Truth or dare with the pack

'HEY HEY YOU YOU! I DON'T LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND, NO SWEAT NO WAY I THINK YOU' WHAM I smacked my alarm clock off as I woke up on a Sunday morning grumpily. I was alone in my room because Edward was out hunting for the day. As I was sliding out of bed BAM and I banged my head on the floor. "Ow…" I slowly stood up making sure not to fall again. I quickly went to take a shower, change and brush my teeth. I came downstairs and made myself some breakfast, thinking over what I wanted to do today since Charlie was out fishing again with Billy. When I was done the doorbell rang. I put the dishes in the sink and ran to the door, luckily not tripping. To my surprise it was Jacob Black.

"Hey…" I began, trailing off not knowing what to say since he was angry at me since Edward and I got back from Italy.

"Hi Bella"

"Um Jake, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, yeah right. I just came to apologize for acting like such a jerk to you lately. I'm sorry. I hope we can still be friends" he said looking down in shame of himself.

"OF COURSE, I always thought we were still friends no matter what you said or felt. Besides, that's all in the past now"

"Oh-okay. Good. I was wondering if you wanted to do something"

"Uh, sure I didn't have anything to do today anyways. Edward and 'em, all went hunting today"

He scrunched his face in disgust, which I had to laugh at.

"So what did you want to do?"

"Well the pack felt sorry for being so mean to you too so I was wondering if we could all catch up"

"Sure" and with that I went back inside to quickly write a note for Charlie and we went outside to his car that he had just finished. During the drive, we talked a little bit as we caught up. When we arrived, the pack was outside greeting me and apologizing, well Paul seemed forced, but didn't seem as mad at me as before. I told them not to worry about it.

"So…what did you guys want to do?" Sam asked.

"Um…" I thought about it, an evil grin appearing on my face. They looked at me wearily"How about play truth or dare?"

They all went wide eyed.

"What? You 'Big Bad Wolfs' chicken?"

"NO!" they all shouted in unison. I smiled at how quickly they had said it all that once.

So we preceded into Jacob's house all sitting in the little living room in a circle. We moved the couched out of the way to make more room.

"So…who goes first?" Embry asked.

"How about the smallest?" Jacob mocked. I glared at him.

"Hey!" the all started booming with laughter while I glared at each and every one of them.

"Fine, Jacob, truth or dare?" Jacob stopped immediately with wide eyes while everyone else started laughing even louder.

"Nice move smartass" Jared stopped his laughing to say. Jacob glared at him long and hard.

"Dare" he said with confidence and a hint of weariness. I had an evil grin on.

"Excellent" I said while doing the fingertips touching, like Mr. Burns from the Simpson's. He gulped and just when the pack composed themselves, they burst out laughing again. I thought about it carefully, thinking of the best dare I could.

"I dare you to dress up in a girl's scouts uniform and go from door to door and ask if they want any cookies"

Jake stared at me wide eyed then saying, "Your joking right?" I shook my head while laughing hysterically at him. He glared at me once again with a "Fine"

"But where do can we get a girls scouts inform?" he said triumphantly, thinking that he was getting out of this. And as if it was on cue the doorbell rang and we went to go get it only to find a little girl scout smiling sweetly. I smiled evilly at this and Jacob gulped.

"Hi was I wondering if you-"but before she could finish asking we grabbed her and took her cookies and uniform, well I did since I'm the girl here, and shoved some oversized clothes the guys had on her n shoved her out the door throwing some money for the cookies at her and yelling a "THANKS" and slammed the door leaving the shocked girl standing on the porch. Soon we heard her go run off crying home.

"Here you go" I said with an innocent smile as I held up the small uniform and cookies to Jacob.

"How the hell am I suppose to fit in that?!?!?" he yelled.

"We'll take care of that" Sam said while him and the pack took the uniform, grabbed Jacob and literally drag him into his room to change. I herd a lot of yells like "AHHH I"LL GET YOU GUYS FOR THIS" and "HEY ITS TOO TIGHT" I giggled at that.

When they were finally done I herd another yell of "I AM NOT GOING OUT LIKE, LIKE TTHHIISS!!!" so the pack opened the door and once again dragged him out. As soon as I saw him I burst out laughing and fell to the ground clutching my stomach and rolling around. I don't know how they managed to get the little girls uniform on an over 6' 5" Jacob but they did and let me tell you, you do not know the definition of funny if you haven't seen this. When I finally was able to compose myself I got up and said, "Okay lets go" in a sing-song voice.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Jake yelled as he was dragged outside to the car while I took the cookies. We went to Forks to do this because Jacob didn't want people in his own town that knew him to know what he had done but knowing how small the towns were, word would probably spread there in no time.

We then gave him some boxes of cookies and shoved him to the first house we saw. Then we ran to a nearby bush while he walked to the doorstep muttering some things and curses under his breathe. He rang the doorbell and guess who opened the door? cough Mike cough


"Yeah, he said threw clenched teeth.

Mike stared in shock before bursting out into laughter. Me and the pack tried to stay as quiet as possible and I had to bite my lower lip to keep from bursting out laughing right then and there.

"Sorry man, after seeing this, I lost my appetite for probably the rest of the day" mike said and continued laughing while closing the door. Jake ran back to us where we all couldn't take it anymore and we all were suffocating from laughter. After about a minute or two of rolling and clutching ourselves from the pain of the laughter because we were laughing that hard, we went to the next couple of houses.

"Can I stop NOW?!?!" Jacob asked impatiently. I laughed and said "Okay okay geeze"

As we were heading back to his house he said it was his turn now.

"Sam truth or dare?" everyone chorused in a "oooooooo o no you di-nt"

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