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First Day

Stepping out of the bus and into the sunshine, the young pink haired girl smiled to herself as she made her way to the front gates of her new school. It was hear that she was going to meet her childhood friends. She was a little early but that didn't bother her, at least now she would be able to observe on comers.

At the age of fifteen Sakura was starting her first day at Konoha high. She smiled as second and third years confidently made their way into the school grounds, while first years like herself nervously made their way to the assembly hall. Sakura recognized some among them.

First she noticed Ino and her good friend Tenten cheerfully waving at her as they headed up the path, followed closely by Shikamaru who was obviously feeling the loss of his good friend, who was attending a different school this year, with great regret. Sakura waved back and watched as the three of them disappeared into the crowd.

Next she spotted the mysterious Neji Hyugga, who was eying the students with extreme suspicion. He was followed closely by his shy cousin Hinita. She used to hang around with a strange boy named Kiba who was also now attending a different school. Neither of them noticed Sakura as she waited for her friends. Then at last she saw them, well actually she heard them first.

"SAKURA" a hyper voice called and Sakura smiled. Naruto hyper and child like as always ran up to her in excitement.

"Hello Naruto" She greeted him as he grinned in reply and started jumping up and down eagerly.

"Where's Teme" Naruto asked. Sakura still had no idea why Naruto called him that but by now she was use to it. At last she saw her other best friend looking emotionless and gloomy as always. He was walking with Itachi, his older brother who was in his last year at Konoha high, who was grinning devilish to himself.

"Morning all" Itachi called as he passed the three friends.

"Morning Sasuke" Sakura said to her friend who grunted in reply.
"What's wrong" She asked him and he turned to her, anger was evident.

"That moron decided to give me a pleasant wake up call" he replied and Naruto stopped bouncing around

"What's wrong with a little brotherly love" Naruto, who was an orphan taken in by a single man named Kakashi, asked casually. Sasuke turned to him.

"There was no love about it dobe" Sasuke told him and Sakura giggled. She enjoyed their bickering. Although they fought, the three were remarkably good friends. All had been there together when needed. Naruto was incredibly naïve but also very understanding, Sakura could also be very strong minded when she choose to be and Sasuke although always appeared to not give a damm could be extremely caring, reliable and sensitive when needed.

When Sakura's family had lost her older sister Naruto and Sasuke had been there for her, and when Naruto's father Kakashi had disappeared on a mission they had stood by their friend throughout the whole rollercoaster. Luckily he was found exhausted but perfectly fine. Sasuke however was a different matter.

He had been in a car crash with his parents which lead to their deaths and months in hospital for him. Naruto and Sakura had sat by his bed side the whole time; Itachi had been grieving the loss of their parents and was determined not to visit his brother. However Sasuke had never talked about his grief and at the time had chosen to ignore his friend's attempts to discuss the issue. He only told them that he was over it, even though to this day he still wasn't.

"Come on guys" Sakura said loudly. "Don't fight in the first day or we will be late to assembly."

"Hn" Sasuke replied, which was all to familiar to both of them

"Cheer up' Sakura demanded and Naruto grinned at her

"What's not to be happy about" At this comment Sasuke rolled his eyes but sure enough followed his friends into the yard.

"SASUKE Oh my god" Came the screaming sound of many girls. Sasuke sighed and pretended to ignore his many fan girls. Sakura and Naruto exchanged grins behind their friends back. Both knew how much Sasuke hated getting attention, especially from over dramatic and obsessed maniacs.

"Come on" Naruto said skipping ahead. Sakura laughed and pulled Sasuke towards the direction of the assembly hall.

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