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John F. Kennedy International Airport

"Flight attendants, please prepare for landing."

"Wow. You were right. That was fast."

Looking away from the window he was peering out of, Pacey let out a small chuckle as he told Candy, "I told you it would be."

For the last three and a half hours, the two had spent the entire time talking about anything and everything under the sun. They had begun speaking about how Pacey had grown up in New York but moved to Florida to attend the University of Miami a couple years ago and how Candy had never been outside of Florida, although she had lived in almost every city there was in the large state—an army brat, he had mused, something like that she had responded. Then from there on, they went on to talk about everything from the last book they had read to the last movie they had seen. To say they had a lot in common would be an overstatement since it seemed like Pacey was more of an extrovert than Candy was, but still, it was interesting to learn a little bit more about one another.

"Did you have any bags up top that you needed help getting down?" Pacey asked, after their plane had touched ground and they were free to stand up and move up out of their seats.

"No, I just have this one book-bag and then another bag that I checked in inside, but thanks for asking."

"No problem." Pacey replied back, before turning his attention back to the window beside him, watching as the employees begin to unload there luggage, until it was his and Candy's turn to get out of there seats.

"Baggage claims' this way," Pacey commented, while leading the way down the hall towards where their bags had been dropped off, "You have someone meeting you here?"

"Uh no," Candy quickly commented, while clutching her backpack closer to her, as if any second now someone would try to pry it from her protective hands, "I'm just going to catch a cab to my apartment. I don't think it's that far from here so it shouldn't be that expensive."

Ha! She's defiantly never ridden a taxi before in New York City. Just going down the block from here costs nearly an arm and leg.

With that thought in mind, Pacey opened his mouth to offer his new found friend a ride home, but then after remembering just how small Jack's car was and how it barely had enough room for two people, plus Pacey's bags in it, he quickly thought against it.

"My ride should be waiting upstairs in the parking garage for me now, but if you'd like I can wait with you until you catch a cab."

After taking a second to squeeze her small frame in between Pacey and the guy who had practically ran her over trying to get to his luggage, Candy shook her head at the statement, saying: "No thanks, I'm sure I'll be fine. Besides I heard somewhere that New York City is full of cabs, so I'm sure it won't be long after I step out of here that I find one to take me home."

Knowing that she was probably right caused Pacey to first nod his head at the statement, before turning his attention towards the luggage carousel in front of them; just as he saw both of his bags shoot out from the opening of the gadget.

"Oh, here comes my stuff."

After taking his bags off the carousel and then waiting for Candy to get her lone suitcase from it as well, Pacey figured now would be as good of a time as any to say goodbye to his companion. "Well, I better start heading upstairs now, but it was really nice meeting you, Candy. You never know, maybe we'll bump into each other again sometime. New York's really not as big as people say it is."

Figuring there was only a one in a five chance that she'd ever see this nice man again 'caused Joey to shrug her shoulders absentmindedly while replying, "Your right, you never know. But if we don't, it was nice meeting you as well, Pacey, and thanks again for helping me out on my first flight, I really appreciate it."

"No problem. It was my pleasure." Pacey replied back, before saying one last final goodbye and then turning around, heading in the direction of the parking garage.

Now, to go find me a taxi…

Even though it was almost the end of May, Joey was surprised when she found herself being hit by a huge gust of wind and an alarming burst of frost bite as soon as she stepped foot outside of the JFK airport.

Having originally been a New Yorkean himself, Drue had told her that it got a little nippy sometimes in the north, but Joey hadn't thought he meant this nippy. It was freezing!

Fortunately for her though, as she hoped there would be, there was an empty taxi cab sitting directly in front of the airport; waiting for someone to step inside, as soon as they made their way completely outside of the airport.

"East 11th Street, please" Joey remarked, as soon as she had closed the door to the yellow taxi cab; blocking out the cool air from her already frozen body.

"Anything you say." The obvious New York native cab driver responded back, before putting on his left blinker signal and quickly edging out and into traffic. "There's not a lot of traffic out here, so it shouldn't take us that long to get there."

Not one for being impatient, Joey quickly replied, "Take your time," before turning her attention towards the window beside her, taking in briefly what New York had to offer her.

We're defiantly not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

While paying close attention to the scenery outside the cab, Joey couldn't help but notice the huge differences between New York and Florida.

Back home she was used to seeing palm trees and shopping plazas on every corner, but here the only thing she seemed to see on every corner was signs for adult book stores and pizza places.

Something is telling me that I might have made a huge mistake in picking New York to start my new life over in…I really hope not.

"That will be twenty four, eighty, Miss." The cab driver shouted, snapping Joey out of her thoughts.

Having not realized that they had come to a complete stop and that the driver was now waiting for her to pay him so he could continue on with his journey caused Joey to throw the man a small smile back in embarrassment, before taking out her money to pay him and then quickly making her way out of the cab, suitcase in hand.

Now, where to now…

After taking a second to recall the address that Andie had given her over the phone and then looking at the traffic sign on the corner of the street, Joey began making her trek up the street, in the direction that she and the cab driver had just come from; finding East Village apartments a few seconds later.

"Well, here goes nothing," Joey commented to herself outwardly, before quickly taking the stairs up to the main door of the East Village apartments and pressing the doorbell, that sent a signal to apartment 303's intercom.


Immediately recognizing Andie's voice from their previous phone conversations caused Joey to slightly smile, seeing that she had found the right apartment. "Hey, it's me…Joey. I'm downstairs."

After hearing the other girl reply that she'd be right down, Joey shifted her gaze towards the street behind her, but then had to turn her head back a second later, when she heard the door in front of her open.


After nodding her head in acknowledgement, Joey had to catch herself from falling as the woman in front of her quickly threw her arms around her, pulling her into an enthusiastic bear hug.

"I'm so glad you finally made it. I was so worried that you were going to change your mind and decide not to come at the last second. I'm glad I was wrong."

After waiting until the other woman had finally regained her composure and pulled away from her, giving Joey some room to breathe in, Joey outwardly replied that she hadn't even thought about not coming. "I would've called you from the airport to tell you I had gotten in safely, but I don't have a cell phone at the moment and the lines to use the payphone were unbelievably long."

While laughing at this comment, Andie quickly replied, "I can only imagine…but hey, now that you're here, I can finally show you your room. I hope you like pink."

Not knowing what that was supposed to mean 'caused Joey to throw Andie a confused stare, but the other woman had already begun making her way back into the building, so Joey's look went unnoticed.

Guess I'll have to find that one out on my own.

(Across town)

"Hey man, can I get you a beer?"

Looking up from the suitcase he was unpacking, Pacey threw his a friend a look that said duh causing Jack to slightly laugh before outwardly replying, "Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to for a second. Of course you want a beer. You always want a beer."

"Damn right, I do," Pacey jokingly replied back, before turning his attention back towards the bag in front of him, calling out after a second, "Man, you weren't lying when you said this dig was a sweet place to live in. It was a good thing your friend could give us such a nice deal on it…too nice of a deal, actually, if you ask me. You'll have to tell me what you did to swing this one, maybe it'll work on the ladies as well."

"Ha, ha, very funny," Jack called back, from the kitchen, before appearing at Pacey's side once again, this time with two beers in his hands.

"Thanks man."

"No problem. So…" Jack began, after taking a seat on the computer chair that was beside Pacey's bed and taking a sip out of his Coors light bottle, "you going to finish telling me about the girl you met on the plane?"

Not feeling like there was much to tell, Pacey shrugged his shoulders slightly, before saying just that. "I don't even know why I brought her up to you."

"Knowing you?" Jack began, "It was probably because she was either a) beautiful, b) beautiful, or c) could carry on a decent conversation without saying something with the words 'like, oh my god!' in it a thousand times. Other than that, you normally wouldn't even think to mention a chick you had just met--unless it was just to make fun of her obvious display of stupidity or her lack of growth in the chest area. And if it's that last one, to quote my little sister, you are such a pig."

After slightly laughing to himself and telling the other man that he knew him too well, Pacey continued with the previous conversation, "I'm not going to lie, she wasn't the ugliest girl I've ever seen, but she didn't look anything different than some of the other girls I've seen at UM, either. The only difference is, like you said before, this girl had a brain. We spent almost an hour talking about the different schools in New York and what they had to offer her."

"Like you would know?"

Having had this discussion many times before with Jack caused Pacey to roll his eyes at the question, before continuing with, "From the way she was talking, I'm guessing she's going to be right up there with you at NYU. Maybe you'll bump into her in one of your classes."

"It's a big school, Pace, so I doubt that. But even if I did, going by your brief description alone, I probably wouldn't even recognize her if I did see her…did you at least get a name?"

Oh yeah…I got one, all right.

Having not wanted to hear Jack tease him about spending three hours talking to some girl named Candy had been one of the reasons why Pacey hadn't been sure of bringing up the woman to his friend before. But now that Jack had flat out asked him what her name was, he had no choice but to say it.

"Candy…her name's Candy, and before you even get started, remember that not all of us were lucky enough to be brought up with normal names like Jack and Andie McPhee. Even I know that better than anyone else does."

While feigning an innocent like expression, Jack tried to hold back the chuckle that wanted to come out of his mouth as he held up his hands in surrender, "Hey! I didn't say a thing. Candy's a very…unique name. Kind of makes me wonder if Snickers was taken."

After flicking off his laughing friend, Pacey inwardly mumbled 'he's got jokes,' before outwardly continuing with, "So, what time were you planning on going to Andies?"

Waiting until he had regained his composure, Jack replied, "Soon. I wanted to give her some time to bond with her new room-mate before going over there to check this girl out for myself. You want to come?"

Even though Pacey had wanted to get some rest before going to check out his new club in the morning, the thought of meeting this crazy woman who had flown across the country to live with someone she had never met before, made him inwardly comment to himself that he'd get some sleep next weekend.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world."

(A half-n-hour later)

"So, what do you think so far?"

Turning away from the window she was looking out of, Joey allowed herself to take another quick scan of the room she was standing in, before replying: "It's nice…defiantly bigger than my last apartment for sure, but that's always a plus."

After slightly laughing at this comment, Andie moved from where she was standing underneath the door frame towards the center of the room where Joey was standing, looking at the amazing view that New York had to offer them. "You know, before my brother and I moved here a few years ago, I had heard so many bad things about New York City and the people who lived here that I thought I was going to absolutely hate it once I got here. But not even a couple months after we moved here, my parents decided it'd be best if they just split up and my mom relocated us and her back to Massachusetts. Jack and I only lasted a week there before we made our mom ship us back here to live with our dad. It just didn't feel right being back there to us, New York had quickly become our home."

Having never had a place to really call home before, caused Joey to just nod her head in false understanding. She was hoping that she'd be able to get so used to the place that she was staying in now, that she'd consider it, like Andie, to be home as well. But she'd just have to wait and see.

With that thought in mind, Joey opened her mouth to tell Andie that said fact but before she could do so, a buzzing noise sounded throughout the apartment telling them that they had guests.

"Shoot, that must be Jack…I forgot to mention earlier that my brother and his room-mate were planning on stopping by later, I hope you don't mind. He really wants to meet you."

Even though she had only a couple of hours of sleep underneath her belt and still had some slight unpacking to do, Joey didn't want to be rude on her first night there so she forced a smile upon her face as she replied, "No bother to me, it's your house too. And besides, I'm sure if not tonight, I'd have to meet your brother sometime soon, right?"

"Right!" Andie replied back, with a slight hint of nervousness in her voice, before hurrying out of the room to let Jack and his room-mate up; throwing over her shoulder at the last second, "You're going to really love these two, I promise."

If you say so… Joey inwardly commented to herself, before turning back to the window she had been looking out of before; choosing not to take her eyes off the view in front of her until she heard a man's voice coming from the living room. The sooner I get these introductions over with, the sooner I can go to bed.

With that thought in mind, Joey slowly began to make her way out of her room and down the hall towards the living room, where Andie was standing, in front of the two men, who had their backs to the brunette.

Seeing Joey, Andie quickly said: "Here she comes now. Guys, this is my room-mate, Joey. Joey, these are the guys."

After letting out a small laugh, Joey watched as the guys turned around towards her one by one and after smiling hello at the shorter one, who she knew was Andie's brother Jack by all the pictures Andie had of them surrounding the apartment, Joey turned her attention towards the taller one, whose facial expression matched her now surprised facial expression.


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