Chapter 1: 1000 yen

It ended at last, summer vacation. Tomorrow would be the start of my hell days. Tezuka thought as he walked towards the train station. He let out a big sigh. He kept thinking of the things Ryuzaki-sensei told her while he was arranging the grouping for this month's regular selections.

"Ryzaki-sensei, I'm done with the groupings." He said. He had this serious face which could give a heart attack even to a child.

"Good. I'm counting on you in the nationals Captain Tezuka." The old coach smiled warmly. "You may go now.."


"Oh, and Tezuka, why don't you smile once in a while…" It was an advice Ryuzaki –sensei had been telling him for the last three years.



It was already dark when Tezuka got off the train. Street lights were lit one by one. He crossed the bridge, hearing the rapid flow of the river below. He did not pay attention. He was busy daydreaming about the things that happened a while ago…

"Darn it."

Tezuka's thoughts were rattled as he heard a voice.

He wasn't sure about what he was seeing but he was about Echizen's height. He was wearing a blue shirt, baggy pants and a cap. He was on the other side of the railing of the bridge. One arm was holding the railing and the other was extended, like trying to reach out something. To Tezuka, his gesture was like a person ready to commit suicide.

He reacted quickly.

"Hey, nothing's going to be solved if you end it here." He calmly said as he tried to persuade the man from jumping into the river.

"No, everything would be solved here, if I just..."

Just a little more.. he thought

It was a 1000 yen bill stuck on one of the railings. He could not get it on the bridge so she went over.

"Hey mister, you have to stop this." His voice was deep, more like of commanding his teammates to run 50 laps around the court.

He was not paying attention to him. He was paying attention to "it".

Just a little more..

He tiptoed and finally he reached his money. Whew. He placed it in his pocket and looked at the man who had been bugging him for the last five minutes.

"Hey mister" he manages to say. "Do you think I'm stupid enough to end my life in such a manner? My 1000 yen was stuck; I was just trying to get it." She turned around and lifted her right foot. She tried to cross over the railing. "And by the way, I'm a she, so stop calling me mister."

Tezuka looked at her, confused. From the looks of it, it was really impossible for him I mean her, to be a woman. She was really flat-chested.


"If you were not to end your life, you should have told me so." He calmly said. Keeping his serious look plastered to his face.

"Hey mister, I was minding my own business here until you came." She glared at him. He didn't care. He was leaving; pretending that he did not see anything, besides it would be troublesome if he'd stay with this girl long.

"H..hey, where are you going? I need a little help here.." She was now having a hard time getting out.

"If you can get yourself in there, you can get yourself out." He was pissed. Who wouldn't be pissed? Worrying you to death and afterwards telling you that she just wanted her 1000 yen back.

Darn woman.

"Fine. You don't have to get mad.. I can do this by myself." She whispered, as she saw his figure disappear in the darkness. She then carefully stepped her other foot when, it slipped.

She let out a scream. Tezuka looked back, the figure before was gone. He ran towards the scene. Her hand was the only thing that saved her from death.

"Help." She cried

Then she saw Tezuka's figure as he extended his right arm.

"Hold on to my arm".

With her other hand, she tried to hold on to Tezuka's arm. After a few seconds of struggling she finally had a strong hold on his arm. He began to pull. She was heavy, but they made it. He fell down with her lying on top of him. Her cap was on Tezuka's face; he removed it and instantly their eyes met. He had honey colored eyes that were covered by his glasses and auburn hair. She had dark blue eyes and wavy brown hair.

So she is really a girl. Tezuka thought,

They both stared at each other until she realized that they were in an awkward position. "PERVERT!" she screamed, for Tezuka's arms was wrapped around her tight. She hurriedly stood up.

"I..I mean, arigatou gozaimasu for saving me" she bowed at him

He was silent. He brushed the dirt off his pants, got his bag and started to walk away. She knew he was mad. Well of course she called him a pervert and she did really piss him about the 1000 yen. She can't blame him either; it was all her fault after all.

"Don't do that again." He commanded.

"H..Hai, Arigatou Gozaimasu."


Stubborn girl, called me a pervert. I didn't even tough anything. Tezuka thought as he arrived home. He went straight to bed. He told his parents that he was tired but actually, he was just absorbing the things that happened to him on his way home until he drifted off to sleep.


On the girl apartment…

Reika, you're so stupid. Damn 1000 yen, if only I did not forget my wallet things wouldn't be this way.

"Baka!" she told herself as she turned her lights off

"So much for my first day in Japan." She looked at the silhouette of the lime green uniform that was hanging on her closet. And she finally drifted off to sleep.

Ring, ring..

Who would be calling me at this hour? Ryuzaki – sensei thought as she scrambled her bed covers while looking for her phone.

"Hello?" She was still sleepy.

"Ryuzaki- sensei? This is Amelia Hiltrude, coach of the German team, do you remember?"

"… Amelia?! Why did you call?" The old coach was shocked as she got up her bed.

"You see, Mr. Roque, the president of the World tennis association has called some coaches around the world to represent their country in a meeting to discuss the upcoming international tournament"

"So, what are you trying to say? That I was selected?"

"The truth is, yes. I recommended you." She slightly laughed.

"Baah, Amelia you're still troublesome." Ryuzaki – sensei said dismayed

"Thanks, I'll be expecting you within this week? And oh, and Sumire, one of my players went to Japan yesterday. I think she is now enrolled at your school."

"Really, Who among your players?"

"Reika Umi."

"Oh, don't worry Amelia she is in good hands"

"I know." She let out a slight laugh "So, I'll see you in Germany as soon as possible? "

"I'll think about it." Ryuzaki – sensei said as she hung up.

Troublesome woman she thought as she went back to sleep.