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About this fic: Sakura and Syaoran are sort of friends, but they still act a lot like rivals (I needed it that way for the story). The Card Capting duo challenge each other and argue constantly. Also, they are both 16 years old and the Clow Cards are Sakura Cards (Eriol is here too, 'cause I needed him). The second genre is Romance, so I'm sure you can guess that this is S+S ^.^

"The Joke's On You" (Prologue): Eriol's Odd Proposition

Tomoyo sighed, resting her head upon her right hand. "There they go again." she muttered.

Eriol Hiiragizawa, who was sitting across from her on the bench, smiled in the videographer's direction. "You know as well as I do that it's just their own little way of flirting."

Tomoyo returned the ebony-eyed boy's smile. "Hai, demo...they've been at it for at least two hours."

Both teens turned to gaze out at the school ground's blacktop, where two determined people were playing a heated game of one-on-one basketball.

One was male, with cinnamon brown hair and sunset amber eyes. The other was female, auburn locks framing her face and stunning emerald eyes burning with concentration.

More commonly known as Li Syaoran and Kinomoto Sakura, the two best athletes of Seijou high.

The two challenged and competed against one another constantly, neither willing to fall in defeat before the other. Their rivalry dated back to when they were only 10 years old.

And it all started with the mystical 'Clow Cards'. Li Syaoran had originally come to Japan to claim the book of Clow, and the magical cards that were sealed within, for his family and the Li Clan. However, Kinomoto Sakura had recently unintentionally broken the seal of the fabled book and unleashed the power of the Cards throughout the town of Tomoeda. She managed to capture some of the escaped cards, but many were still left free to do as they pleased.

When Li Syaoran arrived and realized that Kinomoto Sakura had been appointed as "Cardcaptor" (by none other than everyone's favorite guardian beast himself), he demanded the Clow Cards from her almost immediately. Kinomoto Sakura refused, and thus the two became rivals for the possession of the Clow Cards.

During the next few years, the rivals learned to work together, and soon became almost friendly to one another.

Though in the end, the Cards belonged to the female Cardcaptor, Kinomoto Sakura, Li Syaoran decided to accept her control over the Cards. But he vowed that she would never beat him at anything else. And Sakura vowed that he'd never beat her either.

To this day, the two competed in a variety of sports and other things. Swimming, running, tennis, soccer, badminton, baseball, volleyball, football, hockey, video games (by suggestion of Kero-chan), and even croquet; they had played them all.

However, the score was '0 wins to 0 losses' on both sides; they had tied each other in absolutely everything.


"You're going down, Kinomoto!"

"You first, Li-kun!"

The battle of one-on-one basketball started after school and continued on for two and a half hours.

The score was dead even; five baskets on both sides.

Sakura dribbled the ball back and forth between the swift movements of her hands, searching for an ideal opening in his defense. Syaoran abruptly charged forward, making grab for the bouncing orange ball.

But he missed, leaving just enough time and space for Sakura to get by. As she rapidly approached the basket, Syaoran tried to make up for his mistake by stealing the ball from behind, but he was too late.

Sakura heaved the ball upwards and it flew to the basket with a pro's accuracy, swishing through the white netting with ease.

"YATTA!!!" Sakura cheered, "I'm in the lead!"

"Lucky shot." Syaoran muttered.

"It was skill." Sakura shot back, having heard his comment.

Syaoran dribbled the ball slowly, a smirk present on his face. "I'll show you how to play basketball!" he scoffed, dashing across the blacktop court.

He met Sakura halfway, who began guarding around him as far as she could. Syaoran waited for a moment, then quickly ducked under her raised arm and headed for the basket. Before Sakura could prevent anything, he tossed the ball toward the backboard. It slammed against the wooden board and dropped effortlessly into the waiting basket.

Syaoran raised two fists into the air. "SCORE!" he yelled, "Chew on that, Kinomoto!"

Sakura laughed, wiping the perspiration from her forehead. "I'll beat you this time, Li-kun! Enough of those tie games!"

Syaoran sipped from his water bottle. "Not a chance in the world!" he replied arrogantly, "I'll wipe the court with you!"

"We'll just see about that!"


It was nearing dusk, and Tomoyo and Eriol were struggling to keep their eyes open.

"Give it up!" Tomoyo called.

"But we agreed that next basket wins!" Sakura shouted to her best friend.

"And she needs someone to witness her defeat!" Syaoran added.

Sakura turned to her rival with a haughty smirk. "You mean, YOUR defeat!" she corrected.

As the duo started their customary 'I'm better than you are' argument, Tomoyo heaved a large sigh. "Why do I get the feeling that no one is going to make that basket?" she questioned.

Eriol adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose. "Because it's true."

"Now if only someone could get that through their thick skulls." she mumbled tiredly.

Eriol raised an eyebrow. "I thought Sakura-san was the only one with a thick skull."

"She's rubbing off on Li-kun." Tomoyo replied.

"Well, since this will obviously be a tie, what do you suppose they're going to try next?" Eriol inticed.

"I'm hoping they'll just give up, but I can't count on that. I'm sure they'll find something else to issue a new challenge over."

Eriol smiled that kawaii evil smile of his. "I think I have a good challenge for them."

Tomoyo's eyes widened. "You're encouraging them, Eriol-kun!? I thought you wanted this to be over with as bad as I did!"

"This will be the last contest, Tomoyo-san. I can promise you that."

Tomoyo furrowed her eyebrows in question. "What makes you so sure?"

Eriol smirked. "Clow's intuition."

Tomoyo shrugged. "If you say so."

"ALRIGHT YOU TWO!" Eriol bellowed, "THAT'S ENOUGH!"

"But neither of us made a basket yet!" Sakura argued, "And-"


Syaoran and Sakura glanced at each other and shrugged, making their way toward the only occupied bench in the area.

Syaoran glared at the British boy. "What do you want, Hiiragizawa?"

Eriol stood up from the bench. "Well I'm glad you asked, dear descendant! I have a proposition for the two of you!"

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Great, just what we needed." she muttered sarcastically.

Eriol chose to ignore the Clow Mistress's lack of enthusiasm. "You're still trying to beat each other at something, ne?"

They nodded, failing to see the point.

"I have an interesting contest for the two of you." Eriol continued, "Do you think you'd want to give it a shot?"

Syaoran crossed his arms. "There isn't much left to compete over."

Eriol smiled, with just a hint of mischieviousness. "I know of something you haven't yet tried."

"And that would be...?" Syaoran and Sakura questioned simultaneously.

"My personal forte!" Eriol exclaimed, "Pranks!"

Syaoran and Sakura sweat-dropped with dotted eyes.

"You've got to be kidding..." Sakura murmured.

Eriol grinned wickedly. "You don't have to try it if you don't think you can handle it."

Syaoran's pride took command of his mouth. "I can handle it better than SHE can!" he scoffed.

"Vise versa!" Sakura spat, "You'll come crawling to me, begging for mercy, Li-kun!"

"Not before you lick the dirt off my shoes!" he shot back.

"Enough!" Eriol demanded, rubbing his temples, "You can argue about 'who's going to win' later!"

They each exchanged a final glare and turned away from each other.

"So how does this contest work?" Syaoran questioned.

"I'll be the judge of that." Eriol answered, wearing a proud smile, "For I am the 'King of Pranks'."

Sakura turned to Eriol. "Can I use the Clow Ca-?"

"That's not fair!" Syaoran interrupted.

"Both of you can use the cards." Eriol decided, "So there aren't any complaints about it being 'unfair'."

Sakura made a face. "I have to give my cards permission for HIM to use them?"

Eriol nodded. "That's correct."

Sakura turned to Syaoran. "I'll still kick your butt!"

Syaoran waved her off. "Yeah right, you lost before you started."

"Quit your flirting already!" Tomoyo spoke up.

Sakura and Syaoran turned bright red.

"F-Flirting!?" Syaoran stammered, "We're not flirting!"

Sakura nodded eagerly in agreement.

Tomoyo chuckled. "You look like a pair of tomatoes!"

"I-I-I'm going home now." Syaoran stammered, dashing out of the school yard at record speed.

Tomoyo looked up at the darkening sky. "We should be heading back too."

"Hai." Sakura agreed, "Demo, at least I don't have to worry about being home late."

"Why's that?" Tomoyo asked.

"Otousan and Ni-chan are away on one of dad's business trips. They won't be back for at least four weeks." Sakura replied.

Tomoyo smiled. "That's good news for you, ne, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura nodded with a bright grin. "Hai!"


As Sakura was heading up to her room, she caught sight of a small green bottle on the coffee table.

'What's this?' she wondered, picking up the diminutive green container.

After reading the label, a thin, almost evil grin spread over her lips. 'Perhaps I could make a small trip out tonight.' she thought, heading for the front door.


'She'll never see it coming.' he thought wickedly, calling upon a particular Clow Card, 'I'm going to win this little contest for sure.'

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