Title: School Days

Rated: M

Warnings: Dark, angst, Itasasu, narusasu, Lemon, NCS

Notes: Takes the Naruto characters but takes out the shinobi in them. They are 15 yrs old.

Author: uchihasasukekun07

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto nor its characters...unfortunately!

Summary: Both Naruto and Sasuke have secrets they are trying to keep from everyone and each other. Some are darker than others but when they are forced together for a school play how will these two rivials deal with the consequences?

WARNING: DARK, VIOLENCE AND LEMON FROM THE GET GO! You don't like the idea of brotherxbrother or boyxboy this story isn't for you

Chapter 1

Sunday Night

Sasuke watched as blood flowed from his mouth onto the floor. This was nothing unusual as a foot connected with his ribcage again. He coughed again winching in pain, more blood. It is a good thing the body can regenerate. He often thought this but as the beatings went on he wished his body wouldn't heal. Maybe then someone would notice. Maybe then someone would take him away, human or otherwise.

"Foolish little brother. Where were you hmmm?"

"I told you Itachi, I was with people from my class for a discussion on what we are going to do for our play"

"You take me for a fool!?" Itachi threatened his voice rising above its usual level.

He grabbed Sasuke by the hair pulling him from the ground where he was cowered and kneed him in the stomach. He repeated this before kicking him in the back.

Itachi was smart enough never to inflict damage where it could be seen. Sasuke had once fought back. Itachi beat him so hard he was unconscious for hours and out of school for days with the 'flu'. Sasuke had learned his lesson then. The gap between them was too great. Sasuke never breathed a word to anyone because as he was already warned the consequences were unimaginable. Itachi would turn it into attention seeking. Itachi had ever aspect covered, Sasuke was trapped.

"It was a girl wasn't it?"

Itachi kicked Sasuke hovering his foot above his little brother's manhood.


Itachi brought his foot down with full force. Sasuke curled into the fetus position on the floor rolling from side to side in agony. Itachi kneeled beside him stroking his hair making soothing sounds. Sasuke eventually stopped moving in pain. He buried his face in the wooden floor trying not to let Itachi see his tears. Itachi sitting behind him pulled Sasuke up so the side of his face was resting against Itachi's chest. Still stroking his hair he spoke softly,

"Maybe it was a boy?"

Sasuke let out a sob, there was no right answer. He felt Itachi's hand slip between his boxers, cupping him, squeezing gently. Itachi rocked forward, rubbing himself off of Sasuke's hip. Sasuke tried to ignore the soft grunts coming from his brother who's hand was still working in his boxers. His body began to betray him as he felt himself getting hard. Itachi's movements became more rapid as his breathing became more irractic. Itachi came. The wet patch began to seep through Sasuke's clothing. He could hear his brothers heart beating fast. After what felt like an eternity Itachi removed his hand from Sasuke and stood up leaving Sasuke sitting there with a full on erection and a tear stained face of pain and humiliation.

"Good boy, now go clean yourself up."

Naruto awoke in agony. His body wracked with pain and sweat. His mouth was bone dry. It was already dark outside. He tried to breath slowly to bring his heart rate down and to ease the pain. He stumbled to the kitchen, keeping the light off of his own comfort. He popped open the various medication tubs, swallowing back the differently coloured pills. He fumbled for a clean beaker to get water. Once he thirst was satisfied he returned to his bed. If darkness was going to claim him again it was best he was already lying down. Lying there Naruto felt helpless and alone.

"The worlds greatest actor" Naruto sadly laughed softly to himself

His breath labored, he brought his hand up to his face. Feeling an unusual texture he raised his hand to the moonlight to inspect it. A familiar sight, his palm stained with blood. On his face he felt it trickle form his nose across his cheek mixing with the salt of sweat and tears. His hand fell limply to his chest as the pills took effect.

Thursday afternoon, three days earlier

"Welcome home all"

Thirty odd faces stared back at him blank and somewhat dumbfounded.

"Kakashi-sensei how are we meant to make a play based on that!? Sakura called out.

"Village relations my ass! They're taking the piss on us!" Naruto shouted over her.

"Mendokusei, why us?" Shikamaru added to the rising tension.

"We gave them an easier sentence than this for a play" Hinata commented quietly to herself.

"Yeah Hyuuga's right! We gave them a really easy sentence to create a stupid play and they give us this crap!!" Kiba piped up.

Kakashi sighed. He knew this would happened. He was the unfortunate sod that got stuck with the job of supervising over a short play made entirely by the students, for the neighboring school as part of improving their relations. Kakashi's English class were the least motivated so he nominated them for the challenge. Now however he was beginning to regret his decision. Maybe he should have giving it to Iruka-sensei's class. Kakashi held his hand up to silence the uproar that had exploded.

"Meh so what? There's nothing I can do. You will just have to do a better job than them, afterall if they aren't happy you will all fail this English module." Kakashi stated from behind his book as he leaned against his desk at the front of the class.

"But but but-" Sakura stuttered.

"Part of the challenge for you is that three people have to write and star in the play with the rest of the class involved in the creation of props." Continued Kakashi.

"That's so unfair! That's so much work! What has creating props got to do with English anyway!?" Saukra retorted again.

"The three people will be picked by lottery, everyone else can choose what section they want to be involved in. I will pick out the three names from this box now. You will have a week to come up with idea's for the play based on the sentence, 'welcome home all'. We will have a workshop so everyone will have an input, then you will have to write a draft up. I'll read through it so then the class can print it out and then the real fun begins, acting it out!" Kakashi smiled ignoring Sakura's repeated attempt at starting an argument.

"Saa, minna the first name is..."

Everyone tensed, mostly in dread.

"Uzumaki Naruto"

Naruto grinned he was one of the few who was actually looking forward to this. Some faces relaxed. The odds were now only one in fourteen.

"Second is...Haruno Sakura"

Naruto's smile grew even wider. Sakura hit her head off the desk.

"And the final name is...Uchiha Sasuke..."

Kakashi called out with one eyebrow raised. A very interesting combination. These three never got along, especially Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke looked down and over from his seat at the back. The smile had long since faded from Naruto's face whereas Sakura looked a little more happier though still pale. The class could feel the rising tension. The girls squealed in excitement. Sasuke and Naruto in a play, this would be pure gold. The boys sneered and geered at the two. Sasuke's eyes narrowed when they made contact with Naruto's. His death glare was matched by the blond.

The bell rang out saving Kakashi from what would be a very dangerous firework display.

"Right well I expect you three to work together, as a team, a functioning team. I do not want to hear Sakura is doing all the work. Maa, matta ashita!"

Everyone left leaving the three students. Sasuke remained in his seat as Naruto went over to Sakura.

"Umm right, well...when will we start?"" Sakura asked.

"Hows about tonight? Naruto piped in

"Iie." Sasuke stated uninterested.

"Why not? The sooner we get started...we only have a week" Saukra asked him turning around.

"Because it would be a waste of time. We have no ideas When we get some then we'll discuss it."

"Huh! You afraid to spend time with us? Naruto tease him.

"Iie baka, I actually have a life outside these walls and I have things to do rather than listen to you make noise."


Sakura sighed,

"Right, Sunday! That gives us three days to think of idea's. We can meet in town somewhere?"

"Fine." Sasuke said as he began to leave.

"Great idea Sakura!" Naruto smiled.

"Hn" Sasuke snorted.

'Just shows you don't have to deal with the crap I deal with at home, so goddamn happy all of the time.' Sasuke left, hands shoved in his pockets head hung low.

Naruto left next. An unusual site in public for him not to be wearing his happy face.

'It'll be fine. With Sasuke on out team it's not like we will be spending much time together. Heh I doubt they'll notice anyway...I hope...'

Sakura remained rubbing away the fort-coming headache.

'Oh oh oh oh soooo much work!!! So little time! Those two better actually do something other than thinking of new ways to insult each other...oh we're screwed, royally screwed!'

Sunday afternoon

Sunday proved Sasuke right. Even with three days to come up with idea's, all three had come up with completely different story, each of which couldn't and wouldn't agree with each other. Sakura's idea was a religious theme, shot down by both boys. Naruto's was a blockbuster style action packed story that was shot down because it clearly wasn't doable. Sasuke's story was a war themed story, rejected by Sakura for it brutality. Naruto spent hours shouting and complaining or sulking. Sakura stressed. Sasuke just sat there.

Naruto frowned when Sakura called it a day. To his surprise so did Sasuke.

"We should at least try and agree or think up something."

"Sakura-chan, the Teme is right. Kakashi-sensei isn't a pretty sight angry."

"Baka you are so immature" Sasuke mumbled.

"I know, I know but I have to go home my parents are making a big feast because my relations are all coming over-" Sakura's voice trailed off realizing her company.

Both boys looked at each other before looking in opposite directions.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay Sakura-chan! Honestly" Naruto smiled at her.

"We'll think of something. Doesn't matter what. The class will help." Sasuke replied,

"Suppose I better get home before he-" he stopped dead.

Both the blond and the pink haired girl looked at the stunned raven haired boy.


Sasuke rushed off leaving them looking at each other confused. As he walked home through the falling drizzle he cursed himself for nearly letting something slip. He consciously tugged at his navy knitted jumper. Dread began to rise as he approached the Uchiha compound where 'he' was waiting. No-one knew, no-one knew of the pain it was to face him everyday. Everyone rejoiced when he was found. 'Little Sasuke won't be alone anymore' they said. All these years he would have been very happy to be alone. Sasuke fumbled with his keys but the front door opened of its own accord exposing the darkness of the interior to the damp boy. He shivered and entered, entered into the belly of the beast.

Naruto walked home slowly after parting with the still apologetic Sakura. She should realize by now that by keep going on about it actually makes the situation worse. If she would just let it be. The rain began to fall heavier but Naruto didn't have the energy to run home. He stepped into his familiar empty apartment and stripped of his wet clothing as he went. He quickly showered and set about making some ramen for dinner, dressed in only a towel. Half ways through he stopped carefully placing the chopsticks beside the bowl. He brought his hand up to his mouth and let it fall onto his lap. He stared down at it before opening it. It was stained red. A fresh droplet of blood fell onto his palm and he clenched his hand into a fist. Naruto stood up and headed to his bedroom and crawled into bed.

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