Island in the Sky

Chapter 1: Finding the Ring

"Look! Look! Come over here and see what I found!" Everyone crowded around Jenny as she held her discovery in her hands. In her hands was a box…that was glowing.

"Well open it for goodness sakes!" said Sharon impatiently. She leaned forward even more as Jenny started to open the mysterious box. Ryan and Sam crowded in closer as well.

Jenny slowly opened the box with mixed feelings. She was really excited that she found the treasure this time, not Ryan who was usually the one who found all the interesting stuff. She was also nervous. What if its something bad…like a curse, or what if it was nothing but a piece of junk…then everyone will laugh at me.

The box was now fully open and everyone peered in to see where the glowing was coming from. At the bottom of the box was a small ring with a weird symbol on it. Sharon leaned in to grab the ring. Jenny slapped her hand and gave her a glare. "We cant touch it. We don't know what it can do? What if it's a portal the some other world? What if it contains poison?"

" I don't care what it can do. Just let me see it. It's so pretty its…"

"Look! What's that?" Ryan said pointing to a scrap of paper that was hiding underneath the ring. "Grab that paper. It might hold all the answers to our questions." Ryan reached into the box and cautiously pulled out the paper. He unfolded it and began to read;

Dear treasure seekers,

You have found something very special…but very powerful. In your hands is the ring of Araag, the king of the Island in the Sky. This ring is the portal to another world. Use it wisely and with care. Do not lose this ring of yours for if you do you will not be able to return. I give you one final clue, the ring will only glow so long and when its dark no more travel can be done.


Krept, Keeper of the Rings

"That's it…that's all it says." Ryan folded the paper and stuck it in his pocket. Let me have a look at the ring now. I wonder how it takes us to another world."

"Be careful now. We don't want you flying away and leaving us all behind." Sam said moving closer to Ryan. All four kids moved in closer together. "Let's all hold hands so when Ryan grabs the ring we'll all be connected." They each grabbed each other's hands. Slowly Ryan reached into the box and pulled out the ring.

Ryan slipped the ring over his finger. Lights began to flash and swirl around the four kids huddled together. A huge wind began to howl and spin around the group until you could barely see them. With one final bang, wind, and light the kids were gone and all that was left was the empty ring box.