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Ch.6: He tastes like you but sweeter

I spoke recklessly, "Casey, I got to tell you, that girl Im in love with she--she's you."

In anticipation I waited for her response. Her mouth parted in surprise. Her eyes stared in confusion at me. She didn't know how to react to that. She stood and I jumped to my feet with her. I realized we may never happen.

"Edwin, you--" she crossed her arms, not looking directly at me. I could tell her mind was flooding with so many thoughts.

She laughed to keep from seemed as her voice broke. "Are you crazy?"

"I know. I have often wondered, believe me. Im sorry. Lets just forget it." I said quickly, wishing I could have taken it back, get my dignity back.

She spoke delicately, "No, Im sorry. I just--. Ive been thinking some strange thoughts lately. I never thought you would ever feel this way about me, but you do."

She seemed deep in contemplation. I wanted to say something, but I didn't want to interrupt whatever was going on in her head.

Tactfully she said, "I meant it you know. You'd make a girl so happy. You have so much to offer, so much potential to make any girl you wanted head over heels for you."

Gravely I said looking like the epitome of dejection, "Just not you."

She bit her lip. "Id be lieing if I told you I didn't like the idea of you in love with me. But this is so weird. I, for reasons beyond me, cant seem to let go of my feelings about your brother of all people."

I was afraid to ask. "Do you feel anything for me?"

Casey looked at me unsure and apprehensive. "I don't know. I cant possibly, can I? On paper we seem wrong. I mean your fourteen. Youre my stepbrother. God, what is wrong with me?"

"Ive been asking myself the same thing, but you didn't answer the question." I noted no longer feeling burdened.

She was in disarray. "I do love what you could mean to me, what you could be for me. But not when Im thinking of someone else. I don't want to hurt you Edwin."

" Im serious about you, what I feel for you, okay? Give us a shot." I reached my hand to her face, but she walked around me. She stood facing away from me.

"Its best if we didn't. Im sorry," she stated meaningfully.

I knew she wanted me to leave. I felt like I had hit a deadend. I didn't know what else I could do. There was no where else to go. I took steps and opened the door. She remained still not facing me. I looked out the hall to watch Derek leave his room. Seeing me standing in Casey's doorway, he approached me.

"What are you doing?" he asked me suspiciously though he really had no clue.

Casey's arms crossed. Her face still facing the wall opposite our direction. "He's doing what you are: leaving." she snapped.

"Come on," I directed.

Derek scoffed. He walked out and down the stairs. I was suppose to follow him out, but I just shut the door. We weren't finished.

If she didn't want to give us a chance, I wanted her to know that I didn't want things to change between us. Hopefully they wouldn't because I liked what we had together, even if it was nothing romantic.

She placed her palms over her face. "Give me a break, Derek." she pleaded, not wanting to deal with his nonsense after what went on with her and me.

It made sense that she thought the guy standing close behind her now was Derek. Edwin would have done what he was told and left. Not Derek who always seemed to add to her problems.

Her hands dropped as she took a deep breath. I don't what came over me as I placed my right hand on her oh-so-touchable upper arm. My left hand did the same with her other arm. Her breath hitched, believing it was Derek she felt.

It felt all new to me. I had only made out with three girls. But as my hands carrassed her skin, knowing her heart was beating rapidly at my touch, I felt confident like I had done this so many times. Delusional, I know. I couldn't afford to be so deluded.

One hand grasped her hip, as the other pushed the side of her hair back so I could have access to her neck. My lips lightly touched her neck.

"Please stop," she pleaded, but didn't move. She wanted me and was helpless to my advances. It was an all powerful feeling, having control over another. I smiled in satisfaction as I trailed experienced kisses up to her ear.

This is what it felt like to be Derek. I liked the feeling. I nibbled lightly at her ear as she turned to face me. The lust in her eyes changed to shock realizing I wasn't who she thought I was.

I hoped she wouldn't stop and think about this, but that would be highly unlikely. This is Casey. Not only would she analyze, she'd overanalyze. But to my surprise her eyes relaxed. She didn't stop and think. She was already in too deep in the waters willing to go under with me.

She pressed her lips on mine and kissed me gently. To which I responded with a little more passion. The taste of the inside of her mouth was warm, and though not really sweet, I found it delicious. Our lips finally unlocked as Casey became breathless. Looking at her beautiful face filled with hunger, I couldn't help but smirk.

As our mouths met once more, the wheels in my brain began turning. Why had I, Edwin, smiled boastfully? Derek does that, not me. My mind recollected:

"Derek, you--" Casey spoke strictly. She stopped realizing I wasn't who she thought I was.

"Oh Im sorry Edwin. I was afraid Derek was in here. My pile is there and I thought he might mess with it. He knows I don't like other people washing my clothes."

- - - - - -

"Im not that heavy of a sleeper." I replied finding her claim hard to believe.

"Well you were this morning. About as bad as Derek." Lizzie responded.

- - - - - -

Derek had always been able to see through my deceit, but now he sat there oblivious. A rush of adreniline filter through my veins. I found it thrilling.

"You keep this up, and you could pass off as me." he said buoyantly.

I had been mistaken as him. He had been my role model all my life. And here with Casey in my arms, I had become my brother Derek.

There wasn't much one could do to save us now. Her kisses became desperate hoping to find what she had been looking for in me. She hoped I could end her quench for Derek, her toxic drink. She hoped I could be that and all that she wanted in a lover. But what she hoped for more than that was that I could be all that and Derek. She wanted what she thought Derek could have been for her.

That's what I was, the traits of Derek that impressed her, made her love him. Derek without the pain.

Her desperate search was no different from the way I clung onto her like a leech needing her, needing this moment that I only thought was possible in illusions. I wanted to heal her, end her burning desires for what caused her pain.

I wanted everything maybe too much. I didn't care though. Whatever it took for her to be with me. Id rather be what she wanted me to be and stay with her than be myself without her.

She burned but not as a star like I had once thought. I saw now that she was a match burning herself and others.

What's the worst I could have done? I could have stopped. I should have torn away from her lips, fingers, and moans, but instead I said goodbye to the life I had known before and welcomed a new beginning. Things were better off this way.

I let her turn me inside out. I wanted to be everything she wanted. I was willing to give myself away for her. I had nothing to lose, it was all lost when I fell for her.

We both closed our eyes to what was and opened up our minds, me to being very much like Derek and she to the possibility that I could be Derek for her. Doing that we both got it all. Needs and aches disappeared as we found the cure in each other. My only fear was that if Casey thought her and Derek were unhealthy, we didn't stand much of a chance either. This could end, I thought sadly.

I made great efforts to keep her happy. Whenever we were secretly together I changed a bit. I became more eager to call her out on her "faults". I found ways to get under her skin. But it wasn't difficult. Infact it was liberating. Like I was free, not necessarily free to be me, but free. It all felt natural.

On top of that Casey saw my adoration for her. I was never too insensitive so Casey was happy. I was everything she could have hoped for. I only had to forget a part of myself to accomplish it, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Together we were what we had been longing for.

Most of you probably wont be too happy with the ending. Its rather bittersweet, but that's life. Nothing is ever "and they lived happily ever after". I think its fascinating how people so desperate to believe something can make it real, if only in their heads. Hopefully I explored that subject well while writing this.

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