A/N:: This is actually my first angst story in Albus's POV. This was inspired by the song "Better Than Me" by Hinder.

FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 048- Diamond

Better Than Me

There seems to be a perpetual darkness rising up within me, consuming my inner being as if I am being overtaken by the kiss of a dementor. I have even begun locking myself away in my office so that I may hide from the uncertainties of the world and now even of you. It is a shame that I cannot instead hide from the true enemy-


I find I am again staring at the tiny black box I keep in a secret drawer here in my office. Inside the box is a diamond engagement band that I've been wanting to give you.

Perhaps it is better if the ring remains hidden in this drawer.

You see, it is not because I love you any less now than I ever have or because there is someone else on my mind that I do not ask you to marry me now. No, on the contrary; I love you more now than ever before in my entire life, and there can never, will never be anyone else for me. It is simply because... Perhaps I am not good enough for you.

I do not expect you to ever forgive me for all those times I left you here while I was away trying to be the "hero" of the Wizarding World. I should have thought more of your feelings instead. I never meant to act so selfishly.

Regardless of everything, i cannot bring myself to let go of you. I am constantly reminded of the feel of your soft hair blowing in my face, the way your hands fit so perfectly in mine... I only wish that I could give you all that you've ever wanted in life- and more.

The truth is, I will never be able to change the fact that I am in love with you, but I cannot allow you to waste your life with me. If only I could arrange who I am so that I could be good enough for you..

I love you dearly, Minerva, but you can do much better than me.