Chapter 8:

The morning was rather gloomy for Reika, besides that today is her History test, the weather was so depressing. Dark clouds had been covering up the sky since yesterday. Drizzles were coming down every now and then. Reika lazily got up from bed and told herself to hurry or else it might rain.

Before Reika could leave the house, raindrops started to fall. She sighed. What could be worse than rain and a History test?

She left the house trying her best to walk as quickly as possible and careful not to slip on puddles of water. Thankfully she arrived at school safely and without a speck of dirt on her uniform.

Reika quickly went to the changing room to place her bag on her locker and of course to change clothes. (assuming that no one was there.) She opened the door and to her surprise an auburn haired guy stood near the bench, topless.

"O..Ohayou Tezuka!" She waved at him and went inside, pretending not to see the so perfect body that fan girls often scream at.

"Ohayou." He greeted back while putting on his shirt.

"The weather today's so depressing…" Reika whispered as she placed her things on her locker.

"… It looks like we have to practice in the covered courts…" Reika added.

Tezuka nodded his head, grabbed his tennis racquet and went out.

"If you're planning to change your clothes here, be sure to lock the door. I don't want a scandal here in this club." He looked at Reika before closing the door.

Reika raised her eyebrow and locked the door. "Whatever." She whispered.

One by one, each member of the tennis club arrived at the covered courts.

"It's really hard to practice with this kind of weather." Eiji frowned while doing some forehand swings.

Fuji agreed with his red-haired friend.

After a few moments, the team was asked to assemble.

"Okay listen up." Reika's voiced echoed through out the covered court.

"If this kind of weather continues through out the day, we might cut the practices short so that everyone can go home early…" she continued.

Everyone agreed. Tezuka added some "inspirational" messages to everyone and asked them to return to their own businesses. First years were asked to pick balls, Regulars and other team members were warming up for practice matches and etc.

"Ne, Reika-chan…" Momoshiro whispered.


"Why aren't you wearing skirts during practices?"

"Huh?" Reika stared at Momo.

"Yeah Reika-chan, why don't you try wearing a skirt. I'm sure it really looks good on you." Eiji, who was eavesdropping, made an evil grin.

"Well, that's because you are all wearing shorts. It would be awkward if I was the only one who wears a different attire, and besides I don't wear and don't like skirts." Reika frowned.

"And why is that?" Inui, the data man appeared form nowhere and was scribbling on his notebook.

Reika was about to answer Inui when Fuji joined the conversation. "Well, you wear skirts in school." He added.

"That's because every girl in this school wears one." Reika answered.

"Hey, stop bothering Reika-chan." Oishi who happened to see the commotion tried to stop his teammates.

"But Oishi, isn't it fun if Reika-chan would wear a skirt?" Eiji giggled.

"..Uhhmm.. well, I suppose it's not that bad.." Oishi finally agreed.

A big sweat drop appeared on Reika's head. Even Oishi was brainwashed.

"What's the big deal if I wear a skirt?" Reika chuckled.

"Well, you would look like a girl." Echizen appeared behind Momo.

Reika's eyebrow twitched. "So you're saying that I look like a boy?"

Everyone nodded.

"In that kind of outfit? Very much indeed." Inui adjusted his glasses and wrote something on his notebook.

"Is that true Kawamura?" Reika looked him.

"A..no.." He scratched his head.

"Here, Kawamura-senpai." Echizen made an evil grin while giving Taka-san a racquet.

"Yeaaah!! Ba-by! Reika-chan, you really look like a GUY!" The burning mode Taka-san said as he swung his racquet back and forth.

"Kaidoh?" Reika looked at Kaidoh, wishing that he would disagree with the rest of his teammates. But to her disappointment, Kaidoh hissed in approval.

Reika was obviously defeated. She tried looking for someone who would disagree with everyone's statements. She looked at Tezuka who was obviously not paying attention to them and has probably no interest about whether or not she looked like a guy in that kind of outfit. She sighed.

Everyone tried to convince Reika to where skirts, but she did not agree. Inui on the other hand, moved away from the crowd and went to their stoic captain to ask his opinion.

"Tezuka.." Inui appeared behind Tezuka.

"Do you think… Rei--"

"Regulars, 30 laps around the court." Tezuka's voice echoed inside the court giving chills to the regulars.

Everyone was silent.


Eiji and the rest of the regulars jumped in shock. Yet, they obeyed their captain.

"Tch. Inui-senpai annoyed buchou…" Ryoma said as he ran past Inui.

"I was just asking him if he liked Reika-chan to wear a skirt." Inui replied.

"I think I've got an idea…" Fuji smiled sadistically at his teammates.

"What is it nyaa?" Eiji said trying to catch up with Fuji.

"Just leave it to me…" This time Fuji's sadistic smile became wider.

Reika stood still, watching the regulars run around the court. She was satisfied. Good thing Tezuka was in her side. Well, at least she thought he was.

"Reika, why are you still standing there?" Reika looked back. Tezuka was behind her.

"30 laps." He said dryly.



"But I.."


Reika sighed. She started running with the regulars. What did I do to him? She thought. Why am I being punished? They were the ones who started it. She was pissed. But no, as a substitute coach and a team captain of the German team I should be more mature. She sighed.

Reika went past Ryoma and the rest, giving them a death glare. (Talk about maturity.)

Tezuka on the other hand watched Reika run around the court. From his point of view, if Reika would wear Ryoma's cap, she would definitely look like a guy.

Even so, she is very different from the other girls in this school. Tezuka thought.

Charming, smart, talented, funny and cute. Anyone would definitely fall for her.

He scoffed. Why am I thinking of these things?

He looked again at the regulars who were now playing a game.

"If Reika-chan finishes last, she would wear a skirt!" Momo laughed as he sped up passed Reika.

"What?" Reika protested.

All of the other regulars agreed. Each tried to surpass Reika's speed.

A vein popped out of Tezuka's head.

"This is not a playground." Tezuka crossed his arms. Everyone was silent. Again.

Morning practice was over. They sure know how to piss their captain.

Reika laughed silently while walking towards their classroom, That Tezuka is so damn serious. When would he get a life?

Reika walked passed Eiji and Fuji's classroom when she heard high pitched giggles. She looked back. It was Tezuka. No wonder the hallway was noisy again.

"Ohayou Tezuka-sama." Reika heard their greetings.

Why do they love him so much? She wondered. He's boring, stiff, and all that is in his mind is tennis, studies and nothing more.

I admit he is really charming, smart and good at tennis. And.. he's really a gentleman. Reika remembered the time when Tezuka accompanied her home and let her use his jacket. But if he would keep that cold attitude of his, he probably won't get a girlfriend. A smile appeared on Reika's lips. If only he would smile…

Reika stopped. That's right. I'll try to make him smile. She giggled.

"This would be fun." She whispered.

Well, at least she thought it would be fun.

Reika looked at the window. It stopped raining but dark clouds still circle around the area.

It was almost lunchtime. Three hours before her history test. She looked at Tezuka. He was pretty calm himself. Reika was now having butterflies in her stomach and kept moving on her chair like a kid wanting to go to the bathroom.

Tezuka looked at her.

'"What's wrong?"

"I'm nervous." Reika looked at him, teary eyed.

Tezuka stood up and patted her head. "Just don't let your guard down."

Reika looked at him as he went out of their classroom. It wasn't the kind of encouraging message she was looking for but it really helped.

"Hey, Tezuka! Wait!" She stood up realizing that it was already lunchtime.

Tezuka looked as his hand. He has never patted a head before. (and remember it was a girls head.) Even his teammates never receive a pat on their heads before.

It was weird. Really weird.

"Tezuka!" Reika said as she caught up with him.

"You walk too fast." She grinned.

Reika looked at her half eaten lunch and sighed. She had no appetite to continue eating her food. She sighed.

"Wasting food is really very bad." Tezuka said while filling himself with his lunch.

Reika merely stared at her lunch then at Tezuka and back to her food again.

She was about to open her mouth when Eiji and Fuji arrived at their table, which was later joined Momo and Echizen.

"So, Reika-chan, what do you think of our suggestion?" Momo said

"What suggestion?" Reika's brain was too worried to function properly.

"Skirts." Ryoma said.

"Oh, hell no I wouldn't wear one." Reika glared at him

"Then let's have a deal…" Fuji's smile grew wider and even more sadistic.

Tezuka raised his eyebrows. He didn't like the idea of this deal

The bell rang.

"Alright, I agree." Reika stood up before she even heard the deal.

Tezuka sighed. With that kind of smile Fuji has plastered upon his face. This would be troublesome.

"Happy now?" She said while walking away.

This is troublesome, she thought. But a little deal wouldn't hurt. Would it?

Reika sat quietly, removed her thoughts with the "deal" and stared at the clock in front of her. "1 hour left."

"I hope this test goes well." She sighed.