Harry Potter: Fate Owed Us One
Fanfic by: Trey Miller

Disclaimer: If you recognize something in here, it's more than likely owned by JKR. Some of the ideas within this story come from some I've read; some are also semi-original (IOW, not seen often).

AN: Apparently, it only takes one can of Budweiser to relax me enough for my muses to visit. That said, I'm not exactly expecting them back any time soon, but if they show, well, we'll see where this story goes. It falls under the YATTA (Yet Another Time Travel Attempt) fics category, for those who want to know.

Basic premise is that Fate owes Mistah Potter quite a lot. And the only thing he wanted was a chance to give advice and help that he sure could have used the first time around. Rather than, as everyone else seems to love doing, throwing the temporally challenged HP into the past back before his first year or in his fourth, I chose his second. I've got some ideas as to why, also. And if I do continue this, I'll show those reasons.

Chapter One: Introducing: A guy having a bad day

Harry turned from the cave-in while Ron berated the obliviated Lockhart. His youthful face that had been marred by worry went blank for a moment before the mask fell away. His eyes, which had only seconds earlier shown with innocence and fear, now glowed bright emerald with a fury and power that few had ever seen. Harry absently called back to Ron telling him that he was going on ahead with the old childish voice before he began walking deeper into the cavern.

He waved his hand over his body, cleaning it of the dirt and grime while he hissed at the large door, "Open!" and he strode in calmly. He slid his wand into an unconsciously conjured holster and cracked his knuckles. He snapped his fingers and, with a flare of magic, every torch in the cavern lit and burned pure white, illuminating the room of all its mysteries and dark corners.

Seeing Ginny Weasley laying on the damp ground he waved his hand toward her and then back toward the door, levitating her back there where he transfigured the rocks into a soft bed while drying her clothes and warming her and the bed up. All of this, he did while looking toward the rather Buddah-esque statue supposedly of Salazar Slythern.

"She won't wake up, you know."

Harry's eye's slowly tracked over to where a slightly older boy stood dressed in a Hogwarts uniform. He took in the slightly different styles of robes and the Slytherin crest and he blinked. "Tom Marvolo Riddle, I presume?"

Tom nodded, surprise written on his face.

Harry stared at him for a moment and then nodded, "Well? I'm waiting for your pet."

"But- what? Who? Uh," Tom gaped at him before he shook himself and looked at Harry shrewdly, "You're Harry Potter, aren't you?"

"In a sense, yes." Harry shrugged.

"You're the boy who killed my older self?" Tom asked, his voice cracking from stress.

"I am."

Tom called for Salazar's pet Basilisk which came as called and hissed angrily at Harry at Tom. Harry just looked at it for a moment and then very lazily raised his right hand in front of him and beckoned. The Basilisk lunged at Harry with a hiss and opened it's jaws to bite the boy in half.

And then stopped as two hands grabbed its gaping maw, slammed it shut, tearing the tendons and straining the muscles in the thousand-plus-year-old snake's jaw and slammed its jaw into the ground so that it was eye level with the emerald eyed boy.

Harry looked it dead in the eye and snarled, "Now see here! I've had a long day and I don't want any more lip from you. I've had to show that my latest DADA teacher was a fraud, then drag him and one of the most petty idiots I know down into this chamber! Then I almost get brained by a bloody cave-in, walk in here, find said petty idiots younger sister sprawled out here bespelled by that thing over there!" At this he points at Tom Riddle, who is still standing there, and then jabs his finger right at the Basilisk again.

"Then we stand here for several bleedin' minutes; him not believing that I killed him! Then you get called out here and you try to kill me with your sight and eat me! I'm not not in a good mood, I'm tired, hungry, and really, really annoyed, and guess what? You're dead!" Harry raised a his hand and a large, battle-ready sword appeared in his grasp before he twirled it and jammed it through the roof of the snakes mouth, right between the eyes. He grabbed the crosspiece and twisted it, making sure the snake was dead before he pulled it out, stalked over to Tom Riddle, summoning the future Dark Lord's diary to him.

Tom looked at Harry in confusion and horror. "Who are you?!"

Harry glared at him. "I'm Harry Potter. Past, present, and future." He tossed the diary at Tom's chest and then he jabbed the sword through the diary and through Riddle's heart. Riddle stared at him blankly before he dissolved, the diary vibrating harshly before it combusted.

With a last look around, Harry let his sword dissipate before he summoned Ginny to his arms and began walking back toward the cave-in. As he walked, his eyes dimmed and the dirt and grime that had been vanished reappeared. Harry stopped for a moment and closed his eyes.

'Is that all the help you're going to give me?'

For a moment there was silence within before his own voice, but older responded within his mind, 'For this matter, yes. I've merged into your body so you'll not have to worry about me ever actually leaving you.'

'Things went differently the first time around, didn't they?'

'To an extent. Ginny was still saved and Tom and the snake still died. But last time, I almost died, and later, things went from bad to worse.'

Harry opened his eyes and began walking again. 'So are you going to help me with homework?'

A chuckle, 'I'll give you the advice I wish I'd been given, and I'll help you with some things. But truth be told, you're best friends with the smartest witch Hogwarts has seen since our mother.'

Harry reached the cave-in just in time for Fawkes to fly through an opening and land nearby. 'We're going to change a lot of things, aren't we?'

He got an even greater laugh from his older mental self. 'We'll see. Grab Fawkes' tail feathers and he'll fly us out of this so that we can pick up the extra baggage.'

Five minutes later, and after Ron had clubbed Gilderoy Lockhart across the back of the skull with a rock, they were flying up the slide, Ron holding Lockhart and Harry holding Ginny. Harry poked his older self, mentally, "Hey, what're we going to do about the Dursley's?'

'Well...the ministry and Dumbledore only monitor for wand-magic, so... I'll allow you to use your imagination.'

Harry grinned. The rest of his time in Hogwarts was about to get a whole lot wilder.