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For those who don't know who I am, my name is Tragic Warrior. I welcome all of you to the sequel of Changes, which I have named Evolution. If you enjoyed Changes, I am confident that this story will be as , if not more more, enjoyable to read. This story will be darker than the first part, but I am confident that the T rating will suffice. With finals over, I was able to post this chapter sooner than I thought. For all those who read this story, I would appreciate it if you were able to review every chapter so that I know what you think of the story as it progresses. Enjoy the story.

Chapter 1

The darkness, it was everywhere. No matter where she looked, she could not find any spark of light, any hope to cling on to. Screaming for help did no good; all that could be heard was an echo that lasted too long to be possible. To make things worse, the echoes sounded like they were mocking the one in need of help.

The lone experiment walked through the dark landscape, hoping to find someone to help. After what seemed like hours, a house became visible. The experiment happily ran to the house, figuring that someone was home. As she opened the door and looked inside the house, she felt a sense of déjà vu, as if she knew what to expect at this house. She wondered around, walking softly across the wooden floors. After searching the rooms, the experiment finally found someone; the figure was lying on down on a bed, not facing the experiment. She ran up to the figure, hoping that the person would be able to assist her. However, the experiment never got the chance to ask. Instead of a question, a loud scream was all that came out. The figure the experiment was looking at was not sleeping as she had originally had thought; she was bleeding heavily from numerous cuts all over her body. The figure's face was badly mutilated, but was still recognizable by the experiment. "Nani". The experiment shed tears as she looked at Nani's stomach, the fetus had ripped out and thrown on the floor.

The experiment ran out of the room, trying her best not to vomit; she needed to go find help. He experiments continued to look, but to her horror, all she could find were corpses as mangled as Nani's. What was worse was that they were all people she recognized. "David, Pleakley, Jumba, what happened? What's going on?" As the experiment began to cry, a soft whisper was heard, telling the experiment to go upstairs. As if in a trance, the experiment took the nearby elevator to a room upstairs. Once upstairs, she looked at the room, recognizing it immediately as her own. She noticed a figure on the bed, but hesitated to go near it, not wanting to find anyone else she knew and cared about dead. As if being controlled, her legs began to move on their own. Try as she might, the experiment was helpless to stop herself. Once at the side of the bed, her hand removed the sheet that was covering to the bed. The experiment blew chunks on the floor at the sight; Stitch's body parts were scattered over the bed. The experiment cried as she continued to vomit at the sight of the gore and broken bones that lay on the bed. After catching her breath, the experiment trembled. "What is going on? Who did these terrible things?' asked the experiment.

"You did". The experiment looked around the room in a panic. She thought she was hallucinating, but the voice continued to repeat over and over again. Getting on her feet, the experiment ran to the elevator to go downstairs, but it did not go down. She tried to escape through the windows, but was unable to break through. As the experiment tried to escape, the voice continued to repeat itself in a mocking tone.

After realizing there was no escape, the experiment curled up on the floor and cried. "This is not my fault. I wouldn't do this. I'm good".

As the experiment cried, a figure appeared in front of her. The creature picked up the experiment by the neck and brought her to its face. Opening her eyes, the experiment looked at the monstrosity in front of her. She trembled at the sight of those cold cruel eyes that showed the blood lust in her soul. "You?' asked the experiment.

"Yes, it's me. Did you think you and you pathetic friends could destroy me? A weak child like you was no match for me, and I would have gained total control if not for your bugee bu. Nonetheless, I'm coming back and there is nothing you or anyone can do to stop me" said the monster as she continued to laugh.

"No, Stitch and the others will stop you, I know it" said the experiment.

The monster smiled as she squeezed the experiment's neck as hard as she could. "I guess that shows how little you know" said the monster before breaking the experiment's neck. Throwing the experiment's body on the floor, he spoke one last time as the darkness faded. "Soon, I will be back, and there is nothing anyone can do. I hope you're ready"


Lilo couldn't hear what Stitch was saying; the screaming escaping her lips was overpowering his voice. Not knowing what else to do, Stitch put his lips on Lilo's, muffling her screams until she finally stopped. After a few moments of passion, Stitch separated himself from his love. He knew what happened; Lilo was having that dream, the same one that has been plaguing her for the last week. six months has passed, but for some odd reason, Apolline had returned in Lilo's dreams, preventing her from being able to relax peacefully. Once calming Lilo down, Stitch was able to talk to Lilo about what happened. Since the nightmares began, the only way for Lilo to get back to sleep was for her to talk about it. That way, Stitch could confirm that Apolline was gone and that only the Lilo he loved remained. "Lilo have same bad dream?" asked Stitch

"Stitch, she won't leave me alone. These nightmares of her killing everyone in my body, I can't take it anymore. I thought we were finally rid of her, but she keeps saying she's coming back" said Lilo as she started crying again.

As Stitch tried to comfort her, the elevator brought someone upstairs to Lilo and Stitch's room. Both the experiments looked at the person. "Same bad dream Lilo?" asked Nani. Nani looked the same as she did six months ago, only now her belly was a bit bigger from being 5 months pregnant. Nani walked over to her little sister, sat next to her, and gave her a hug. "It's going to be all right, Lilo".

"How do you know? I let Apolline gain control because I was too weak and scared to stop her. It's my fault that the universe was almost destroyed. How can you tell me that everything is going to be all right after what has happened to all of us?" asked Lilo.

Nani smiled at the two experiments, causing them to look at Nani with confusion. "Lilo, do you remember when you first met Stitch?" asked Nani.

"Yes, it was at the dog pound" said Lilo

"Do you also remember the night before you adopted him? I overheard you praying for an angel to come down and be your friend. Of course, at the time Stitch was more of a demon than an angel" said Nani.

"Nani, what does this have to do with what I said about Apolline coming back?" asked Nani

"I'm getting to it. After a few rough days, you were able to help Stitch become the good person he is. Not only that, but because of your actions, Jumba and Pleakley joined our ohana. Soon after, you and Stitch were able to turn all the experiments good and find all of them their one true place. Now, after years of good deeds, you have several good friends, a boyfriend that completely adores you, and an ohana that loves you. What I'm trying to say Lilo, is that despite what might happen, you are a good person, and you will overcome any threat that crosses your path" said Nani.

Lilo looked at her hands, which were slightly trembling. "If that's true, then why did Apolline gain control? Shouldn't I have been strong enough to stay in command of my own body?" asked Lilo

Stitch put his hand into Lilo's, stopping them from trembling. "It was not your fault. After I was nearly killed, you used a power you didn't know you had, causing you to be corrupted. Anyone else in your situation would not only have been corrupted, but would not have been able to be rescued like you were. It was your strong will and determination that helped us get you back. It was you that healed Reuben and Angel, it was you who caused Apolline to be careless enough for us to be victorious. No matter what you think, you are the strongest person I know Lilo" said Stitch

"Do you mean that Stitch?" asked Lilo. Stitch kissed Lilo on the lips, signifying the truth behind his words. After Stitch released his lips from his girlfriends, Lilo hugged him. "Thank you"

As the two experiments hugged, Nani got up. "Now that this has been dealt with, I'm going back to bed. David gets lonely if I'm away from him too long. Goodnight" said Nani as she went down the elevator.

Lilo and Stitch lay down to go back to sleep. Lilo felt better after hearing what Stitch and Nani said; still, it would be better if she didn't have to experience that awful dream again. As she dozed off to sleep, Lilo put her arm around her bugee bu, who had already passed out and was dreaming based on the noises he was making. Closing her eyes, she smiled at the possibilities that awaited both her and Stitch in the future.


"The good thing about Saturdays is that you don't have to get out of bed, even if you are awake" thought Lilo, telepathically communicating with Stitch, who was also awake.

"Yeah; still, it would be nice to get up and grab some breakfast" thought Stitch

"You do know you can go get breakfast without me" thought Lilo

"Actually, the thought never occurred to me. Either you come get breakfast with me or I stay in bed with you" thought Stitch. Despite Stitch's attempts to sound courteous, his sounds his stomach was making told a different story.

Giggling at the rumbling Stitch's stomach was making, Lilo got up. "Just give me a moment to put some clothes on and then we can go get breakfast" said Lilo as she got on her feet and walked to the closet. Once throwing some clothes on, she morphed back into her human form. She preferred to sleep in her experiment form, that way, she could feel closer to Stitch. "Ready to go eat?"

Stitch jumped out of bed, picked Lilo up in a bridal position, and walked on the elevator to go downstairs. Putting Lilo down on the ground, he ran into the kitchen. " I guess he is hungry" said Lilo as she walked to the kitchen.

As she walked in, she saw that Nani, David and Pleakley were already at the table eating. The first one to notice Lilo was her brother-in-law. "Good morning Lilo. How did you sleep?" asked David

Lilo looked at David as if he was crazy. "You didn't hear me last night?" asked Lilo

"Hear what?" asked David

Lilo sighed as she sat at the table and looked at what was for breakfast. Grabbing two pancakes and three strips of bacon, she began to eat. Stitch had already started stuffing his face, eating the pancakes, bacon, waffles and scrambled eggs like he didn't eat for days. "Stitch, make sure you save some for everyone else" said Lilo

"No need to worry Lilo. We already ate so you and Stitch can have whatever you want. As for David not hearing you, it seems that when he is asleep, he stays asleep. I doubt that Belle or Yaarp could wake him up" said Nani.

"You make it sound like being a deep sleeper is a bad thing" said David

"All I know is that once the baby comes, you better break your habit of sleeping through anything, or I'll start throwing you out the window at night" said Nani.

"No you won't" said David, but realized how serious his wife was after seeing the death glare she was giving him. "I guess you would"

"Damn straight I will. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go set up the laundry" said Nani as she got up from the table.

Once out of hearing range, Lilo decided to speak up. "I guess being pregnant causes all sorts of mood swings, doesn't it David?" asked Lilo.

"Yeah, it sure does. At least I only have to worry about this for another four months" said David

"Yeah, then all you have to worry about is raising the baby, staying a good husband by keeping Nani happy, and taking care of the rest of the family" said Lilo

"Thanks for reminding me" said David as he began to sulk slightly.

Once finishing the rest of the food on the table, Stitch released a belch that caused himself to fall off his seat. Lilo began to laugh hysterically while Stitch picked himself off the floor. "It wasn't that funny, Lilo" said Stitch as he rubbed his head.

After wiping the tears out of her eyes, she began to speak. "Are you kidding. That was hilarious. It reminds me of the time I burped for the first time after becoming an experiment. I ate a bowl cereal in one gulp and burped, causing you to fall off your chair laughing" said Lilo.

"Yeah, I remember that. Nani sure got mad at your manners" said Stitch

"True, but she forgave me" said Lilo. She turned her attention to her brother in law. "David, can Stitch and me go out?".

"Sure, but I want you to reach me or Nani if you are going to do something far away" said David.

"Ok. Let's go Stitch" said Lilo with Stitch following.

David smiled at seeming the two leaving happily. "Pleakley, would you do the dishes while I try and help Nani?" asked David

"Sure, but what does Nani need help with?" asked Pleakley.

"Don't know yet, but I'm sure there is something she is going to want me to do. Better to go find her first then let her find me" said David as he walked out the kitchen. Pleakley simply shrugged and began to clean the dishes.


On an asteroid far, far away, a prison that held some of the most dangerous criminals in the universe were trying to decided what to do with the most dangerous creature they had ever seen. Due to death sentences being forbidden by the Grand Councilwoman, scientist have been working hard to figure out how to completely subdue one prisoner that seemed almost unstoppable. So far, keeping him bound by psynir bonds and having him being keep in a high gravity containment field has keep him have kept him prisoner, but the scientist knew that it was a matter of time before it managed to escape. The scientist agreed to try and talk to the Grand Councilwoman about destroying the creature if they did not find a solution to keep the prisoner at their mercy without killing it. All they knew was that if something was not done soon, the galaxy would be in great peril.