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The Blayders

Chapter One: The Legend

The diminutive girl in her blue dress shuffled to an old man with a wispy white beard that extended to his navel. She tugged his blue parka with her small, smooth fingers and looked up into his eyes. Both pairs of eyes were blue, and the little girl gazed inquisitively into the old man's eyes.

"Granpa, you promised me you would tell me a story."

The old man's mouth widened into a pleasant smile, his eyes crinkling at the corners. "So I did, I did."

Her led her slowly to the four pieces of animal pelt around the central fire in their hut and sat, putting the child on his lap. He paused and looked into the fire for a moment, then began.

"Long has there been a group of female warriors in the history of the Northern Water Tribe. Well, in a strange way. These women are not written down on paper with pen, but into the ordinary citizens' minds with words from stories and songs. They were outcasts, talented women and girls who had always wanted to learn to master their waterbending skills to defend their people.

"The reason they were outcasts? Females in the Northern Water Tribe are not permitted to totally master the skill of bending. They are only taught healing.

"Some of these talented women wanted more. They wanted to know how to fight. This fierce spirit was what gave birth to the strange society.

"One woman lusted after power. Her name was not known, but after she founded the society, she was christened 'Sedna', after the Sea Goddess. She also found a new technique of offense fighting: with small blades.

"Today, we call that group…

…the Blayders."