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Couple: Casey/Edwin. Edwin POV.

I found myself longing for her again. I try to convince myself there are other girls. There are plenty of girl fishes in the sea, but none are like her. None have captured my attention like her. If I was to be attracted to either of my stepsisters it should have been Lizzie. She's more my age, but when I look at her I see my sister not a woman. That's one of the reasons why I love Casey, she's all woman. She's so mature. And I don't mean just physically mature.

She's like time: constant, dependable, and direct. Without any doubt she's predictable, but not in the boring sense of the word. I can trust in her. I know that she is determined when putting her mind into something. I admire how genuine she is. Its not easy to find a honest person in this world. There's so many character traits I love about her. Im in love with her.

She was the perfect woman in my eyes. I turned around from the tv. Casey had moved the dining table to the corner to twirl. I watched her lustrous body dance like a graceful fairy. She was beautiful. Watching her flexability, I couldn't help but think what a goddess she would be in my bed. I moved a couch pillow on to my lap. Her movements weren't helping to calm down my arousal. I had to hurry upstairs to my room with the pillow.

At dinner I watched as Derek annoyed Casey. I grew angry at him sometimes. He could be so horrible to her, doing things to upset her. A few weeks ago the thought to punch him crossed my mind. Casey would love me for it.

"Derek, why don't you eat dinner at Kendra's house? Eat anywhere except here." Casey snapped.

Yeah, I definately hated what he did to her. I liked seeing her happy. That's what this brilliant creature deserved happiness.

After dinner, Lizzie asked if I wanted to play some soccer, but I declined. I felt sore, my body was weak from carrying this heavy heart. I needed advice. Unfortunately the only girl who was the best source was her.

I knocked on Casey's door. No way was I going to tell her. I just wanted to see her.

"If you aren't Derek, come in," she called out. I wasn't, so I did.

I wasn't planning on doing much just asking her questions, I loved her answers. Her face looks heavenly when she thinks she's helping.

"Hey Edwin," she smiled brightly."What's up?"

She was writing in a notebook lying on her bed. I pulled her computer chair in front of her and sat in it.

"I have this idea to earn some dough, wanted to run it by you." I replied matter-of-factly.

She sat up, laid her notebook on her desk, and sat back down. She looked back at me listening intently. I shouldn't feel this way about her, but I did.

"No that's not it. I have a much bigger problem." My voice didn't secrete my woe.

Casey's face became concerned. "You know you can come to me about anything. I want to help you, Edwin."

I look at her bed sheets. I say gravely "I love this girl and Im not suppose to."

I eagerly look at her reaction. "What do you mean youre 'not suppose to'? You can fall in love with anyone. Don't let yourself be intimidated by stupid popularity boundaries."

"No, its not quite like that." I explained.

She waits for me to elaborate. She realizes I won't and then says "So this girl, what's she like?"

My eyes focus on Casey. "She's wow. Amazing. She's intelligent, talented. She's willful, stubborn. You look at her and think she's gonna go places. She has a good heart, spirit. She's beautiful like an angel. I couldn't ask for more."

She's obviously a romantic too because she's looking at me like she would a romantic chick flick. "Aww Edwin! You really do love her. You gotta tell her."

"I can't. I can't be with her." I said firmly. "She's four years older than me."

Casey looked surprise and asked hesitantly. "How do you know her then?"

I had to get out of there. I was going to spill everything if I didn't. I jumped up in an effort to leave. Casey grabbed my arm. Suddenly she was blocking my path. Her back was against the door. My hand grasped the doorknob.

"Edwin, you can't leave until you tell me!" Her left hand clutched mine and the doorknob. Her other hand had my arm.

We were close. Her face was determined, stubborn and it was then I realized why Derek liked to frustrate her. Maybe it was a Venturi thing, but I was turned on.

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