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Sasuke's eyes widened his breathing slow and ragged as he looked up into the face of Orochimaru's, who was now no longer one of menacing hatred but was twisted in pain as he struggled to breathe. This was due to the knife that had entered his back and stabbed him right threw the heart. He dropped his own knife and let go of Sasuke before falling back and landing on the floor. His eyes were still open and reflecting everything that went around, but were now as dull and lifeless as he was.

Sasuke's eyes were peeled on his survivor, the one who had murdered Orochimaru right before Orochimaru had the chance to kill him. He swayed on his feet, pain throbbing through him as he felt his body give up. He was wounded and was fighting the darkness that was slowly surrounding him. His eyesight was blurry and sharp bursts of pain flowed through him. But despite this he could still recognize the figure that was watching him closely. A look of guilt, sadness and longing on his face.

"Itachi" Sasuke whispered as he collapse, falling back and expecting to hit the hard ground. Instead he found that he feel into someone's arms as he shut his eyes, darkness nearly upon him. He knew who had caught him, it was the same man who had saved him yet his scattered and pain filled mind could not comprehend why. He heard Itachi whisper something to him but still could not respond as he finally surrendered himself to the darkness and fainted.



Moving on

Everything was groggy and out of place as Sasuke felt himself coming out of dream state. The first thing he thought was that it was another Saturday and he had slept in way too late. He probably had to be somewhere, he knew there was something really important on his mind, but he couldn't think of what it could be, that nagging feeling.

The next thing he became aware of was the constant soft "beep beep" right next to him. Of course he just put this down to Naruto attempting to cook. But still something seemed off. Then he heard the muffling of talking around him, though he could not seem to clearly recognize anyone's voice or what they were saying. Yet he couldn't open his eyes, they felt too heavy to lift.

That's when his memory returned and everything come back to him. The fight, his friends, the pain, Sakura, Orochimaru, the knife……Itachi. But the main thing was that he had been wrong. Itachi had not killed his parents. Yet he had still been involved, but he had saved his life. For the second time. Did that mean Itachi didn't hate him?

Slowly he opened his eyes and blinked to adjust to the light. He looked around to see many faces smiling in relief at him. Standing near the door, his smile covered by his mask, was Kakashi, his eyes betraying him as to what he was really feeling. At the end of the bed stood Neji with his arm around Tenten. He looked as he always did, though Sasuke noticed his lips were turned up a bit as if he was fighting of a smile. Tenten was just grinning, her arm in a cast. From what he could remember Tenten had just been complaining that she would not be able to train.

Sitting in a chair in the corner was Shikamaru who looked like he had just been woken up and his expression was torn between irritation and relief. On the edge of the chair was Ino who was smiling cheerfully as if they were not all sitting around in an hospital room. Her face was the only one of out the girls that didn't have read puffy eyes obviously from crying. Sasuke suspected that her makeup had something to do with that.

On one side of the bed stood Hinata who was looking as if she had just been told she had won a million dollars. She was holding the hand of Naruto who had the biggest, dopiest grin Sasuke had ever seen him have. He too looked like he had been crying, and that he had not slept in days.

Sasuke turned his head to the other side and discovered what the warm sensation on his hand was. Sakura was holding it tightly, tears streaming out of her emerald eyes as she stared lovingly back at him. At that moment Sasuke couldn't help but smile a little at the love in her and his entire friend's eyes.

"Sasuke" Naruto called in delight. "Your awake, I was getting worried"
'We all were" Hinata added.

"Yeah now the dobe might finally sleep" Tenten said with a laugh.

"Sasuke" Sakura whispered and Sasuke squeezed her hand in reply.

'So what happened?" he asked.

"What a drag" Shikamaru murmured. "After you passed out most the others fled. The police turned up and caught a few of them and we were all transported here."

"You're like a hero teme" Naruto exclaimed.

"What about Itachi?" Sasuke asked and the room went quiet.

"He well he took off to" Naruto said quietly.


"No one has seen him since" Kakashi continued. "The police are trying to hunt him down though, place charges"

"They won't find him" Sasuke said. 'They won't if he doesn't want to be found"

"Umm" Neji said breaking the awkward silence. "I guess I should apologize"

"For what?" Sasuke asked.

"Well I was prepared to let you go with Orochimaru to save Tenten. It was wrong and…"

"Stop" Sasuke ordered as he looked at Neji.


"No Neji" Sasuke told him quietly. "I don't blame you for what you said. I would have done the same for Sakura in an instant"

"I still…"

"It's over" Sasuke said and Neji smiled.


"Come" Kakashi said. "Sasuke needs rest, and so do most of you. His fine now so go home and sleep."

Slowly the others began murmuring words of farewell as they departed, Tenten and Ino stopping to kiss Sasuke on the cheek as they left and Hinata patting his hand awkwardly. Soon only Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura remained in the room. It seemed to Sasuke a much bigger room now that most had left.

"Sasuke" Kakashi began.


"Well I had a chat with the police and they have decided, if it's ok wth you, to sell the Uchiha mansion. The money goes to you as Itachi is now a criminal. But we decided until your eighteen it may be best if you stay with me, if that is ok with you. If there is somewhere else you would like to live I understand and I…"

"No" Sasuke broke in and looked at Kakashi. 'If you will have me I would like to stay"

"Of course" Kakashi said.

"Besides" Sasuke continued looking at Naruto. "You guys are my family anyway"

"Good now I better get this one home" he said referring to Naruto.

"Yeah yeah" Naruto laughed. "See you teme I am….well I…I am glad you're going to be ok"

"Hn thanks"

"Yeah" Naruto said as he started to leave.


"Yeah teme"


"For what?

"Just thanks" Sasuke said with a smile. "Brother"

Naruto grinned as he let the words sink in. So Sasuke had heard what he had said to Kisame. He was glad. He would never have had the courage to tell Sasuke himself but he was glad Sasuke knew.

Sasuke looked up at Sakura who had been silent most of the time and smiled at her, she still looked like she was going to break into tears any moment. Though he could see something else in her eyes. She was scared…of him. And he knew why.

"Sakura I am sorry"

"No it's ok Sasuke"

"No its not, what I said to you Sakura"

"Shhh we can talk about it later"

"No Sakura, I didn't mean it ok. I just wanted to protect you, I love you and I want you in my life, forever"

"It's fine Sasuke" Sakura said hugging him. 'I don't care, I am just so glad you are ok, I was so worried"

"Sakura you know me, later when the drugs are out of my system I won't have the guts to tell you this so listen please"

"Ok" Sakura nodded.

"You are the best thing in my life, you are my life. I will never leave you, I never want to be without you Sakura. You're the one I love and the only one I will ever love ok. Remember that" Sasuke said as he closed his eyes in within seconds was fast asleep.

"I will" Sakura whispered, kissing him softly and briefly on the lips. "I will"



The days past and finally Sasuke was allowed to leave the hospital. Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto had been almost unbearable, fussing over him and not letting him do anything by himself. Naruto was even being nicer than usual, something Sasuke actually hoped would not last. He preferred the old Naruto, no matter how idiotic and annoying he was. That was after all Naruto.

It was here that the police found him, propped up on a couch with the other three hovering around him. Kakashi led them in as they all took seats around the lounge, Sakura perched on the edge of Sasuke's couch holding his hand tightly. The police started on how they had caught most the members who were now being prosecuted for many crimes before the subject of Itachi was finally brought up.

"I am afraid he has disappeared, completely gone off our radar. We will keep looking for him or course, all police stations have been notified but with no leads at all I am afraid there is nothing more we can do at this point until something comes up"

"It won't" Sasuke said in his unemotional voice as the policeman nodded seeming to be a little afraid of the younger Uchiha.

"well as you know you have inherited all the Uchiha riches and kakshi here has been appointed your legal guardian."

"Good" Sasuke said.

"Well someone will be in touch as soon as we hear something"

"You won't" Sasuke said again as the policeman stood up nervously.

"Well then we shall leave you in peace" Kakashi saw the men out before returning to the room with a sigh.

"You're not being very positive Sasuke"

"No, I am being realistic"

"Don't you want him to be found?' Kakashi asked.

"He won't be found" Sasuke repeated.

'But do you want him to?"

"I couldn't care less"

"But you don't want him to pay for what he has done" Kakashi asked and at this Sasuke remained silent. He didn't know what the answer was.

"Does this mean Itachi did have something to do with your parents death or not" Naruto burst out receiving a cold stare from Sakura.

"It's ok" Sasuke said rather calmly as Sakura looked at him. She has never seen Sasuke so relaxed when it came to talking about his dead parents. Maybe he was at least finally moving on from it.

"Well" Naruto persisted.

'I don't know Naruto" Kakashi replied. "He might have had something to do with it but from what I have heard he seemed surprised that Orochimaru was the real reason his parents are dead. In fact almost angry at him for that"

"So what Itachi didn't want them dead?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know, maybe he did or maybe he didn't. Maybe he never meant for them to die, or maybe he did. I guess it will remain a mystery"

"We will never know: Sasuke said quietly.

"I still think he must have had something to do with it" Naruto declared stubbornly.

"Then why, if he wanted his family dead, did he save Sasuke?" Sakura pointed out.

'It was the second time he did" Kakashi remarked as he stared at Sasuke. But Sasuke was looking out the window as if he was in his own world.

"What do you mean?" Naruto demanded.

'Whether or not Itachi planned on Sasuke dying in that accident he obviously couldn't let it happen since he saved him"

"Itachi saved Sasuke in the car accident" Naruto said bewildered.

Kakashi paused for awhile and then nodded. "Yes he did"

"Yeah but Itachi was always so mean to Sasuke" Naruto told him. "Remember Sakura"

"Yeah if he really did save Sasuke why did he then treat him the way he did, he obviously couldn't care about Sasuke at all" Sakura added.

"Maybe he was trying to protect him, keep him away from Orochimaru. Maybe Itachi never meant to harm Sasuke at all"

"then why did he kill his own family but not Sasuke?" Naruto asked as Kakashi sighed.

"I don't know Naruto this is all guesswork. The only one that can answer that is Itachi himself and I am afraid that is not going to happen"

"I still think Itachi has a loose screw" Naruto mumbled.

"Maybe" Kakashi said. "But like I said we will never really know"

With that said Kakashi left the room, calling out that he was going to start lunch.

"Sasuke are you ok?" Sakura asked.

"Hn yeah"

"I guess this not knowing must be bugging you huh" Naruto said and was surprised when Sasuke shook his head.

"I think" he began. 'That I don't want to know. What happened happened and that's all there is."

'What!" Naruto shouted.

"I have spent years asking myself these questions over and over, searching for answers only to have more questions appear. I think…" he said with a smile at Sakura. "I think I just want to put it all behind me and concentrate on living for the people I still have, rather than the ones long past"

"Does that mean Itachi was bad or not?" Naruto asked at last as Sakura just smiled at the blonde.

"I guess we will never know. I guess that answer is left up to us. Whether we think of him as bad or not"

"Well what do you think he is Sakura?"

"I don't know. Who am I to define whether he is or isn't. In the end does it really matter? He saved Sasuke and in that we will always have something we must thank him for. So there must be some good in him"

'Yeah I guess" Naruto said with a sigh as he switched on the TV and it wasn't long before him and Sakura were arguing over channels.

Sasuke just sat there staring out the window, Naruto's question repeating in his head. He didn't know of Itachi was good or bad but he found he did not want to know, he just wanted to get on with his life. But he knew no matter what, no matter how much he hated Itachi there would always be something there, something that reminded him of the brother he once loved. He remembered the look in Itachi's eye before he had fainted, and the words he has said. It was the first time in a long time he has seen Itachi look human.

"Take care little brother" Itachi has said and Sasuke planned on doing so. He smiled and shut his eyes.

"Goodbye Itachi" he said and he knew he was saying goodbye to it all, everything that had burdened his heart ever since his parents death. He looked at Sakura and Naruto and smiled again.

This was his life, and he wasn't going to miss another part of it.

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