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Chapter 5: Dance Revolution!

Troy and Gabriella raced through campus. Troy looked to his right to see Gabriella slowly gaining up on him.

'Damn, she's fast!' Troy thought out loud.

"Thanks Bolton! Where's your dorm?" Gabriella asked.

"Straight ahead!" Troy said and they made a turn. They entered the dorm and ran on different stairs. They were both sweating immensely. They both appeared at the opposite side of the hall. They saw eachother and ran to the room and both their hands touched the doorknob at the same time.

"I won! No you didn't!" they both yelled at the same time and then laughed.

"Okay, how about this… a tie?" Gabriella asked but Troy was staring down.

"Troy, hello you there?" Gabriella asked snapping her fingers in front of Troy's face. Troy was staring down at the doorknob where his hand lay on top of her. It was so small and soft…



"Um, you kind of have to put your key in to open the door?" Gabriella said.

"Oh, right let me just" Troy said taking his hand off the knob and put his key in and opened the door. Gabriella came in and gasped.

It was so huge! There were three beds which were on separate walls of the room. If you went in deeper there was a balcony like the one on her room. She ran over to it.

"Wow, you can see the whole ocean from here!" Gabriella said putting her hands on the railing.

"Can't you see that in your room?" Troy asked putting his bag on his bed and going over to Gabriella.

"Yeah, but here you can see the sunset in my room you can't" Gabriella said and Troy chuckled.

"You are so lucky, it's is so beautiful!" Gabriella gushed staring at the sun over the crystal ocean.

"Yes, it definitely is…" Troy agreed looking at the beauty in front of him. Gabriella looked up at him and smiled.

They caught themselves just staring into eachother's eyes for a minute until Gabriella spoke up.

"So, how about those video games?" Gabriella asked.

"Let's go then" Troy said and they sat on Troy's bed and faced the big screen TV.

"Okay, so what you do is…

Meanwhile most of the gang sat at The Wildcats.

"Guys, where's Troy and Gabriella?" Taylor asked.

"Are you guys sure you told them to meet us here for lunch?" Ryan asked.

Sharpay and Zeke nodded, "I texted Gabriella we'd all meet for lunch"

"I left a voicemail on Troy's phone" Zeke said.

"Okay, when does Troy ever hear any voicemails?" Jason asked.

"Maybe Troy's at the room. Who wants to come with me?" Zeke asked.

"I will, we'll be back after these commercials! Cha Cha Cha!" Chad said and then Zeke pulled him away as the rest rolled their eyes.

Meanwhile in Troy room, both Troy and Gabriella were sweating from doing so much of their previous activities and continued.

"Come on! You can so do better than that! Harder! Faster!" Gabriella panted moving and Troy did as he was told. No way was he letting her be in control!

"Come on Chad, stop fighting with the stinking soda machine!" Zeke said dragging Chad away.

"That fiend took my baby! My precious baby!" Chad cried.

"Your baby is a quarter!" Zeke exclaimed as they went to the door of the room.

"Yeah, any type of money is my baby besides…

"Sh! Do you hear that?" Zeke asked as he pressed his ear up on their door.

"What?" Chad asked.

"Oh yeah, it' like that baby" they could hear Troy pant.

"Whoa I wonder who he's doing" Chad asked.

"Oh yeah, let's see you do better! Oh…" they heard a familiar voice say.

"No… way… HE'S DOING MY SISTER!" Zeke yelled.

"Whoa that's harsh! Chad said still listening, listen to what your sister is saying!

"Come on Troy, you are so good! Keep going babe! You so know how to do this shit!" Gabriella panted.

"She is so grounded!" Zeke said.

"Ooh baby, smack it like that!" Troy panted. Then Gabriella screamed and Troy laughed.

"That's it! I'm stopping it right there!" Zeke said putting his key in and barging I n.

"Alright both of you stop it right there!" Zeke yelled and barged in to see Troy on top of Gabriella and Troy and Gabriella looked up from their spot to see Zeke and Chad.

"What's up?" Troy asked.

"What's up? What's up is that you're screwing my sister!" Zeke yelled.

Troy looked down at Gabriella and Gabriella looked up at Troy and they laughed.

"What is so funny?" Zeke demanded.

"We weren't having sex!" Gabriella laughed.

"Then what was with all the panting and ooh smack it like that and all that shit?" Chad asked.

"Um, dance Revolution?" Troy and Gabriella said at the same time pointing to the TV where the two mats and the game was still playing.

"Well I feel stupid" Chad said.

"Don't you feel that way all the time?" Zeke asked and Gabriella giggled and Troy smiled down at her and helped her stand up.

"Sorry about jumping to conclusions" Zeke said.

"It's cool, you were just acting that way because you care about Gabs and trust me I'd never force her to do anything she doesn't want to!" Troy said.

"So you guys are going out?" Chad asked.

"Nope" they both said. Chad then mumbled some words and handed fifty bucks to Zeke.

"Thank you little sister. Also, you guys wanna come to lunch with us?" Zeke asked.

"Sure, you coming?" Gabriella shrugged.

"Yep, let's go. Also, I'll give you your sports jersey tomorrow" Troy said putting his arm around her shoulders and leaving.

"Awesome!" Gabriella said.

"Have you ever skateboarded?" Troy asked.

"I've tried" Gabriella laughed.

"Well then I'm definitely teaching you a twisty flip on a skateboard later" Troy said.

"Ooh and I have first aid training so I can patch myself up afterwards!" Gabriella joked.

"Alright!" Troy said and they both laughed and made continued to make their way to The Wildcats talking.

Chad still stood outside the room and he looked around and no one was there.

"Guys! Wait for me!" Chad yelled running after Zeke, Troy and Gabriella.

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