Last night in Miami

Disclaimer: None of the major characters are mine

Authors Note: This is an AU fic that takes place in the future.

Summary: While on the way to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer, former foster child/stripper Joey Potter runs into and meets recently graduated college student Pacey Witter, who is on his way to the big apple to take over an abandoned night club that his great uncle Thomas left for him in his will. Watch as sparks unfold between the two and secrets they thought were in their past become unhidden.

Wet Willy's (Coconut Grove, Florida)

"So, what'll it be, Deb?"

"I need two call me a cabs, one chocolate thunder, three purple hooters. And oh yeah, if it's not too much trouble, the woman over at table two wants to know if she can have your phone number, as well."

Halting his movements at the request, the over-worked bartender took a second to scan the popular hang-out spot for the woman at table two. Then after spotting the woman who looked old enough to be his grandmother--his drunk grandmother, at that—throwing what he could only guess to be a come hither look his way, Pacey quickly turned his attention back to the amused waitress in front of him, replying: "I don't think there's enough Kamikaze's in the world to get me drunk enough to tap that, but thanks for the offer, Deb. I really appreciate it."

Without even bothering to conceal her amusement at the situation, Deborah let out a hearty laugh at the younger man's response and then after a second of composing herself, she half-jokingly replied, "See, now there goes another reason why you can't leave me alone here. Who else am I going to trade insults with about the drunks that come into this dive?"

Having gone through this more than once already today with other members of the staff caused Pacey to not even miss a beat as he quickly retorted, "Aw, I'm sure you'll do just fine in making fun of the people who come in here by yourself. But if you really need some help with insulting the overly obese men and real life Barbie dolls who come in here, you can always ask Susie or Diana upstairs to come down and spar with you, I'm sure they wouldn't mind."

Knowing just how much the forty three year old woman in front of him couldn't stand the barely legal girls who worked the tables on the upper deck of Wet Willy's, caused Pacey to barely be able to hold back his grin as Deborah gave him a look that would've scared the devil himself. "Just for that, Witter, I'll be sure to give the lady at table two your personal cell phone number…remind me again, you do still carry a 305 area code, right?"

With that being said, Pacey laughed as Deborah turned around and began to walk off in the direction of the table him and her were just referring to, pen and paper already in hand.

Go ahead and have your fun, Deb. 'Cause come tomorrow morning, I will be nothing more than a vivid memory of the night before to the lady in red and Miami will be nothing more to me than just a quick truck stop in the life and times of Pacey J. Witter.

Diamond's Cabaret (Miami, Florida)

"If I could have every-bodies attention for just a second…the next lady to grace our stage has been with us for almost three years now but sadly this will be her last night performing here. And no, she wasn't fired. But she has decided to take some time off to see what else is out there in store for her, so if everyone could please reach deep down in your pockets and help give our very special girl a very warm send off, we at Diamonds Cabaret would really appreciate it, thanks…"

"Okay, he must really want your ass to get raped tonight, or better yet stabbed. Wait till I get my hands around that slimy little greasy neck of his, I swear I'll rip his head off."

While letting out a small chuckle as images of her friend doing just that splashed across her mind, Joey quickly gave the mirror in front of her one last look before turning towards the door that led out and onto the front stage; throwing over her shoulder for Jen to wish her good luck.

"You don't need it, Jo…you know you've got skills."

Without bothering to reply back to that statement, Joey quickly made her way towards the center of the stage--behind the flimsy curtain that shielded the crowd from seeing her--and mentally prepared herself for what was about to happen.

You know what I want (want), I know what you want (want), tell me what I want (want), I'll tell you what you want (want). You know what I want (want), I know what you want (want), tell me what I want (want), I'll tell you what you want (want).

As Jamie Foxx's Can I take U home began to play throughout the club's loud speaker system and the curtain's came up, revealing Joey behind them, the tall brunette quickly got into her role as seductive mistress as the crowd in front of her got into the show as well

So many ladies in the room (in the room), all that I can see is you (see is you). These dime pieces is in the place (place), but you came in and took the case…

Knowing that she had every person's attention in the entire club, including the bouncers up front and the girls in the back, caused Joey to make sure she had every step that she had learned how to do down pat; which wasn't really hard for her to do since ever since she was a little girl, dancing had been like breathing to her. And at this very second, she was merely just exhaling.

Can I take you home girl (can I take you home girl), get you all alone girl (get you all alone girl). And do you like I want to (yeah), kiss you like I want to (kiss it like I want to)…

While focusing her attention on one of the scrawny looking business men who sat in front of the stage, gripping a twenty dollar bill in his hand, Joey slowly got down on all fours and began crawling towards him; seductively licking her lips while doing so. A feat which she could tell was getting the man in front of her all riled up.

"Is that for me?" Joey purred, while giving the customer in front of her a nice view of her ample cleavage.

"Y-yes, anything for you…" The nervous man replied back before giving Joey the twenty dollar bill he had in his hand and then reaching into his pocket for more money to give her.

Shit… Even though Joey had been in this business for years, she still had somewhat of a conscience and didn't want the man to spend all of his hard earned money on a couple seconds of measly eye candy. So, while pretending not to see what the man in front of her was doing, Joey swiftly began to crawl towards the other end of the stage; leaving the still fumbling man behind her with a wad of cash in hands.

He'll thank me tomorrow when he wakes up with a hangover but still with some cash in his pocket and me on the other side of the world, pretending like my life here in Miami was nothing more than just a dream.

Wet Willy's (Four A.M)

"Witter, come to my office before you leave."

Even though he knew it was more of a statement than a question, Pacey couldn't help but amuse Deborah, who was now sitting across from him at the bar counting her tips, by calling out to their manager that he'd be there as soon as he finished counting his bank. "And as soon as you get your head up out of your ass…hopefully the latter one first."

Without even bothering to look up from counting the money in her hands, Deborah let out a small laugh while mockingly reprimanding the younger man. "You do know that one day you're going to use that tongue of yours on the wrong person and it's going to come back and bite you on the ass, don't you?"

Having heard that statement a time or two before caused Pacey to shrug his shoulders in response before shutting the drawer to his cash register and jokingly replying, "Well, as long as I'm not using it on any of the women you've tried to set me up with in this place, I think I'll do just fine."


While laughing at the comment, Pacey threw up a sign that said he'd be back in a minute and then began to make his way towards the direction in which Dawson, his manager, had just walked in, finding the slightly older man in his office, as usual.

"You wanted to see me…"

Without even bothering to look up from the pile of papers that were seated on the desk in front of him, Dawson made a motion for Pacey to take a seat in the chair in front of him and that he'd be with him in a second.

Sir, yes, sir, Pacey sarcastically thought to himself, before taking a seat in the chair across from Dawson and then lazily looking around at the cramped space around him; wondering how the hell Dawson could manage to do any sort of work in such a small compact area. If I was the owner of this place, my first order of business would be to knock down both of these walls and have someone put in a fresh new carpet--one that hopefully didn't reek of the back seat of a used sales men's car.

"Well, I guess this is it, Witter. Your last day in South Florida, your last day working behind a bar for a few measly couple of bucks. Off to big and better things tomorrow morning. Nervous?"

Knowing by the smug expression on Dawson's face that he was just trying to psych the other man out, caused Pacey to absentmindedly sit further up in his seat, while confidently replying back: "Hardly…are you?"

While slightly chuckling at this response, Dawson raised an eyebrow in amusement before retorting, "Don't get it twisted, Witter. You're a good bartender, but not the best. I've seen better…if I can recall, I was better."

Without even bothering to conceal his roll of the eyes, Pacey briefly let his mind go back to the memory of Dawson's brief stunt as a bartender, before daddy Leery stepped in and offered the previous manager a couple grand to step down and let his son take over the business; a major downgrade in Pacey's opinion.

Feeling his anger start to get the best of him, while sitting in front of the pompous jack-ass, Pacey took a second to let out a small amount of air, before casually retorting: "You know, I've still got a lot of stuff I need to do before I leave tomorrow so if that is all you wanted to ask me, can I leave now?"

Knowing he had indeed struck a nerve with the other man caused Dawson's smile to grow larger, if not smugger, before falling slightly as he picked up a small envelope that lay across his desk. "Actually, I wish that was all but, even though I really don't feel like you deserve this, I was encouraged by the higher ups to give you a small bonus for working so hard these last few years. Supposedly, they think you deserve more than you do, so see it as my going away present to you. Don't spend it all in one place."

Don't worry, I'll just use however much it is for bail money after I beat the living crap out of you, Pacey inwardly thought to himself before taking the envelope out of Dawson's hand and then standing up, making his way back towards the door he had came in from. Never once looking back to say goodbye to the other man as he made his way out of the office.

Hell, after working under him for the past two years, it's more like a good riddance.

Diamonds Cabaret

"Ten, twenty, forty, sixty, eighty, ninety…eight hundred. Not bad, Potter, especially for your last night here. That's double the amount either one of us makes in one night alone. Maybe I should tell Drue to say this is my last night here, as well. My closet could sure enough go for another shopping spree and, come to think of it, so could his as well."

While shaking her head slightly at the hustling ways of her best friend Jen and her, just as bad, boyfriend Drue, Joey hurriedly finished tying the shoelaces on her tennis shoes before taking the money that Jen had graciously counted for her and afterwards putting it safely into her pants pocket; knowing never to put it directly into her purse, for fear of one of the other girls taking it by accident. "Well, that's it; I think I've got everything."

While making one last eye-sweeping movement over her friend's former work-station, making sure that the other girl indeed had everything, Jen softly replied: "I'm not even going to lie and pretend that things are going to be the same without you here, Jo. I don't know what I'm going to do without you being here to give me your annoying glass is always half full optimistic speech every day. I'm really going to miss those."

Without bothering to hold back her roll of the eyes, Joey quickly replied, "Well, like I said before, you won't have to miss out on all of that, if you just decide to take me up on my offer and come with me to N.Y. I can always trade in my one bedroom apartment for a two bedroom apartment. We'll be like Lucy and Ethel, without the Ricky and Fred around to hold us back."

"Hey, I'll have you know, I like my Fred," Jen joked, before continuing with, "I don't think so, New York just doesn't seem like the right place for a slow girl like me and besides, can you imagine if I left Drue here all by himself. The boy can barely go two seconds without losing something or another, can you imagine him going more than a week without me?"

As if hearing the comment, Audrey--the busty blonde that their boss had just hired to take over Joey's place--stuck her head in the door and asked Jen if she had Drue's keys. "He said he thinks he left one of his cd's outside in his trunk."

After shooting Joey a look that said, see what I mean, Jen outwardly told Audrey that she'd be there in a second before turning her attention back to the other woman and continuing with, "But I'll defiantly try to see if I can get some time off and come see you sometime after the summer. If not then, then defiantly during the holidays. We'll throw one of our special Christmas parties."

Knowing that one of their special Christmas parties meant that they'd all end up shit-faced by the end of the night caused Joey to smile slightly at the thought before saying, "I'll keep you to that…now give me a hug before I have to go."

Even though she really didn't want her friend to have to go, knowing that it was indeed Joey's time to move on caused Jen to allow her one and only girl friend to pull her into a sad goodbye hug. Then after a second, she pulled back and put on her best brave face with a comforting smile to match. "Well, off to Broadway you go. Wherever you stop, no body knows."

Knowing that her friend was just saving face and not wanting to make this an even more emotional event than it was already turning out to be caused Joey to slightly laugh at the woman's joke, before picking up her bag of items she had left at Diamonds over the last couple of years and then proceeding to make her way towards the back exit of, what she used to call, her home away from home

Just think of it like this, Joey…it's not a goodbye, just a see you later.

Next part soon. What did you think?