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Yes, I AM busy right now, and had turned to Royai (Fullmetal Alchemist), and I too had got addicted with the concept of family (don't ask). But I'm stressed. Exams in a few days, need things to clear my head up.

Anyway, I also had developed a certain interest in drabble and I wanna try that, -nods-

So here goes.

Bits of Thoughts


He knew from the first time they met that she would like him. All girls had the same reaction; the typical schoolgirl crush. His stoic appearance and calm demeanour had always been the selling factor. Added more with the cold personality, he was what people called; popular. He never wanted to attract such attentions; the genes would probably be the ones to be blame.

He then knew that it might mean more. The deep sense of care and concern he received from her proved the fact. She was there for him, anywhere, anytime. It was definitely more than just a simple crush. The feelings were truly genuine.

He just didn't know that he felt the same towards her.


Wohoo!! My first drabble. –faints-

wait, was it enough? i forgot the rules for drabble, hahaha...