The Dream Car
by: bewitching melody

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Chapter One: The Bet

Li, Eriol and Yamazaki are close friends. They do things together like hanging around, playing PC games and looking for girls. Li was the cool type who likes girls who are aggressive but doesn't take relationships seriously; Eriol is the nerdy type who doesn't really like girls and Yamazaki is the type of guys who loves to make his own story full of lies and doesn't really care about types as long as she could handle to take all his lies. One day, the three guys were in a BINGO game with only one card for them to play five rounds and whoever wins especially during the final round, will get the brand new black BMW for themselves.

After the two rounds…

"Man! We almost won that! If only this 63 and 72 could have been picked then maybe we could get that cash prize. I'd really need that in my babe hunting." Syaoran whined.

"Are you forgetting that we came here for the car? I don't care about the cash. I want the car!" Eriol replied.

"Calm down both of you! I don't know if I liked any but I don't care coz I'm having fun. Besides, there are still three rounds more." Takeshi reminded.

"You maybe right Yama! Anyways let's continue to do our best shall we?" Eriol offered.

"Fine! But let me enjoy some of the hot mamas here." Syoran grinned as a lady in mini skirt pass by. "Now that's my type of girl!" he added.

"Do as you wish Li but don't include me and Yama." Eriol responded.

After another two rounds..

"Damn! We just ran out of luck! There is barely any mark on our card." Syaoran complained again.

"What can you expect? We only have one card which is the last one available and we could have bought many if it weren't for your slackness." Eriol replied.

"Hiirrgz, if you really want that car badly then why don't you just buy one after all you're rich and Li, I know that you have more cash in the bank so why bother play in this game." Takeshi inquired.

"My parents had limited me with just the right amount of money for my stay here and this Li guy was cut out of his allowance as a punishment for not doing good in his studies due to girl hunting." Eriol answered back.

"I did not! The old hag has a crush on me and I could have used it on my advantage but she was too aggressive and too old for me. She gives me the creeps man so I busted her and so she failed me in her subject as a payback. Damn that old woman. It would have been okey if she looked a little younger." Li thought.

"Well aren't you going to ask me, what am I doing here?" Takeshi inquired.

"NO! Coz we know that you don't care at all!" The two shouted in unison which caught some of attention.

"Chill dudes, they're looking at us." Takeshi whispered.

"Right. We're sorry for the disturbance. Please don't mind me and my friends. We're just excited for the last round. I wish all of us the luck in the world so that whoever may win well congratulations." Eriol said to the crowd, sounding nerdy.

"Dude! You don't have to do a major announcement to the crowd that we're sorry. That is so not cool." Syaoran commented.

"Gee. Thanks for the comment of not sounding cool coz it took me a lot of courage to do it." Eriol replied.

"No prob dude! If you need to make a major like that you could count on me." Syaoran replied.

On with the fifth round…

"Yo dudes! Speaking of luck, Syao! Hiirgz! Isn't that Sakura, Tomoyo and Chiharu?" Takeshi looked at the window outside and so did the guys.

"Well, well, well.. I guess the goddess of victory is on our side." Syaora whistled.

"Keep it down will you!" Eriol scolded and was not minding the girls.

"Well I can see that you still don't like this stuff. Well I'd prefer that hot Tomoyo. I know Yama here likes Chiharu since they are childhood friends." Syaoran said with a smirk on the face.

"Good that I made that clear! Besides, Sakura is Tomoyo's girlfriend. Yama is the only lucky guy here." Eriol sighed.

"Well then! It's decided! Whoever will get a relationship with a girl after one month would own the car." Syaoran betted. "Well if the two of you aren't chicken enough to go with this deal."

"Alright! You're on but I think you should consider that you never take things seriously after a one night stand." Eriol reminded.

:"I think this would be fun. Alright I'm in but you better be sorry after making this deal coz I think I have the upper hand here." Takeshi added.

"Well let's see about that." Syaoran said with an evil grin.

"Now how sure are we that we'd really win this thing?" Eriol inquired.

"On letter O, number 6!" the emcee announced.

"Coz we had just won dude! Bingo!" Takeshi announced to the two men who were not paying attention. Upon hearing the word Bingo, Syao and Eriol jumped in victory! The three acted like crazy as they go to the stage to claim their prize. They were so happy like a child given a lolli that instead of shooting daggers of jealousy towards the young lads, they just laughed at the funny reactions of the 3 young lads.


After getting their prize, they decided to take it for a ride. Eriol was driving the car while the two enjoyed the ride. Syaoran spotted the three girls in the road having a flat tire so he demanded Eriol to stop the car. The car stopped then Syao was first to go so that he could make an impression.

"You girls! Are you having a major flat tire problem? If you are then you're lucky to have me pass by." Syaoran tried to be cool in front of the girls.

"Just get on with the job will you! We really need to be going you know!" Tomoyo replied bossily.

Eriol was a bit irritated of how Tomoyo replied so he went down the car and angrily replied, "Hey you! You should be thankful that my pal here is very kind that he offered a hand here. You should be thankful."

"So you gotta problem of what my girl wants eh?" Sakura inquired sounding a bit irritated.

"Well yeah! But since you're too ungrateful the we might as well leave." He replied still remaining to be composed.

"Wait! Hiirgz. This would not be too ungentlemanly of us if we leave such beautiful girls. I can't withstand that scene." He replied as he winked at Tomoyo who just ignored it.

"Oh please! We would really appreciate it if you would help us." Chiharu replied then blushed when she saw Yama coming near.

"Well if it isn't my dear old childhood friend. It's been quite awhile neh.?" Takeshi said.

"Awhile it is." Chiharu replied then the two made a handshake, which was then interrupted.

"Alright cut the old friendship thingy! Are you going to fix it or not coz I can call the agency and leave this crap! It's getting late and I still haven't gone to the salon!" Tomoyo bossed again.

"Well excuse me miss but you're not the only one who's going to be late coz we are also going to a certain appointment which I would presume that you would consider crap also. You're not the only one who's going to be late! So if you'll excuse us! We're leaving!" Eriol angrily responded coz he really hates woman who are bossy and dressed like a bitch just like Tomoyo. He dragged Syao and Yama to the car and he drove as fast as he could to get away from Tomoyo without regrets.

"What a jerk! I'd never fall in love with a guy like that. He is so not my type." Tomoyo said as she rolled her eyes.

"The other one just trying to act cool eventhough he was acting like a major jerk on my opinion. I'd never hang out with a guys like that.. Well, I guess we better take a cab before it's getting late." Sakura suggested as she placed a hand on Tomoyo's shoulder.

"Moh! That Takeshi jerk! I thought he would really help us! And I even had high hopes on him!" Chiharu yelled angrily.


On the car where the three guys were ridding..

"Hey dude! What did you do that for! I could have got a chance with Tomoyo there." Syaoran said.

"I think I'll back up with the bet we had. I don't like any of those girls especially that Tomoyo girl. She looked liked a slut to me and I just ran out of respect for that girl." Eriol replied.

"So are you going to give up this beloved car of yours? Hehe.. I guess only me and Yama are not chicken for the challenge." Syaoran tried to provoke Eriol.

"I can't believe that the famous polite, gentlemanly and honor student Hiiragizawa, Eriol just acted the opposite way awhile ago." Yamazaki remarked.

"It can't be helped. I just don't understand their kind especially Tomoyo's attitude. Why'd you like that girl anyway Syao! I don't understand but I just can't give up this car." Eriol said. "Alright! I'll not back up just for the sake of cars but I'm sure that I'll never get hooked with a girl like Tomoyo."

"Then it's decided! No one's going to back up!" Syaoran exclaimed.

"You're on!" Eriol and Takeshi agreed in unison.


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