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The Prologue: Gathering.

'The Leader' gazed around the meeting room of the Akatsuki with clear distaste with the emptiness of the 9 other leather chairs. He scheduled the meeting for midnight on the first day of spring, and it was currently 12:20…So were the hell was the rust of those lame excuse of S-Class criminals?!

The dark Ash Wood door across the room from him burst open right when 'Leader' was contemplating going and killing his so-called subordinates. First entered the "Zombie Twins", as Kisame and Deidara dubbed them, and sat at ether side of the row of chairs. 'Leader' mentally sighed. Hidan and Kakuzu worked well together in battle, but not in anything else. Maybe this assignment he was going to send them on would be a good break from each other.

The next pair to some through the door was Tobi, the current back up incase someone died, and Zetsu. They took their sets next to each other on the other side of Hidan. A trio walked through the door next. In the fount was Mai, his personal assistant with blue hair and lovely peachy eyes. The next was Deidara, chattering away to a silent Sasori. Sasori walked quickly over and sat down next to Kakuzu while Deidara and Mai sat next to Tobi, Deidara and Mai both chattering away.

The last to enter was his start team, Kisame and Itachi. Kisame came in first, pulling off his sword and leaning it on the back of his chair next to Mai. Itachi silently took the last seat next to Kisame and Sasori on his other side. His eyes met 'Leaders', holding no emotion as ever. 'Leader' mentally shuddered; it scared him sometimes when Itachi got this emotionless.

When everyone was seated, 'Leader' started the meeting. "What the hell where you idiots thinking, being almost half an hour late and having the nerve to show up like nothing is wrong? Some even chatting like school girls," he shot Mai and Deidara an icy glare, though it wasn't even in the same league as the Uchiha Glare.

Kisame rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Well, we kinda had to break up Kakuzu and Hidan from killing each other. So you think you could let us off this time…?"

'Leader' looked from Hidan and Kakuzu once before answering. "I don't have time for this, so I'll let you off this time. Hidan and Kakuzu, I'll talk to you after the meeting."

Hidan gulped and Kakuzu stiffened. They all remembered when 'Leader' had talked to Deidara after screwing up on capturing Sabaku. To say the least it wasn't the best meeting they ever had. "Going on to the purpose of us gathering tonight," continued 'Leader', addressing the entire group. "It has come to my attention that we are in need of more back ups, since in one single season we almost lost four of our members to those leaf and sand nins."

It was all too true. Sasori almost died at the hand o f his grandmother. If it hadn't been for him teaching Deidara the fundamentals of puppet making, he would've lost for good. Zetsu and Mai together had gotten Kakuzu a new heart and revived him, then in his turn sowing Hidan's head on a new body. Kisame had been on t he brink of death because his fight with Sasuke Uchiha's subordinate, Suigetsu. Not to mention, he lost his original sword in that fight.

"So, I have devised a way that we will have back ups, new teams, and a way to pass your skills onto the next generation." Leader peered around the room before dropping the bomb. "We, as in all of us including myself, will be traveling to Konoha to gather younger shinobi and take them in as our individual apprentices."

Almost instantly the room burst out with yelling and protesting. "I don't need a damn piece of dead weight around!" "The teams are fine!" "I am not passing on my techniques!" "What the royal fuck are you thinking?!"


The room closed into silence just as fast as it started, all staring at the owner of the booming voice. Itachi was glaring at the occupants of the room with an intensity that only Kisame had seen, and that was on the occasions they had run ins with his little brother. "Have you all lost your minds?" Itachi's voice was so cold it sent shivers down all their spines. "No one lives forever, Orochimaru learned that the hard way. If we don't pass on our skills soon, they could be lost forever. The teams are actually in dire need of reconfiguring, judging from the recent presentation of Hidan and Kakuzu." He glared at them like they were the disgrace of the Akatsuki.

"Have you all forgotten the basics of survival? Learn, put it to use, create some of our own, and pass it all on to the next generation or someone younger. Also, if we observe Konoha nins we will have a better chance of getting shinobi that have a high rate of genius. Listen and use those pitiful excuses for brains."

The room was silent for a few minuets until 'Leader' cleared his throat loudly. "Thank you, Itachi-san. At least someone here has some sense. As for the rest of you, I hope some of you have some targets in mind, because I'm not taking 'no' for an answer."

The room momentarily filled with mumbles of acknowledgement. "Good, in two days you had better be ready, if you aren't, I hope you like hell," finished 'Leader'.

"Dismissed." They all got up and slowly headed for the door, every one of them steering clear from Itachi, who was still giving of a killing aurora.

"Except for you, Hidan, Kakuzu." Called 'Leader'. The two in question turned around slowly, readying for a bloody beating. "I have to talk with you two…"

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