Chapter 8

Sasuke reeled back by the sudden connection with his chest. Behind Itachi stood Deidara and Kisama who had emerged from the shadows. Itachi stood into the apartment looking from side to side noting his surroundings before coming to rest on Sasuke who was holding his chest where he had hit him. Itachi was dressed in a heavy long black winter coat and a wide woven straw hat, darkening his face. He was dry despite the heavy rain outside.

Sasuke stood fearful a few feet away from his elder brother. Itachi smirked admiring his work. Sasuke followed his gaze down to his chest. He slowly lifted his hands off his white t-shirt, his eyes widening as he done so. The white cotton material had already begun to soak up the blood from the wound that Itachi inflicted when he had stabbed him. Sasuke eyes flick up to watch Itachi present the knife he had hidden by his long wide sleeves, sure enough its metal blade glistening from the artificial light was tainted with blood.

Itachi removed his hat and his jacket placing them on the back of a chair in the kitchen area. Sasuke not daring to move nor trusting himself to speak only moved his head to watch his brothers movements. The front door was still open with Deidara and Kisama waiting there, Deidara watching them, Kisama on the look out for unwanted guests.

Shock was turning to fear and the realization that he had been stabbed had also dawned. The pain had surfaced in his chest. Sasuke felt warm blood trickle down his chest and stomach. Sasuke took a step back when Itachi advanced towards him but his legs locked knowing he was in a helpless situation, three against one. If he ran the others would stop him and Sasuke hadn't forgotten the fact the Naruto was still in the bedroom but self survival instincts had kicked in. Right now Naruto wasn't a factor.

Sasuke arms were tensed, slightly away from his sides, on leg behind him and he braced himself for Itachi to hit him. Scrunching his eyes close he waited to the blow to connect. It never did. Instead Itachi wrapped his arms around Sasuke's shoulders. Sasuke's eyes snapped open in surprise. Itachi took a deep breath and finally spoke,

"Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke...ha...I never knew you actually had it in you but you had...I under estimated you.." Itachi's tone became more dangerous as he spoke "...but I'm proud of you...I'll do to you what you done to me..."

Sasuke's arms got a life of their own as the wrapped themselves around his elder brother, clinging to him as the metal blade passed between his shoulder blades and again into his lower back. Unseen Itachi smiled, content. Sasuke's legs went to jelly but Itachi held his weight and they remained in this embrace for some time.

Deidara growing impatient entered into the apartment mimicking Itachi's movements. Irritated by the intrusion Itachi loosened his grip allowing Sasuke to slump to his knees, sitting back on his heels. Itachi used his index finger to lift Sasuke's face up by the chin so he could see his tear stained eyes. His finger traced his chin, up his cheek, running his fingers through Sasuke silky soft raven hair finally grasping it at the back and yanking his head back. Sasuke remain silent, his voice lost.

"Hurry up already Itachi yeah?" Deidara asked bored as he flicked through a manga that was on the kitchen table along with scattered school books and pens.

"Shut the fuck up or I will shut you up. I've been waiting for this and I'm going to enjoy it but if you think otherwise..." Itachi left the threat hanging, Deidara putting his hands in defense.

"If incest floats your boat, float away, don't mind us!"

Itachi glared at him before returning his attention to his little brother.

Itachi hunched down to Sasuke level, softly placing his palm on Sasuke weeping wound. Sasuke watched his movement returning to look at his face. Itachi gently pushed forward. Sasuke fell back onto the floor, knees drawn up so the soles of his feet were still flat on the carpet. Itachi place his hand on Sasuke knees opening his legs so he could lean through them. Itachi spread out Sasuke's arms so they were outstretched on the floor. He ran his cold damp hands underneath Sasuke white t-shirt, up his chest rubbing his nipples with his thumbs before slowly drawing down his stomach to the band of his white three-quarter length trousers.

"Mmmmm so pure and innocent looking dressed in white Sasuke-kun. It's going to be like fucking a seven year old all over again. Who would believe you were such a wanton whore who spread his legs so willingly dressed like that hmmm?" Itachi's voice dripping with sexual desire. "Your pre-pubescent dick unable to get hard even though you enjoyed been fuck!? How you used to moan huh!? How you still your dick gets hard now at the thought of me fucking you! I've trained you well my bitch!" Sasuke's body had already gone numb in the knowledge of what was going to happen, he was already trying to shut his mind off. Using one hand to stimulate himself Itachi used his other to rub Sasuke's groin.

'Let him take his time and have his way, Kakashi is on his way, its my...our only chance'

"Tell me Sasuke-kun where's the boyfriend?" Itachi grunted out, his face flushed, grinned as he saw the fear flash in Sasuke's eyes.

"Oh you thought I forgot?" Itachi smirked as he pulled down Sasuke's trousers to his knees.

"Question is Sasuke-kun, is it you I take? Or is it the pretty blond?

Sasuke could feel Itachi's hardened member pressing at his unprepared hole. This was the way it was going down. Sasuke shook his head from side to side in protest.

"A virgin is he...?"

"...a super tight hole that has never been fucked...?"

"'re like a well oiled machine to him..."

Sasuke felt the pressure ease away from his quivering hole. Itachi had a knowing smile, lowering Sasuke's legs.

"Nooo fuck me!!" Sasuke shouted in fear for Naruto.

Without warning Itachi threw Sasuke's legs up pressing them hard into his chest and impaled his large throbbing penis in one swift move into Sasuke's unprepared, unlubbed ass.

Sasuke let out a raw scream driving his head back hard into the floor in a hope to knock himself out.

"That's right Sasuke, you're my whore!!! Itachi's voice quivered in anticipation.

Itachi started with slow even thrusts building up into a rhythm, drawing out to the head and thrusting in right up to the hilt. Maximizing his pleasure Itachi drew out completely then driving in with as much force as possible. Blood from Sasuke's teared rectum, mixed with pre-cum began to act as lubricant easing Sasuke's agony ever so slightly.

Sasuke blinded by the pain of his ass and his compressed chest struggled for breath. He could feel his windpipe fill with blood causing him to choke and splutter. Itachi's hot load exploded inside him, Itachi riding out the last of the orgasm before withdrawing. He let Sasuke's legs go who could feel Itachi's cum oozing out of him. Itachi grabbed Sasuke's wrists drawing his arms above his head so he was lying above Sasuke face to face.

"A wanton whore that gets a hard on that's all you ever were Sasuke-kun. But like whores you get bored of them. I made a mistake. I should have gotten rid of you sooner but...well you're just so darn fuckable! But you opened my eyes so do me a favor and fucking die not like those goddamn assholes!"

Sasuke blinked back the tears feeling the cold blade drag across his wrists and down his arms as Itachi bit and sucked at his neck. The loss of blood was already taking it toll as he felt faint, his body a dead weight,, darkness already creeping up on him. Itachi stood up bemused and flicked Sasuke's hard on, his member beginning to turn purple at the need for release.

"Be a good boy now Sasuke and do what I want you do to while I go fuck me a virgin boy."

Sasuke tried to struggle but his arms flopped out to the side, his vision blurred and then blacked out.

From the bedroom Naruto had heard Sasuke's screaming. Naruto clung tighter to the bed covers hearing voices he couldn't recognize from the living room. Thinking he had heard someone say Itachi's name, Naruto's suspicions were confirmed as only Itachi could induce that much fear into Sasuke's voice. Naruto was afraid for himself but also for Sasuke. Tsunade was on her way but right now he was helpless to help himself nevermind Sasuke. Naruto reached down to pick up the phone Sasuke had left behind. He rang Tsuande first follow by Iruka but neither picked up. With his hands already trembling his fingers fumbled on the keypad as the sound of approaching footsteps grew louder. With his free hand he clumsily opened the drawer of the bedside locker, his hand fishing for his only line of defense.

"Officer Nara, how may I direct your call?" came the gruff voice on the other end of the line.

'Shikamaru's dad!'

Naruto blurted out who he was and what was happening. He didn't give his address because Itachi was already crossing the room and smacked the phone out of his hand. Naruto slipped his other hand underneath the covers popping the lid off his only weapon. Naruto was surprised by Itachi strength as pain exploded in his head when Itachi's fist connected with him but Naruto still managed to drive the needle into his thigh, injecting Itachi with a powerful sedative. Despite this Naruto did not escaped been raped.

Kakashi and Iruka raced up the concrete stairs to the third floor. They could see three individuals descending the fire escape, one lagging behind. The two men however were more concerned about the boys and rushed to Naruto's apartment. Sirens in the distance ripped through the cold night air.

"Holy mother of God" Iruka whispered as both men stepped into the apartment.

Iruka held onto the door frame as Kakashi slow edged closer to the scene of the living room. Sasuke lying in a pool of his own blood in stained white pyjamas, arms outstretched and his trousers below his knees.

"Iruka check on Naruto!"

Iruka slipped by as Kakashi knelt down beside Sasuke, whose eyes were still open, his face that of anguish. Kakashi slipped his hand behind Sasuke's head gently lifting it but froze as his head rolled limply to the side and blood trickled out from his mouth. Carefully putting Sasuke's head back on the carpet Kakashi checked for a pulse, finding a very weak one. Kakashi's hands were trembling, already covered in blood. He rolled Sasuke ever so carefully onto his side to clear his air way. For the boys sake Kakashi pulled up Sasuke's trousers and set about trying to stop the bleeding. He was aware Sasuke's body was trembling and had to fight the lump in his throat. Kakashi unclench Sasuke fist finding within it a few strands of long raven hair and long blond hair.

"They're just children, children...!"

Iruka edged slowly into Naruto's bedroom, fearful of what awaited him. Naruto lay in a tangled mess at the base of the bed. He was stark naked with angry bloody nail marks down his back. Even now Iruka could see the formation of bruises on Naruto's hips and thighs. Naruto was shivering though he was unconscious. His pale clammy complexion worried Iruka was well as the fact there was blood and semen still oozing out of Naruto's ass. Iruka grabbed the covers off of the bed wrapping Naruto up in them and checking his irregular pulse holding him close to him.

Neither boy aware of the commotion that surrounded them as both Tsunade and the police arrived, Kakashi and Iruka giving their statements.

A few days later

Naruto awoke up in a groggy morphine drugged haze. The last few days were just one big blur for him. He was aware of Iruka and Kakashi's presence coming and going. He also knew he had surgery to removed the lump and Tsunade talking but everything was a jumbled mess. Beside him he could make out Iruka's sleeping form, troubled he slipped back into a restless slumber.

Naruto awoke a few hours later far more clear headed and alert. A nurse came in to check his stats and vitals. He asked her for Iruka, she smiled and said she would do her best. After a while Kakashi appeared, to Naruto he looked tired but otherwise his usual self. They made idle chit chat before Naruto dropped the question that had been plaguing him since he had become aware of the situation. Sasuke. He still knew nothing of what had happened to Sasuke that night. Kakashi leaned forward with a sad smile and told him not to worry and go back to sleep. Kakashi pulled the covers up a little more before resting his hand on Naruto's head for a moment and then leaving. It was the not knowing that was the worst.

He was aware of his surrounds as he began to stir. He was positive he could hear Sakura's voice amid the odd sounds of bleeping and dripping. He cracked one eye open and then the other.

"Sasuke!? He's awake, Tsunade-sama!" Sakura's voice faded as she left the room.

It took him a while to register why he was here. Tsunade and Kakashi entered. She was checking him over, asking questions but he just didn't have the energy to answer. His throat was still raw from when they pulled the tube out. He could feel Kakashi's hand encase his own on the other side his other hand gently stroking his hair. Sasuke squeezed it, comforted by his presence and drifted off.

When Sasuke had finally regained consciousness Iruka, relieved, informed the worried Naruto that everything was fine. It was touch and go with Sasuke because of the injuries and blood loss and both men agreed it would be best for Naruto if he didn't know till they could give him a definite answer.

When Sasuke was strong enough Kakashi told him that Itachi had eventually been caught after a man hunt had been issued. The hair that Sasuke had held onto and DNA swabs of the semen would be used as evidence against Itachi. Deidara was also up for rape charges as he too had his way with Sasuke. Kisama was been charged on aiding them. All of the cases were pending trial.

It was over a week before either boy got to see each other as both were bed bound. Naruto had begun chemo to eliminate any cancerous cells. For him it was extremely tough, been sick, the constant feeling of the need to be sick, the metallic taste and the sleepless nights. But he got through the first round of treatment. He would have been happier if Sasuke hadn't seen him in such a state but at his lowest points he was just glad for Sasuke's comfort. Naruto had remained behind in the hospital for the treatment, while Sasuke stayed with Kakashi.

Kakashi felt responsible for them. Having known what was happening he felt he should have done a hell of a lot more for them than he had. Offering them a place to stay while Naruto's apartment was been examined was the least he could do. He felt so guilt ridden. He couldn't imagine going through what they were at that age. Sasuke often opened his door after going to bed just to check Kakashi was still there. Kakashi had become for them, their safety net. When they felt they could no longer go on, that everything was hopeless he was there to pick them up. When one couldn't support the other Kakashi would. He became an important factor along with the support group of councelors that helped them through their darkest hours.

Both boys lived with Kakashi up until the trial which took place after Christmas. Snow had replaced the rain. Sasuke stood in front of the mirror in his black suit and tie. This outcome was going to be the most important in his life. Christmas had been difficult though he tried hard for Naruto's sake. He knocked softly on their door before walking in. Naruto stood amid the mess of their temporary bedroom struggling with his tie. Sasuke smile softly and turned the grumbling blond to face him. He lifted the collar and began to tie the knot of the black tie.

Naruto studied Sasuke's expression of concentration. The raven haired boy was paler than usual and very quite. Both were trying to deal with their personal problems but also trying to be a support for each other. Finally after years and months of living in darkness there was finally light at the end of the tunnel though right now it seemed very faint.

The court was closed to the public as they were underage. The trial lasted for five long days with Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi, Iruka, and Tsunade all giving evidence. Sasuke had to endure the re-telling of his plight to a room full of strangers.He had to watch the reactions of Naruto as he heard of stories never told, he had bear the ever watchful eyes of his brother. Evidence, the photo's of himself Tsunade took the day he collapsed in school, the photo's of the night Itachi came back to exact his revenge and of the hospital. Some both Sasuke and Naruto had never seen. Naruto suppressed a gasp seeing Sasuke lying in a pool of his own blood in his apartment and of Sasuke on life support. As did Sasuke seeing what damage Itachi had inflicted upon Naruto, the fact he had taking the blond's virginity by such brutal force.

On the fifth day of trial, sentence was passed. Kisama got three years for aiding, Deidara five years for rape and assault and Itachi got thirty years with the option of parole in ten for numerous counts of violence most notable attempted murder, sexual assault, sexual assault resulting in rape and assault in the second degree. Sasuke was not happy.

"An option for parole in as little as ten years!"

Kakashi promised they would challenge the verdict.

As Itachi was been led away he asked to have a last word with Sasuke. Sasuke remained behind his desk as Itachi held out a shackled hand. Sasuke reached out to take it but hesitated before finally grasping his brothers hand. Itachi pulled him close whispering in Sasuke'sear,

"I left you the blue print should you feel to continue what I started..."Itachi referring to the still fresh wounds of Sasuke's wrist, thumbing the bandages underneath his shirt cuff.

Sasuke tried to pull away but Itachi held fast. Sasuke frowned as tears began to form in his brothers eyes.

'He wouldn't dare ask for forgiveness!?Would he!?'

"Sasuke kun..." Itachi sadly whispered "If I, if I could go back I-Iwouldn't have done it...I would have stabbed you in the fucking heart instead!" his voice turning malicious as he spoke. Sasuke pulled away as Itachi chuckled to himself, the officers hauling him away,

"Ten years brother ten years hahahaha!!! You and blondie won't know what'll hit ye! Mark my words Sasuke, as an Uchiha I will exact my revenge!"

"Nee-san, in ten years time you won't be a match for us because in ten years time I will be like father, I will be the law and Naruto along side me!"

Behind him Naruto stood proud, both had finally found a purpose in life, one together...

Five months later

"Right listen to this, I will do all the cleaning, washing, cooking and shopping for the whole summer!?"

"Naruto for the last time I am not helping you cheat on this test."

"Okay I'll do all that plus your cleaning, washing, cooking and shopping!?"


"I'll give up ramen as well!?"


"I will actually ask the oh-so-scary-never-ask-me-for-anything landlord to fix the leak in the ceiling!?"


"I-I'll get...I'll get Ino off your back!?"

" all the rest?"


"Fine but I swear if you get caught-"

"Oh thank fuck! Please Sasuke I'm the master of cheating!"

"Yeah right I give you twenty minutes."

Eighteen and a half minutes later...


"I wasn't doing nothing! My pen just fell!!!! Iruka-sensei!!!!

"Oh for feck sake!" groaned Sasuke.


That month, the month of June Naruto officially was free of cancer, he also narrowly avoided been failed in maths for cheating. Both boys moved back into the newly refurbished (and non-leaking ceiling) apartment. Kakashi and Sasuke set about challenging the sentence verdict on Itachi. And at Sasuke's sixteenth birthday in July both boys came out about their relationship to the acceptance of their friends. What had happened never left the lips of those involved. With a goal to achieve both Naruto and Sasuke worked hard towards it, with their health and happiness they felt ready for what life had next in store for them after finally overcoming the cement block that had held them back for so long...


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