered out as the last of the Battlestars went down, the nukes also vanishing from their trajectory. "Enemy defenses have stopped firing."

"What about their ships?"

"Also have stopped firing."

"We're still reading a number of nukes outbound sir, the blasts of the others detonating must have blinded their own DRADIS, or whatever they use."

"This has been one clusterfrak after another. All ships continue the retreat. I don't want to lose any more ships that I don't have to. Orders are to jump when ready,

USAF Prometheus.

Tau'ri Fleet Flagship

"Carter what's going on?"

"Mk two reactor scrammed sir, there was a spike and it shut down, we're trying to get the secondary reactor running now."

"Incoming enemy fire," a voice shouted from the sensor station. "Two hundred nuclear missiles incoming."


"I know."

"What about those two escorts?"

"Both are unpowered and drifting sir, no energy sources detected. I think the life support's offline too."

O'Neill was more than tempted to leave the Colonial crews to die of suffocation aboard their ships, however the rules that they were governed by still counted even against this new enemy. He was forced to consider the options of destroying them or saving the crews on those ships."

"All ships this is Prometheus…"

"SIR!" the scanner operator shouted loudly. "There's still nukes heading for the surface."

"What? How?"

"I don't know sir, but we missed them."


"Power up in thirty…"

"We don't have thirty! All ships. This is Prometheus, 302s get those nukes. All other ships keep in formation, Helm take us after those nukes and reduce power to the main gun. We don't want to blast a city if we miss."

"Aye, sir."

"Aye, sir."

The Prometheus pulled away from the depleted squadron, the small battle cruiser accelerated towards Earth the remaining fighters of the Earth forces already entering the gravity well. They were already quite a distance behind the missiles and their smaller engines unable to close the distance between them and the nuclear weapons in time.

Pulse weapon firing the Prometheus began to take down the missiles one by one the heavily reduced energy weapon shattering a missile per shot. A few 302s got lucky hits with their forward cannons killing a few more. However the numbers involved were too many and too far, even as the defense outpost beneath the ice began to power up the remaining nukes broke through the outer atmosphere and sailed trough the air.

Four fifty megaton nuclear weapons crashed into the surface of the Earth. The cities of Johannesburg, Venice, St Petersburg and Hong Kong vanished in balls of nuclear fire. The shockwaves and fireballs expanded out one hundred fifty to two hundred miles in all directions depending on the terrain. Everything within the next hundred miles died in the flash burn that followed. More than one hundred million people perished in the detonations. Mushroom clouds twenty miles high appeared above the flattened ruins of those cities.

The combined shockwaves propagated across the surface of the planet setting off seismographs in every country in the world. The ocean around Hong Kong vaporized in the fireball causing the water to rush into the space made by the loss of water. As the ocean rushed in, the shockwave slammed into the rushing water turning the wave back and pushing it further and further away.

Within minutes, a circular tsunami larger than any on record was rushing away from the remains of the island, hundreds of thousands more people died as the tidal waves swamped the coasts of china and much of the Japanese home islands. Another wave appeared in the Mediterranean as water in and around Venice was superheated causing the shockwaves to force the churning waters back into the sea.

Aboard the five remaining SGC warships the crews could only watch the devastation on the surface of their home, shock and sheer horror rippled through every ship as the sensors picked up the detonations and the aftermath of the strikes. Seismic shocks were already rippling across the world causing upheavals on the nearest tectonic plates, the tidal waves were already doing their damage as were the firestorms that made up the aftermath of the nuclear detonations.

O'Neill closed his eyes at the carnage below him. He had seen and even used nuclear weapons against his enemy but he had never had to witness such insane damage to the civilian populations of any world. He had seen the consequences of some wars and planets wiped out but had never been forced to watch as millions of his own people were wiped out.

"Tactical, do we have any power in the main gun?"


"Do we have any goddamn power in the main gun!?"

"Yes sir, half power."

"Target those two destroyers and kill them."


"Kill those bastards, then target anything else we can get in range and kill 'em."

The Tactical officer looked out the front windows of the bridge then turned to O'Neill his face hardening. The officer merely turned to his console and targeted the two Colonial destroyers. The two drifting warships were all but dead in space, the front end of the Prometheus lit up and two pulses burst out directly into the central hulls of both escorts. Both ships exploded as they were skewered by the energy bolts, hulls compromised and engines exposed the destroyers merely imploded killing their crews and leaving little more than a debris field in high Earth orbit.

"Reroute shield power and hyper drive power to the main gun."

The tactical officer called to engineering, "main gun is approaching full power Sir," he told O'Neill.

O'Neill Looked at the tactical display at the rear of the bridge, the display screens had every ship in both fleets represented. The massive number of Colonial signals had been cut down immensely in the hour long battle, his face set itself like stone and he turned to the tactical officer.

"Kill anything you find Lt."

"Aye, sir. Gladly."

The Prometheus pulled away from Earth and away from the other ships in the fleet. Their remaining weapons however could barely scratched the thick amour of the capital scale ships of the Colonial fleet, this meant they would be little more than mobile targets. Their biggest advantage at the moment was their very presence in Earth orbit, the psychological advantage was theirs.

Colonial Battlestar Pegasus

Mercury Class

De facto Flagship

"Oh frak."


"Sir the smaller ship is coming right for the fleet on an attack vector, they've just destroyed the disabled ships in their orbit." The DRADIS signal disrupted as one of the flanking Battlestars exploded under fire from the Prometheus, the EMP of the detonation fried the electronics throughout the port flank of the Pegasus. "They've targeted our heavy ships."

A second shudder came through the bulkheads as an escort ship exploded as its engines were exposed by the powerful energy weapon. More debris and shrapnel peppered the already crippled port side of the flagship. The entire port flight pod had been penetrated throughout its length by amour and hull fragments and as it stood the Pegasus' defenses were down to less than half their original number.

Another burst of fire shattered the only other Warstar within the fleet, punching through the immensely heavy amour as if it were the fuselage of a freighter. Two of the four flight bays broke in half as a pulse pierced straight through them and detonated within the upper bay.

"Frak!" Cain shouted. "Send to all ships, jump now. Everyone jump!"

Across the remaining field of combat more energy pulses flew towards the Colonial ships, rapidly followed by the Prometheus herself, bearing down on the battle fleet. The Colonial crews could only watch as ship after ship came apart under bombardment. What remained of the nuclear stockpiles and heavy cannon fire slammed into the weakened shields but still to no avail.

Flashes appeared across the remnants of the devastated Colonial fleet. Singularly or in groups the routed armada disappeared from the sensor screens of the Earth fleet and the Earth based telescopes that could see them. As the Pegasus entered FTL a single bolt passed through where she had sat only moments ago, within seconds the last of the FTL capable ships had jumped out beyond the limit of the solar system.

Silence reigned across the Earth ships, weapons had ceased firing and incoming fire had been stopped flat by the shields of each vessel. On the bridge of the Prometheus Jack O'Neill flopped down into his chair and looked out of the window at the immense debris field full of wrecks and detritus all from the aftermath of the battle.

USAF Prometheus

Tau'ri Fleet Flagship

"Is there anyone else left out there?" he asked

"Negative sir, all Colonial ships have left the system. We're reading life signs on a few of the more intact ships and a few fighters crippled or disabled, but nothing else."

"The Apollo and the Korolev?"

"The Apollo exploded when she was rammed, no survivors. Korolev has stabilized. It's over Sir."

"Keep full scans across the system. I don't want those bastards returning when our pants are down."

"Yes, sir."

"God forgive us, the people down there won't for what we allowed to happen today."