As a sign of things to come:

She is dying like the setting sun,
And he is dying of guilt and grief.
Blood and shadows in rivers run,
And all their joys shall be too brief.

It is the dark road that they tread,
But neither walks the road alone.
Even filled with tears and dread,
They'll walk it still, though hope has flown.

She will lead them through the night,
He will shepherd those who stray.
Stars and faith the only light,
But they will not lose the way.

It is the narrow road they travel,
Hand in hand with measured strides.
Even when the threads unravel,
They'll walk it still, the only guides.


Prepare to journey down the dark road. If you have the courage.

Author's Note- Next part to come soon. From this point on all I can say is: Have patience & faith.