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Bits of Thoughts


Ever since she was a child, Hilary had been trained by her mother to grow up into a nice and capable woman; who is a woman that would serve her husband well, a woman that would care for her children with all the love she have.

And most importantly; a woman who knows her way around the kitchen.

Ever since she decided to take a break from work ever since Gou was born, she had been spending her time at home, and mostly in the kitchen. Her time had been fully spent for Gou, and also Kai. Kai once asked her if she would like to return back to work and that they could hire a babysitter, but she just couldn't stand the idea of someone else taking care of her son. She softly replied that she didn't mind being home, and that he wouldn't have to worry. Kai never brought up the subject again.

It was not that she didn't like working, and though many of her friends said that she could get bored just staying at home, she thought differently. After 4 years, she realized how important it was to stay in the house to her; and well, especially the kitchen.

It was in that kitchen that Kai proposed to her, just a couple of months after they started to live together.

It was in that kitchen that she told him she was pregnant, and for the first time in her life, she saw such a bright face from her husband.

It was in that kitchen Gou learned his first word.

It was in that kitchen that they laughed,

And it was in that kitchen that they cried as well.

She pondered about her life, how she realized most of her little important moments had always occurred in that small place where she cooked; the place that was no where near special; just a simple section in a house that was essential and needed.

But it was the place that her family always spent the time together.


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