The Dream Car

by: bewitching melody

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Chapter13: Unexpected Revelation

"There are no stealers if there are no people who could be stolen from.

Likewise, there are no tricksters if there is no one who would be tricked.

But what happens when someone tricked and stole your heart away."

Next day, the guys were in the car shop. They were buying new car stuff while asking a mechanic to do some maintenance stuff for their beloved car.

"Make sure you take care of this baby Pal. We're counting on you!!." Syaoran reminded the mechanic then went inside the store with his buddies.

Inside the stop, Eriol was looking at the list of things they needed while Yamazaki was pushing the cart. Syaoran on the other hand was grabbing anything that would catch his attention.

"This would be good for the seat. And this one would be for the stirring wheel. Oh this is soo cool!!" Syaoran complimented while putting things on the cart.

"Would you stop that Syao. You're gonna get us bankrupt and I don't have my allowance until next week.." Eriol whined.

"Chill Hirgz, coz I'm gonna take care of everything if that happens." Syaoran assured.

"Yeah right! Whatever Syao." Eriol rolled his eyes.

"You seem to care a lot of our car?" Yamazaki asked. "It's unlike you."

"Wah?! Well it's our car so of course I care!" Syaoran replied. "But it's soon gonna be mine." Syaoran beamed.

"Hold on! I think you've got it all wrong Syao coz I think I just won the bet." Eriol gave them his Cheshire cat smile.

"Yuck! Would you please stop that awful smile. It's giving me the creeps." Syaoran commented but Eriol was still wearing his all knowing grin.

"Would you mind explaining to us such statement Hirgz?" Yama inquired while secretly setting aside the unnecessary things Syaoran put in the cart.

"Well, she said YES!" Eriol answered shortly.

"Ugh, she as in Daidouji?" Syaoran raised his eyebrow.

"YES! And now she's my gf!" Eriol proudly announced. "Guys, I think I'm the happiest man alive on Earth right now." Eriol announced. "I can't believe that Tomoyo said YES! She's my girlfriend now!!!."

Yamazaki grinned and added, "Hirgz, you're not the only man who's really happy right now. I just slept with Chiharu last night."

Eriol and Syaoran's eyes bulged and looked at him intently.

"Is this bastard telling a lie or the truth?" Eriol thought while looking at Yamazaki.

While in Syaoran's mind, "Man! And I thought I'd finally won that car! I Hope this bastard is just joking but by the looks at it, I think he's telling the truth."


Meanwhile, the girls were in the car going to the mall. Tomoyo was driving the car while singing along with the music played in the stereo.

[Tomoyo singing Shubert's Ave Maria Storck's translation]

:// Ave Maria! Jungfrau mild,
Erhöre einer Jungfrau Flehen,
Aus diesem Felsen starr und wild
Soll mein Gebet zu dir hinwehen.
Wir schlafen sicher bis zum Morgen,
Ob Menschen noch so grausam sind.
O Jungfrau, sieh der Jungfrau Sorgen,
O Mutter, hör ein bittend Kind!
Ave Maria!.://

Sakura and Chiharu clapped and giggled at Tomoyo. "I thought I'd never hear you sing a wonderful piece like that." Chiharu complemented.

"Well it's a piece that I'm going to sing in the contest and Eriol's going to accompany me." Tomoyo informed.

"So it's the return of the celestial siren on stage with a handsome celestial prince." Chiharu stated.

"Perhaps! But even if he's with me, I will surely do my best to win." Tomoyo replied with an assuring smile.

"That's the spirit Tomoyo-chan! We will cheer for you all the way but I'm still surprised of your decision. Does this mean that Cupid's arrow struck you today?!" Sakura said.

"Hahahah!! I guess I am and it really feels good." Tomoyo smiled.

"So tell us, did something happen between you and Hiiragizawa-san?" Chiharu asked.

"Well nothing much, he tutored me then we had a pillow fight. Got aroused after then I became his gf." Tomoyo admitted.

"You what?!!" Sakura exclaimed. "What do you mean that nothing much happened when you two heated things up huh?!"

"Well nothing really happened coz he got control on the later part. We were about to do it and I would have done it with him but I guess he respects me too much." Tomoyo sighs.

"That's Hiiragizawa-san for you I guess. Just like my Takeshi." Chiharu said proudly.

"What about him then Chiharu-chan?" Sakura inquired.

"Well he respects me too much that nothing happened even if we slept together in last night. It was so called but being in his arms gave me warmth and security that I wished that 'that' moment hadn't end." Chiharu said dreamily.

'So both of them are still virgins while me…' Sakura thought then sighed.

"What's the matter Sakura-chan?" Chiharu asked.

"No it's nothing.. it's just…" Sakura was interrupted when she heard a thug under the car.

"What the heck was that?"

"Sorry. Let me pull over and see what happened." Tomoyo stopped the car then went outside to find out that two of her tires were punctured by a nail. "Damn! It's flat and I didn't brought any spare tires."

Chiharu looked at Tomoyo then to their surroundings. "Hey Tomoyo, I guess we could stop this car and have someone fix it there." Chiharu pointed at the car shop nearby.

"Good idea." Tomoyo agreed and drove the car towards the said car shop.


Meanwhile at aisle 9, Yamazaki was smiling broadly at how the two guys are staring at him. "What! Is that hard to comprehend. 'Me and Chiharu' were 'sleeping together' last night." He greatly emphasized.

Syaoran gritted his teeth and strangled Yamazaki, "How the heck did you do that huh? Tell me how was it. I want the full detail mister!!!"

Yamazaki choked, "How am I able to speak when you're cutting my air supply and blood circulation!!!"

"Actually Yama, it's not about comprehending what you said, it's actually about believing it." Eriol admitted.

Syaoran removed his hands on Yamazaki's throat and added, "Yeah Yama, Hirgz is right. Are you positively honestly and truthfully saying the whole truth and nothing but the truth so may the heavens help you and if you're not then may lightning and all elements be against you."

Eriol raised a brow towards Syaoran. "Ah Syao, are you done with your litany?"

"Yupz and I mean it buster. Tell the truth Yama!!" Syaoran demanded.

Yamazaki was still wearing a huge smile and replied," YES."

"What the!!" Eriol was shocked. "Damn! So does this mean that I'm way behind this 'liar evil'?"


Upon arriving at the car shop, Tomoyo told the mechanic about her car problem. Chiharu was busy looking at the cute car accessories outside the window while Sakura was just looking around and then noticed a very familiar black car.

"Isn't that car familiar?" Sakura inquired.

"I don't know but it is really pretty." Chiharu replied.

"Mah, whoever that car is, it is no doubt pretty. The owner must be lucky." Tomoyo added then went back to talk with the mechanic.


Meanwhile, Syaoran put an arm on Yamazaki and the other hand tapping his chest, "Okey Yama, so tell us the whole story as in the whole detail of everything."

Yamazaki looked confused, "Haven't I told you everything?"

"Told what Yama? You only told us that you slept with Mihara-san last night," Eriol informed.

"Exactly! That's what we did." Yamazaki replied.

"Is that it? Just sleeping together without doing any MIRACLE?! Surely something happened between the two of you. It's inevitable especially when it's cold outside and you want to warm one another but sadly, the only thing available is BODY HEAT." Syaoran said all knowingly while remembering the night he had with Sakura.

"Hold on buster, did you just say BODY HEAT?" Erio asked while unloading the things from the cart to the counter.

"Yup I just did and it was such a lovely miraculous night. Hahahahah!!" Syaoran said proudly.

"MIRACULOUS?!!" Yamazaki and Eriol exclaimed in unison.


Outside the shop, the girls were still waiting for any news about Tomoyo's car.

"Well girls, the mechanic said that the car would be ok. We'll just have to buy new tires so that he could change the wheels. After that we can go to the mall and then come back here tomorrow to get the old but fixed tires." Tomoyo informed.

"Oh great! Our shopping would be pushed through." Sakura said merrily.

"Of course!" Tomoyo smiled. "but before that, let's go inside and buy some tires."

"And accessories." Chiharu added while thinking, 'I hope Takeshi would be happy with the car accessory that I'm about to buy him for his car.'

"Sure I don't mind. Let's go." Tomoyo said while opening the door.

Upon opening the door, Tomoyo saw three familiar figures in the counter. She was about to run towards the beautiful boy with glasses but was halted with an unexpected revelation.

"Yup!! Me and my Barbie doll made a miracle last night. Surely the bet we made was about who would have a gf first and since the three of us have already have gfs then the wining point should be how far did we went with our gfs." Syaoran explained.

"How far? Syao, isn't that too much for the sake of a car?" Eriol queried.

"Hiirgz is right and I was not expecting such a change in the bet we made." Yamazaki added.

"I wasn't expecting such things from you guys either." A familiar feminine voice replied. The guys all turned around and realize that it was from Tomoyo with the girls on her back. Sakura was quite on shock while Chiharu was getting nervous.

"Tomoyo-chan, I think the tires are on aisle 5. Shall we go?" Chiharu tried to distract Tomoyo and Sakura's attention. She tried to pull the girls away but they didn't budge a thing.

"Stop it Chiharu-chan. It's ok. We'll manage to…" Yamazaki tried to explain.

"You'll manage to what?" Tomoyo interrupted.

"Tomoyo, what are you all doing here?" Eriol tried to cool things up while in his thoughts, 'Damn Syao and his big mouth.'

"Trying to fix our car and don't change the topic." Tomoyo replied seriously.

"Look Tomoyo, it's not what you think. I…" Eriol tried to explain.

"You tricked me! How could you?! After all I did for you. I thought you were true but you lied!!! And all of it was because of a car?!!!" Tomoyo burst in anger.

"Yes because of a car! And I never regretted the day we made a bet for that baby outside because…." Syaoran replied sarcastically.

"Because what?! Because you had fun? Hah! We're not you're toys. You don't have.." Tomoyo angrily cut in.

"Tomoyo-chan, Stop it! Let's just live happily and forget this thing happened." Chiharu replied.

"Forget? Chiharu-chan, you knew this all along and you never bothered to tell us? You never bothered coz you're afraid that Yamazaki-san might dislike you?! How self-centered and low of you!" Tomoyo angrily said which made Chiharu's tears fall down. The heated revelation had already caught some attention. Tomoyo wanted to cry in anger. She was also sorry for what she had said to Chiharu but anger clouded her thoughts. Seeing that a crowd was beginning to form around them, she decided to make an exit.

"So everything was because of a car huh?" Sakura repeated then smiled acidly. She walked outside the shop. Tomoyo following behind her. She looked for the guy's dream car. Touched it like it was very fragile and delicate. Seeing a huge hammer nearby, she smiled then smashed it on the car making it really damaged. She poured all her anger in every hit. The guys and Chiharu were awe struck at what Sakura had done. After gaining the satisfaction of what she did, she beamed acidly and said, "So this is the beloved car you were saying? Wow! It's badly damaged. I wonder who did it?" She looked at the huge hammer in her hands and added, "Opps! My bad. Guess that would teach you guys not to mess up with us ever again. Let's go Tomoyo." She threw the hammer then grabbed Tomoyo's hand for an exit but before that, she looked at Syaoran and said sarcastically, "Thanks for last night Syaoran. I really had fun doing it with you. After all it's just for fun right? Bye!!!" with those words, the two girls left the shop riding a taxi while leaving Chiharu and the guys still shocked of the sudden event.


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