This is a trailer for a story I will probably start next month and progress during the summer.

Gabriella's life was revolved around dancing

Shows Gabriella finish her routine in a perfect poise.

"The winner is… Gabriella Montez!" the announcer exclaimed sending everyone into cheers and screams.

Everyone loved her doing dancing

"Here's to Gabriella, the best dancer ever!" Stacy toasts as everyone else fallows her suit.

"To Gabriella!"

But she didn't

"Gabriella you are so amazing! Seriously, you are destined to be the next big dancer!" Stacy squealed and left. Gabriella faked smiled and then frowned.

Her real passion was basketball

"And she fakes right… score! Montez wins!" Gabriella shouts as the basketball goes in.

"You're good sis, real good!" Zeke says hi fiving his sister.

What happens when her brother has to leave to his East High Boarding school again?

"I wish I could see you more. You're the only one I can play basketball with" Gabriella says hugging Zeke sadly.

"Maybe, you can see me more" Zeke says and she looks at him weirdly.

"I'm listening"

They convince their parents to let Gabriella go to Zeke's school…

"Come on mom I barely get to see Zeke during the year!" Gabriella whined.

"You know, it might be good for them" their father agreed.

On one condition

"Zeke's school has an excellent dance program! You can go to the school only if you join the dance team" their mother said and Gabriella sighs defeated.


New Friends are made

"Hey Zeke!" A blonde exclaimed running up to Zeke and giving him a kiss. Then she put her arm around his waist.

"Shar, this is my twin sister Gabriella, Gabs this is my girlfriend Sharpay" Zeke introduced.

"So you're the famous Sharpay"

"So you're the famous Gabriella" they both laugh.

New Roomates

"Hi, I'm Taylor McKessie" Taylor said.

"I'm Gabriella Montez" she said and Sharpay walked into the room.

"Hey Gabs, guess we share a room huh?" Sharpay asks rolling her bag to her bed.

"Sweet!" Gabriella and Taylor say hi fiving eachother ( like the hi five in Hannah Montana's camping episode)

A Discovery

Gabriella enters the gym to find about seven guys playing basketball.

"Hey, who are you?" a guy with bushy hair asks.

"Um, I'm Gabriella. Zeke, Sharpay said than Ryan and her had to go meet up with some relatives and couldn't make it tonight" Gabby said and Zeke nodded throwing her a fast ball. She caught as quickly as it came to her.

"Whoa, that girl can play!" a guy with black hair said and Gabriella rolled her eyes.

A game between her and the captain

"So she can catch a fast ball, big deal! Doesn't mean she can play!" A guy with shaggy brown hair said and Gabriella narrowed her eyes.

"Try to steal the ball from me"


"You heard, try it."

Troy rolls his eyes and tries to catch it but Gabriella fakes and shoots a perfect three pointer. She smirks at Troy whose mouth is wide open and leaves.

Troy makes a proposal

"Listen, you're really good. James is out of the team for the season and we really need a good player" Troy pleaded.

"You don't care that a girl is on your team?" she asked astonished and Troy shook his head.

"Only care if you're good. So tell me Montez, have you got your head in the game?" Troy asks smirking.

Gabriella smiles, " You bet I do!"

But she's also in the dance team

Gabriella walks into the studio where she sees Sharpay, Taylor, Kelsi, and Aurora warming up.

"Hey, you take dance?" Sharpay asked and Gabriella nodded.

"I thought you were doing basketball" Taylor said.

"Yeah, I am. But the only way I can here is if I'm in the dance team" she says rolling her eyes.

"Tough break" Aurora says.

"Real sad" Kelsi agrees.

Can she handle the pressure?

"So sweetie, dancing okay?" her mom asks over the phone.

Shows Gabriella stumble doing a dance move

Shows Gabriella get an F

"Just handy dandy mom!"

Or will it fall apart

Shows Gabriella at a basketball game. She has the ball when she starts slowing down and a guy runs into her making a shot. She stumbles and faints to the ground. Gasps fill the room as the basketball team, Troy and Zeke running the fastest, run over to her and crowd her.

"EVERYBODY MOVE BACK SHE NEEDS AIR TO BREATHE!" Troy yells and immediately they back off.

"Come on sis, wake up!" Zeke says nudging her.

Will she let a certain basketball player help her out?

"Look, you really scared me at that game last week. Besides, you're my friends and friends help friends" Troy says.

"You'd help me out?" Gabriella asks.

"Did you not hear a word I just said?" Troy asks jokingly.

But what happens when two important thing come up…

"The championship is coming and I'm more than sure this team is ready for the game.."

"You girls are the most graceful dancers I've ever worked with. Be ready for the recital.."

On the same day?

"February 14"

"February 14"

What will happen?

"Shar, I can't possibly do both things right?" Gabriella asks.

"I guess you're gonna have to choose" Sharpay says.

"But I have to do dance, its what I've been doing forever.."

Will Troy knock some sense into her?

"Gabby, listen, so what you know you want to do. If it's dancing, do dancing. If its basketball, do basketball!" Troy says wiping Gabriella's tears and she nods.

"Thanks Troy, you always know what to say" Gabriella says hugging him and he hugs back. Feeling closer than ever to a girl even closer than Jessica after their break up.

What will she pick in the end?

Shows Gabriella sitting on Sharpay bed looking at her basketball uniform and dance clothes that were laid out in her bed. She examines them, picks one up and grabs the corresponding bag. Ready for what was about to happen.

What did she pick?

Will Troy ask Gabriella to be his girlfriend even after the terrible heartbreak he had from Jessica?

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