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Chapter 1: The End Of A Legacy


In San Francisco time reversed, night turned to day and the clock rewound to just before 6:30 am. In the Halliwell Manor stood two young women with a middle aged man. An innocent they had just saved.

"Look Dr. Griffith, this is anything but a…" Prue Halliwell trailed off, fear printed on her face.

Piper Halliwell, her younger sister looked at her.

"What?" She asked.

"I don't know, I just felt a chill." Prue said looking from the door then up at the stairs.

"Phoebe?" She called.

Piper frowned when her younger sister, Phoebe, didn't reply.

"Phoebe, are you there?" Prue tried again.

The Sisters and Dr. Griffith turned to the front door as a tornado of wind blew it open.

"Phoebe, where are you?!" Prue screamed as the tornado knocked Piper and Prue to the ground.

Dr Griffith moved backwards as the wind approached him. When the wind died down the demon Shax was left standing there, superior over the little man.

"Dear God," Dr Griffith said as his eyes widened.

Prue managed to get her hair out of her eyes and turned to Dr Griffith while still lying next to Piper on the floor. Shax was about to form an energyball in his hand to kill the doctor.

"No!" Prue screamed as she jumped up.

She ran towards Dr Griffith and pushed him out of the way just as Shax threw the energyball. The energyball hit Prue and she was sent flying through the living room wall into the sunroom. She landed amongst the rubble. Piper immediately jumped up and ran and stood in front of Shax. He formed another energyball and threw it at Piper. She flew through what was left of the wall and landed next to Prue. Prue was bleeding from the head and Piper was bleeding from her head and nose.

"What are you?" Dr Griffith asked terrified.

"The End!" Shax replied in a triumphant voice.

He formed a final energy ball and threw it at the doctor. Dr Griffith flew through the air and went through the dining room window. His head hung outside the window frame. He was dead. Shax looked from the doctor to Prue and Piper's barely breathing bodies. Pleased with his work, he turned into the wind and left the manor in the way he had arrived. He closed the front door as he whirled out. The doors slammed shut so hard that the glass shattered and fell to the ground.


Cole Turner returned to the cave where he had left his girlfriend and the youngest Charmed One, Phoebe and Piper's husband Leo, a whitelighter.

"What happened?" Phoebe asked.

"He has reset time," Cole said.

"Good," Phoebe said.

Phoebe turned to Leo.

"Leo, you need to go warn my sisters." Phoebe said.

"Right," Leo said. "But what about you?" Leo asked.

"I'll stay here with Cole," Phoebe said.

Leo remained where he was.

"I'll be fine, Cole will protect me." Phoebe said hooking arms with Cole.

Leo looked at Cole for reassurance. Cole nodded.

"Don't worry," Cole said.

"Okay," Leo said as he disappeared in bright white lights.

Cole and Phoebe turned their heads to the entrance of the cave as they heard demons approaching.

"Come on, we have to run. I won't let the Source have you." Cole said grabbing Phoebe's hand and running out of the cave.


Leo orbed into the manor and saw all the destruction.

"Oh my god," Leo said.

He saw Dr Griffith's body hanging from the dining room window. He quickly placed his hands over the doctor but his healing power wasn't working. The doctor was dead. He turned his attention to the destroyed wall in the living room.

"Please God, don't let it be too late." Leo said kneeling down in front of the injured sisters.

He placed his hands over them and a golden light emerged from them. The glow from Leo's hands disappeared. The blood vanished from the sisters and they opened their eyes.

"Thank God," Leo said.

"Agh!" Prue said sitting up.

"What happened?" Piper asked as she tried to sit up.

"You guys almost died that's what happened!" Leo said.

"Oh, where's Phoebe?" Prue asked.

"In the underworld with Cole," Leo replied.

"We need to get her so we can finish Shax off." Prue said standing up.

Leo stood up as well. Prue took Piper by the arm and helped her up.

"Okay, come on sweetie." Prue said.

"Ow!" Piper said. Prue looked around the manor.

"Where's Dr Griffith?" Prue asked.

Leo gave a sigh and walked over to the dining room, Prue and Piper following him.

"Oh my god," Piper said bringing her hand up to her mouth in shock.

"No!" Prue said.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't heal him. He was already dead." Leo said.

"We need to kill that demon." Prue said determined.

Leo wrapped his arm around his stricken wife. Prue walked over to the foyer and grabbed the telephone.

"Who are you calling?" Piper asked.

"Shh," Prue said as she finished dialing.

She put the phone to her ear.

"Darryl," She said. "We need your help,"

Leo looked from Prue to Piper.


Cole and Phoebe ran into another cave.

"We need to get you out of here," Cole said turning to Phoebe.

"I'm not leaving without you," Phoebe said.

"Phoebe," Cole began.

"No, not a chance in hell am I leaving you down here." Phoebe said.

Cole looked up as three demons entered the cave. Cole pushed Phoebe out of the way and formed two energyballs and threw it at them. The demons ducked out of the way and quickly stood up again. Two of them charged at Cole and tackled him to the ground. Phoebe braced herself and punched the third demon. She turned around and did a round house kick, sending the demon backwards. Cole gritted his teeth trying to get the demons off of him. Cole's eyes widened as someone flamed in behind Phoebe.

"Phoebe!" Cole screamed.

Phoebe whirled around and saw the most terrifying demon.

"Witch!" The demon said.

"Oh my god," Phoebe whispered.

The demon was the Source. He formed a fireball in his hand and threw it towards Phoebe. Phoebe felt terror building up inside of her. She was going to die and the only thing she could think of was her family. Her sisters Prue and Piper. Leo, who was like a brother to her and Cole, the love of her life.

"No!" Cole screamed as he summoned all his strength and pushed the demons off of him.

The fireball traveled towards Phoebe. Phoebe shielded herself with her arms. The fireball hit her and she burst into flames. Phoebe's screams echoed through Cole's mind.

"No," Cole whispered as Phoebe burned.

The Source waved his hands and the flames disappeared from Phoebe. She fell to the floor.

"I guess I can at least leave her body for her sisters." The Source said.

"You son of a bitch!" Cole screamed forming a huge energyball above his head. The Source sent a fireball towards Cole and knocked him unconscious.

"That will teach you to disobey me." The Source said as he disappeared in flames. His demon minions recovered and shimmered away.


Prue, Piper and Leo were up in the attic trying to find a vanquishing spell for Shax. Leo was pacing in front of the window when he brought his hand up to his heart, crying in pain.

"Leo?" Piper said rushing to her husband's side.

She led him over to the couch and sat down.

"What is it?" Prue asked.

Tears ran down Leo's cheeks. He couldn't say it.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" Piper asked placing a concerned hand on his shoulder.

"It's Phoebe, she's…" Leo trailed off.

"Leo, what is it?" Prue asked sternly.

"She's dead," Leo said.

"No," Piper said her lip quivering with fear.

She couldn't believe it.

"Prue?" Piper said looking up at her big sister, tears forming in her eyes.

"No Leo," Prue said.

"I'm sorry," Leo said.

"Leo, orb me down there." Prue said.

Piper started to sob, but Prue stayed strong, unable to believe her sister is dead.

"Prue…" Leo began.

"Now!" Prue said.

Leo slowly stood up, helped by Piper. He took Prue's hand and they orbed away. Piper returned to the Book Of Shadows and closed it. She gasped as she saw the cover. The Triquetra, the symbol of the Power Of Three, was separated.

"Please God, don't let it be true." Piper begged closing her already tearing eyes. Piper turned her head to the attic door when she heard the doorbell. She wiped away her tears and made her way downstairs. She opened the door and saw Darryl.

"Hi Piper, what's wrong?" Darryl asked when he saw her tear stained face.

"Oh Darryl," Piper said as she started to cry again.

She couldn't stop the tears from flowing. Darryl walked through the threshold and closed the door before he took Piper into his arms.

"Shh, it's okay." Darryl comforted her.

"No it's not okay," Piper said as she pulled away.

"What happened?" Darryl asked concerned.

"It's Phoebe, she might be dead." Piper said, not believing the words she was saying.

"It can't be," Darryl said.

Darryl had known the sisters for years and had gone through ups and downs with them but this was she worst feeling in the world.

"And we've got another problem," Piper said wiping away her tears.

"What?" Darryl asked.

Piper pointed to the dining room window where Dr. Griffiths was laying.

"Oh my god," Darryl said walking towards the dining room. He turned his head to the right and saw the destroyed wall.

"What happened there?" Darryl asked Piper who was coming up behind him.

"Prue and I had a little accident," Piper said.

"Oh," Darryl said as he continued to the dining room.

He investigated Dr Griffiths' body.

"I don't know how I'm going to get you guys out of this one," Darryl said.

"I really don't care right now, all I want to know is that Phoebe is okay." Piper said.

Darryl walked back to Piper and wrapped his arms around her. Piper closed her eyes and embraced the hug.


The bright light and the orbs died down as Prue and Leo orbed into the underworld.

"Cole!" Prue said as she rushed over to him.

"Cole wake up, it's Prue." Prue said shaking Cole by his shoulder.

"Prue?" Cole said groggily.

"Cole, where's Phoebe?" Prue asked.

"Phoebe," Cole trailed off as tears formed in his eyes.

"Prue," Leo said softly.

Prue looked up at Leo. He was pointing to the back of the cave. Prue turned her head to what Leo was pointing at. Fear formed on Prue face as she scrambled to her feet and ran over to Phoebe.

"Phoebe?" Prue said falling down next to her sister.

Prue pulled Phoebe into her arms.

"No Phoebs, come on!" Prue said stroking Phoebe's cheek.

"Wake up, sweetie." Prue cried.

Phoebe lay in Prue's arms, lifeless.

"No!" Prue cried as she drew Phoebe closer to her.

Prue laid her head on top of Phoebe's. Leo helped Cole up and slowly approached a stricken Prue.

"Leo, heal her." Prue sobbed.

"I can't, she's dead. I can't heal the dead." Leo said softly.

Leo placed a comforting hand on Prue's shoulder as she cried. How was she going to tell Piper that their baby sister was dead, how are they going to go on without her and without the Power Of Three?


Darryl and Piper were sitting in the sitting room anxiously waiting for Prue, Leo and hopefully Phoebe to return. Piper looked up when she saw bright light from in front of her. The orbs died down and she saw her husband and Prue, whose face was tear stained standing before her.

"Prue?" Piper said softly as she stood up and hurried forward.

"Is she okay?" Piper looked passed Prue when Cole shimmered in behind them holding Phoebe's lifeless body in his arms.

"Phoebe's gone, she's dead," Prue said softly.

"No!" Piper screamed as she stormed forward.

Prue grabbed Piper by the arm and embraced her. Prue stroked Piper's hair. Piper's body was shaking against her as she cried.

"I'm so sorry honey," Prue said tightening her grip on Piper.

Piper brought her hand up to her mouth as she cried. She had never cried so hard in her life. Leo walked towards them and put his arms around both of the stricken sisters.

"No, no, no!" Piper cried.

Darryl walked over to Cole. "Bring her here," Darryl said.

Darryl walked towards the sunroom to the destroyed wall.

"Put her amongst the rubble," Darryl said.

Cole gave him a questioning look.

"Just do it, we might be able to protect the sisters if it looked like Phoebe and the doctor were both killed here." Darryl said.

"Fine," Cole said slowly laying Phoebe down on the floor.

Darryl pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

"This is Inspector Morris, get an ambulance and a team down to 1329 Prescott Street. There's been a murder." Darryl said into the phone before hanging up.

"How are we going to explain this?" Cole asked.

"Let me handle it," Darryl said. "Go be with them, they need you."

Cole looked through to the sitting room. Prue and Leo had led Piper to the couch and Prue and Piper were still hugging and crying.

"They don't need me, I'm the reason this happened." Cole said as he shimmered away.

Darryl glanced down at Phoebe's lifeless body.

"Oh Phoebe," Darryl said.

The Halliwells were like family to him and it felt like he had lost his sister too. He looked up and made his way back to the others.

"Leo, I think you should get the girls upstairs before the police arrive." Darryl said.

"Right," Leo said. "Come on," he said taking Piper by the shoulder trying to help her up.

Piper felt this emptiness inside of her, she felt as if she was floating as Leo and Prue held her up.

"I need to see her," Piper sobbed.

"Honey, I don't think-" Prue began.

"Please," Piper said.

Prue and Leo shared a look and the Prue helped Piper over to Phoebe. Piper scanned her sister from head to toe. She was covered in soot and blood from fighting for her life down in the underworld. She knew what Darryl was trying to do. He was trying to make it look like Phoebe was the one that crashed through the wall. It actually looked convincing. Piper knelt down next to Phoebe and pulled her into her arms.

"No," Piper cried softly.

"I'm so sorry Phoebs," Piper cried as she laid her head on top of Phoebe's.

Prue and Leo looked up when they heard sirens wailing down the street.

"Come on sweetie." Prue said helping Piper up.

Leo gently placed Phoebe back the way she was. Prue wrapped her arm around Piper's shoulder as the two sisters made their way up the stairs to the second story.


Three hours later, the house was free of police, coroners and crime scene investigators. Darryl had convinced everyone that is was some kind of explosion that killed Phoebe and Dr. Griffith. Everyone was suspicious that no explosive device was found but accepted Darryl's word. Prue and Piper were questioned by Inspector Cortez about their whereabouts. He was convinced that Darryl was covering for the sisters, but decided to leave the sisters to mourn in peace. Prue had stayed with Piper in her room until she had fallen asleep. Prue stood up from the bed and quietly made her way out of the room. Leo came down the hall and saw Prue leave his and Piper's bedroom.

"How's she doing?" Leo asked.

"Not good," Prue said.

"And you?" Leo asked placing a hand on Prue's shoulder.

"I'm trying to stay strong for Piper, you know?" Prue said.

"You guys have to be careful now - without Phoebe you two are vulnerable." Leo said.

"I know," Prue said lowering her head.

"You're the most powerful so-" Leo began.

Prue lifted her head, revealing tears streaming down her face.

"If I'm supposed to be so powerful, then how come I couldn't save Phoebe?" Prue said.

"Prue I didn't mean it that way," Leo said.

Prue calmed herself down and looked back at Leo.

"I know, I'm sorry." Prue said.

Leo took Prue into his arms.

"We're all hurting," He said.

Prue nodded her head before breaking the hug.

"Have you seen Cole?" Prue asked wiping away her tears.

Leo shook his head.

"I wish he hadn't taken off like that." Prue said.

"I think he feels responsible." Leo said.

"It's not his fault, it's not anybody's fault." Prue said.

"Would you mind keeping an eye on Piper?" Leo asked.

"Why, where are you going?" Prue asked.

"The Elders want to see me, they want to discuss what we all should do now that Phoebe's…" Leo trailed off.

"Oh," Prue said. Leo pulled Prue into his arms.

"You call me if you two need me," Leo said.

"I will," Prue said as she broke the hug.

Leo closed his eyes and disappeared in orbs. Prue walked down the hall and passed the recently hung family pictures. There were many of Phoebe. When she was little, family portraits, pictures of her birthday. It felt surreal. Prue stopped at Phoebe's room. She expected to see Phoebe watching tv or hanging out with Cole. But the room was empty and dark. Gloom filled every corner. Prue looked away and made her way to her room, closing the door behind her.


It was Wednesday morning. Two days after the tragedy that destroyed the Charmed Ones. The alarm clock on the bedside table flashed 2:30 am. Prue awoke as she heard screams. She jumped out of bed and took to the hallway. It was Piper who was crying. Prue hurried down the hall and opened the door to Piper's bedroom. Piper lay alone in her bed; Leo was probably busy with the Elders again. Prue hurried over to Piper's side and sat down on the bed shaking her sister by the shoulder.

"Piper," Prue said softly.

"Piper sweetie, wake up!" Prue said a little louder.

Piper bolted upright. Tears streaming down her already tear-stained cheeks. Her eyes were red and puffy and so was her nose. Prue brought her hand to Piper's cheeks and wiped away some of her tears.

"Honey," Prue said softly.

"I don't understand," Piper sobbed. "Why are they doing this to us?"

Prue held back her tears. "Piper," Prue began.

"I don't understand why magic can't fix this," Piper cried slamming her hand on the Book Of Shadows which laid beside her. "Why it can't bring Phoebe back, it's not like we haven't cheated death before."

Prue lowered her head understanding her sister's pain.

"I don't understand why this time is any different," Piper cried bringing her hand up to her mouth.

"Because Leo can't heal the dead Piper, you know that." Prue said looking up at her sister. Prue gave a breath before saying anything.

"You have every right to be angry," Prue said.

"I don't know how I'm supposed to believe in anything anymore," Piper said. "I just want Phoebe back, Prue."

Prue took Piper's hand.

"I know." Prue said. "We lost our sister, how can we ever understand that."

"How are we going to go on without her, Prue?" Piper said looking up at Prue.

"How are we going to fight the Source without her?" Piper said.

"I don't know honey," Prue said taking Piper into her arms.

Piper laid her head on Prue's shoulder and cried. Prue stroked Piper's hair as she closed her teary eyes.


Two hours had passed and Prue had decided to stay with Piper. Piper slowly sat up and looked over at her sister who was sleeping. Piper quietly climbed out of the bed and pulled on a blue sweater. She grabbed the Book of Shadows from her dresser before creeping out of the bedroom trying not to wake Prue. Piper closed the door behind her and headed up the stairs to the attic. She walked over to the table in the centre of the attic. The table contained a chalice and many potion ingredients and other Wiccan tools. She placed the Book on the table before sitting down on the floor. Piper leaned forward and took a lighter stick in her hand and lit a single white candle which stood in a candlestick. She opened the Book and flipped through the pages. She stopped at the page she was looking for. Piper and her sisters were the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches the world had ever known and yet Piper had never felt more powerless as she did at that moment. She began to chant, her voice scratchy and tear-choked.

"Hear now the words of the witches,

The secrets we hid in the night.

The oldest of Gods are invoked here,

The great work of Magic is sought…"

As she prepared to say the last words, she felt her heart constrict with pleading. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, begging the spirits for their help.

"In this night and in this hour

I call upon the Ancient Power.

Bring back my sister,

Bring back the Power Of Three"

Piper held her breath as she opened her eyes. Nothing was different, she was still alone. She looked up helplessly. Her eyes scanning the ceiling, hoping to see a glimmering of Phoebe, but there was nothing. Piper looked back down at the Book and flipped viciously through the pages. There has to be something, Piper thought. She stopped when she came across a page that read: To Call A Lost Witch. Piper read the page; it needed a potion to work. Piper began chanting the first few lines of the spell.

"Powers of the witches rise,

Course unseen across the skies.

Come to us who call you near.

Come to us and settle here."

Piper quickly checked the ingredients. She leaned forward and selected some herbs from the bowls in front of her. She tossed it into the chalice. The she reached for the athame next to the chalice. Her knuckles went white as she clutched the athame in her hand. Piper extended her index finger and unflinchingly, she pricked it with the athame.

"Blood to blood, I summon thee,"

She held her finger over the chalice and squeezed the blood out of the wound. The blood oozed over the herbs inside the chalice.

"Blood to blood, return to me."

Piper tucked her hair in behind her ear, waiting patiently for anything to happen. The candles flame started to flicker and Piper felt a breeze. Piper fixed her eyes on the flame. She could feel the magic all around her. Please, Piper begged in her mind. Piper's eyes scanned the attic, nothing was happening. Piper lowered her head, defeated. She dropped her head in her hands as she cried.

"Piper…" A voice said from the attic door.

Piper immediately looked up.

"Phoebe?" Piper said softly.

Prue entered the attic from the dark hall. Piper gave a sigh bring her hand up to her mouth. She looked away.

"Sweetie, it's four o'clock in the morning, what are you doing?" Prue asked as she walked towards Piper.

Prue glanced down at Piper's hand.

"You're bleeding," Prue said softly grabbing a white handkerchief from the table and wrapping it around Piper's finger.

Piper gazed into Prue's painful eyes.

"I have tried everything Prue," Piper said.

"Sweetie, you know magic can't fix this." Prue said.

"There's other magic, magic that we've used before." Piper said grabbing hold of the Book Of Shadows as she stood up. She violently flipped through the pages.

"Scrying, Calling A Lost Witch, Reversing time," Piper listed the spells from the Book.

Prue brought her hands up to her face.

"It's like the Book has just deserted us and deserted Phoebe and I don't understand why." Piper said closing the Book hard in utter frustration.

"I don't think we ever will sweetie." Prue said taking Piper by the arm.

Prue pulled her stricken sister closer and embraced her.

"I'm just grateful I didn't lose you too," Prue said stroking Piper's hair.

Piper held tightly onto Prue, the only sister she had left.

"Promise me I'm not going to lose you too." Piper said.

Prue broke the hug but held onto Piper's hands.

"I'm not going anywhere," Prue said.

"I won't leave you," Piper gave Prue a small smile.

"Thank you," Piper said. Prue nodded. "Come on, let's get to bed. Otherwise Phoebe will come down & kick our butts for looking like crap at her funeral." Prue said.

Piper couldn't help but give a smile. Prue leaned over the table and blew out the candle before taking Piper's hand in hers. Together the two sisters left the attic, Piper glanced back one last time before she and Prue disappeared down the stairs. The broken triquetra on the cover of the Book Of Shadows started to glow before the Book flipped open. The pages flipped on their own and stopped at the page that read: To Call A Lost Witch.