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Chapter 1

Instead of leaving for lunch, Booth brought the lunch to her knowing full well that she wouldn't leave when she was busy. He had guessed right, she didn't leave, but gratefully accepted the food he had proffered. She in return offered him a seat on the couch while he ate, which is where he remained doing a crossword puzzles.

"Bones, what's a five letter word for functional group, that begins in 'a'?" asked Booth with a mouthful of rice.

"Try amine," she replied without removing her eyes from the computer screen. He tried it and let out an 'oh' when it was right.

"Good call Bones."

"So this is where my tax dollars go, feeding and purchasing newspapers. Lovely." The words came from a man standing in the doorway behind Steve the security guard. The unknown man was older, early forties, tall, and lanky with his right arm in a sling. His brown hair was spiked up and it gave him the air of being a child, yet, well, older and with a slight British accent.

"This man claims to know an Agent Booth," stated Steve. Booth was now standing and moving toward the man.

"Yeah I know him all right," said Booth before ringing the man's hand. Steve the security guard shrugged and left satisfied that the man was known. "Mike Paterson, it's been way too long!"

"Yeah Seel, well you are hard to track down I'll tell you that. Took a few contacts but I found you after all these years. How you been?"

Before Booth could reply he heard Brennan clear her throat indicating that she would like to be introduced. "Sorry Bones. Michael Paterson, meet Dr. Temperance Brennan my partner." They shook hands and Mike shot her a smile, his own version of the charm smile. "He was my spotter and mentor when I was in the Rangers. After I left he stayed a few more years before leaving. Since then I haven't heard much."

"Well after I left I opened up my company in the middle of nowhere Montana where I have been working with a couple of my buddies on coming up with some new equipment for the troops. In fact, I just came back from Fort Bragg where I was talking about getting some Special Forces guys to come out and try the stuff. Naturally they can't spare a man so I have come to borrow your services for a few days to check some of my new stuff in the field."

Booth just stared as he mulled it over in his mind. "Well I mean I'm not working any cases and Cullen has been trying to get me to take some time off. I'll have to ask first, but if I can get the days off on a short notice, of course I'll go."

"Great," said a cheery Paterson. "Oh, your lady friend is welcome to come too. The more the merrier."

"I'm his partner," she replied. "And thank you for the offer but I have work to do." Mike just shrugged, well halfway considering his bad arm.

"Suit yourself. All expenses paid, by me of course. But whatever. Come on Seel, let's get going. Jen will be wonderin' where I've gone. I was supposed to be home today." Mike turned to head out and Booth looked over to Brennan.

"Uh so I guess I'll see you in a week?"

"Bye Booth. Have fun," she added with a smile. Booth returned with a charm smile and a wave.

"Well your boss seemed more than happy to let you have time off. Been working like a dog?" They were now in Booth's home, Mike reclining on the couch while Booth ran around and packed, making necessary preparations.

"Well yeah kinda. I mean, it's been a while since I've had time off to relax and well you know…" he trailed off as he entered his bedroom.

"Right." He drained the last from the can of Coke and aimed for the recycling bin and actually making it. "Score."

"So what happened to your arm?" Booth asked as he threw his duffel bag against the front door.

"This thing. Well we were out in the mountains because it makes for interesting shots and I lost my balance and rolled down. It was shallow thankfully, but I ended up hitting a tree and broke my arm in three places. It's almost healed but Jen complains because she thinks it will 'leave permanent damage.'"

"Well maybe to your ego," laughed Booth. "So how we going?"

"Driving silly. Nothing but the open road." He laughed upon seeing Booth's smile instantly change into a frown. "Kidding mate. Our plane leaves in a few hours." Booth clapped hard on Mike's injured shoulder causes him to inhale sharply.

Booth opened the door and walked out, but not before throwing over his shoulder, "thought it didn't hurt!"