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Chapter 8: Embrace Thy Inner Whitelighter


"Hi honey," Victor said as he stepped into the foyer and gave his eldest daughter a hug. He was dressed in dark pants and a blue golf shirt.

Prue didn't know what to do; Victor's visit was a complete surprise. She was even more nervous about the fact that she knew Sam was just a few feet away from them.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" Prue asked trying to block him from stepping into the Manor.

Victor pushed his way into the Manor, not really understanding what was wrong with his daughter.

"Well my business trip ended early and I had a few extra days off before heading to Atlanta so I decided to come and visit with my girls. I hope that's okay?" Victor said closing the door.

"Of course it is, Dad, but things are going a little crazy here and by crazy I mean supernatural crazy and I know you are not one for that kind of crazy so maybe you should stop by tomorrow, okay?" Prue rambled trying to usher her father to the door.

"Dad?" Piper's voice ringed from the living room. Surprise filled her voice as well.

Victor smiled and Prue turned to her sister with a worried expression plastered on her face.

"What are you doing here?" Piper asked stepping forward.

She checked the conservatory but Sam wasn't there anymore. She then hastily walked over to her sister and father.

"Do I have to explain it all again?" Victor joked as he placed a kiss on Piper's head.

"This is quite the surprise, isn't it, Prue?" Piper said with a fake smile while bumping shoulders with Prue.

"I know," Prue said indicating to Piper that she knew what she was thinking.

Piper lifted her hands and froze Victor.

Prue gasped. "Piper, you can't freeze our father!" She said.

"Well, do you have a better idea considering the fact that he and Sam might kill each other when they see one another?" Piper said.

"I know, I was thinking the same thing. Is Sam still in the conservatory?" Prue asked.

"No, he might have gone to the kitchen to sit with Leo and Laura." Piper replied looking at her frozen father.

Both sisters turned to the stairs as they heard footsteps.

"What's going on?" Paige asked as she came closer to them.

"It's our dad." Piper said.

"Oh, are you planning to unfreeze him anytime soon?" Paige asked.

"I don't know; this is the only way I can prevent a bloodbath." Piper said.

"Piper!" Prue scolded.

"What did you mean by that?" Paige asked.

"Sam and Victor haven't seen each other since Mom divorced Dad and Piper is afraid that our Dad might blow a fuse when he sees Sam here." Prue explained.

"Oh, I thought Sam left already." Paige said, disappointed.

"Paige, you have got to give him a chance to explain." Prue began.

"No, I don't." Paige snapped.

"Why?" Piper asked. "You weren't this way with Mom."

"Mom had a good solid reason for not being able to look for me all of those years ago, he doesn't have a reason." Paige said. "He didn't care enough to look for me, his own daughter. I don't owe him anything."

Prue sighed understanding why Paige felt the way she did. It was true; Sam had spent most of his life up at the lake living in seclusion. He had many years to go and search for his daughter but he didn't. Did he have a valid reason for not looking for Paige? Only he knew that.

"Okay, let's put your father-issues aside for now." Prue said. "We have to take care of our dad and then we have a Darklighter to find before he comes after Laura again."

"Right," Piper said.

With a flick of her wrist Piper's freezing power wore off of her father. Victor looked stunned to see another person in front of him that wasn't there before.

"What happened?" Victor asked.

"Sorry Dad, I got startled and froze you." Piper lied.

"Oh, a little on edge I see. Well it's understandable." Victor said turning to Paige. "Who are you?"

"Oh uhm, Dad, this is Paige." Prue began. "Our half sister."

Victor looked at her stunned. "What?" he bellowed.

Paige eyes widened as she took a step back.

"Dad, calm down." Piper said.

"It's his, isn't it?" Victor said.

"It's?" Prue said stunned that her father was referring to Paige that way. "Her name is Paige, Dad and I'd appreciate it if you weren't so rude."

"Answer the question! She's Sam's child, isn't she?" Victor asked.

"Did someone call me?" A voice said from the dining room.

Prue and Piper's eyes both widened as they looked towards the dining room to find Sam standing there.

"You bastard!" Victor said as he stormed towards Sam and delivering a swift belt across the jaw. Sam plummeted to the floor.

"Dad, stop it!" Prue yelled as she raised her arm and pulled her father back with her powers.

Victor skidded across the floor and into the foyer.

"Now both of you stop it right now or I will freeze you." Piper warned lifting her hands.

Victor stood up from the floor and so did Sam. Both of them stood on the opposite sides of the manor, glaring at one another.

"Is this why Patty left me?" Victor asked as he moved forward and pointed at Paige. "Because she was pregnant with your spawn?"

"Don't speak about Paige that way, Victor. She had nothing to do with your marriage falling apart. That was your doing!" Sam said.

"She wanted to leave me for you!" Victor spat.

"Patty and I didn't have a relationship until after you two were split up." Sam defended.

"I can't believe Patty would have a child with you; she was my wife, damn it!" Victor shouted. "Her getting pregnant was a mistake; she should never have had that child because if she hadn't we'd still be together right now and she wouldn't be dead!"

Paige didn't know what to say. She wanted to speak but the words just wouldn't form. It felt like someone had stabbed her and was twisting the knife within her gut. Paige lowered her head, her long dark hair falling over her shoulders. Everyone turned their attention to Paige as she was surrounded by blue and white orbs before disappearing.

"Paige!" Piper called after her.

"You two, knock it off now." Prue warned pointing a finger at each of them. "That girl has been through enough today and Dad, I don't want to hear another bad word about Paige coming from your mouth or I swear to god I'll use a spell to keep it shut for you."

Victor, even though still angry, nodded his head. "Fine," he said with a grunt.

Prue was never afraid to stand up to her father. She had done it many times before but this time she did not hold back. She had never been so angry at him and the way he was behaving was inexcusable.

Piper turned to Prue and spoke to her in a whisper.

"You go talk to Paige and then you two can search the Book for the Darklighter. I'll take care of Dad and Sam." Piper suggested.

"Good idea, you being the ultimate mediator and all." Prue joked.

"Oh, scoot!" Piper said as Prue made her way up the stairs.

The two men still stood on opposite sides of Piper, practically glaring daggers at each other.

"You two, follow me!" Piper ordered as she made her way to the conservatory, followed by Sam and Victor.

Each of them sat on opposite sides of the room, continuing their glaring match.

"Oh boy," Piper said under her breath.


Prue walked into the attic to find Paige standing behind the podium, leafing through the Book of Shadows.

"Paige…" Prue began.

"I really don't want to talk about it, Prue, please." Paige said giving Prue a small smile.

"Okay, we don't have to talk about it." Prue said. "Have you found something on the Darklighter?"

"Nothing on the specific one though, there is this just a general page on different types of Darklighters but he's not featured there." Paige explained.

"I think he's not your typical Darklighter as our powers had no effect on him, except yours though." Prue said.

"What do you mean?" Paige enquired.

"I mean if he's immune to our magic then you wouldn't have been able to orb the crossbow to you." Prue said.

Prue thought for a moment and then looked up at the ceiling.

"How about some magical assist, please?" Prue called out.

Paige shrieked as the pages of the Book of Shadows began to flip on their own.

"I have got to get used to this stuff," Paige said, her cheeks becoming a rosy pink.

"It's okay; we were like that not too long ago." Prue reassured her.

The pages kept on flipping for a few seconds more until it stopped at a page labeled "Ronan".

"I think we've found what we've been looking for." Prue said as she looked down at the page to read it.

"What does it say?" Paige asked.

"Ronan is a renegade Darklighter who has been striking it out on his own for the last two decades. Over this time his powers have incessantly increased because of all the kills he has made. He finds pleasure in killing witches, future Whitelighters as well as fellow warlocks, demons and Darklighters to help him move up to the hierarchy of demons. The number of powers he possesses is unknown since he has made hundreds of killings in his lifetime." Prue read.

"Guess I was right about him then." Paige said.

"He is immune to witches' magic and can only be defeated by his prophesized opposite, the one called the witchlighter." Prue read further.

"His prophesized opposite? Witchlighter?" Paige asked, confused. "Is that me? Was…am I prophesized to take out this Darklighter?"

Prue checked the page over once more. "It seems like it, I mean you are the only Whitelighter who has an active defensive and offensive power and is half witch. I guess he's kind of like a warlock as well since he has the ability to steal powers now." She said.

"I can't do this, Prue. I just started taking lessons; I can't take a Darklighter on by myself." Paige protested.

"You can, you just have to believe in yourself. You are a witchlighter after all." Prue said with a proud smile.

Paige smiled back nervously; fear was rising within her. She had never faced a Darklighter on her own before. She always had Prue, Paige, Leo or even Cole by her side. She was adjusting well to her witchy lifestyle but now she had to tap into her Whitelighter side as she was the only one who will be able to put a stop to Ronan's plan. It was still pretty unnerving knowing that she'll have to fight this evil entity on her own.

Prue's forehead creased and her eyes searched the floor. "That's what she meant," She muttered.

"Who meant what?" Paige asked.

"Phoebe," Prue replied. "She told me that I should look out for you and help you because you are destined for something greater. She must have been talking about this."

"How would she have known?" Paige asked inquisitively.

"I don't know; the afterlife is beyond our understanding." Prue responded. "Come on, we have to get you ready for this battle."


Piper was now sitting down on the couch in the conservatory. Her head was lowered and her hands were entangled in her hair, her eyes were closed as she listened to the older men continue to bicker over her mother.

"You Whitelighters come off as such good beings but you are sneaky little bastards!" Victor shouted.

"How many times to I have to tell you?" Sam said frustrated as he threw his hands up. "Patty and I didn't confront our feelings for one another until four months after you left."

"You were after her long before our marriage fell apart. Maybe if you didn't stand in the way of us getting back together my daughter would still be alive." Victor said, his face now becoming a shade of crimson.

"What does Phoebe's death have to do with this?" Sam asked.

"If Patty and I were still together I could have kept my girls from becoming witches and then Phoebe wouldn't have been killed by the ultimate evil!" Victor replied.

Piper stood up from the couch and directed her head from her father to Sam and back.

"Dad, even if you had stayed in our lives when we were young, we'd still have become the Charmed Ones. Grams wouldn't have let us give up on our destiny. I sense that you are blaming Sam for Phoebe's death." Piper said, hoping that her last statement wasn't true.

"Maybe I am," Victor said bluntly.

"How dare you place the blame on me!" Sam yelled.

"How dare your daughter trying to take the place of my daughter!" Victor countered.

"Okay, enough!" Piper shouted, closing her eyes and lifting her hands.

Both Victor and Sam ceased movement as Piper's freezing power took effect. Piper groaned as she lowered her head and ran both her hands through her long brunette hair. She looked up as she heard footsteps coming towards her; it was Leo.

"How long are you going to keep them like that?" Leo asked pointing at Sam and Victor.

"For as long as I can." Piper said placing her hands on her hips. "They are giving me a migraine. How's Laura?"

"She's okay for now; she's sitting in the kitchen." Leo replied.

"How's she handling everything?" Piper asked.

"She's kind of scared but I think she's dealing." Leo answered.

"That's good, at least she's okay." Piper said.

Leo moved closer to Piper and placed his hands on her arms.

"They were really going at it, weren't they?" Leo asked.

"And it's the same stuff over and over again. They keep talking in circles. If it's not about how Sam stole Mom away from Dad, it's about Paige's existence and how she could be the reason for my parents splitting up." Piper explained. "I am so sick of it, not even I can mediate this."

Piper closed her eyes and took a deep breath as Leo ran his hands up and down her arms to calm her down.

"So what are you going to do?" Leo asked.

Piper turned back to her Whitelighter husband.

"Call in the only one who can put an end to this once and for all." Piper said.


Prue was standing across the attic armed with a crossbow. She held it up and released one of the arrows.

Paige lifted her hand. "Arrow!" She called.

The arrow disappeared in orbs and traveled to Paige. Her hand remained in front of her. She twirled her finger and sent the arrow back towards Prue.

Prue dropped the crossbow, lifted her hand and directed the arrow into the wall. "Good job," She praised.

"Thanks," Paige said.

"Paige, you've got this. You just have to remember all your training and you'll be fine." Prue encouraged her little sister.

"So why do I feel like I'm going to throw up at any minute?" Paige asked.

"You're just nervous. You're stepping out of your comfort zone and that's going to be scary but just know that Piper and I will be there to back you up. We'll just have to take a leap in the dark." Prue said picking up the crossbow and placing it in a chest with all the other demon leftovers they had.

Paige's eyes became worried as she lowered herself down to the couch.

"I can't do this; I don't have the confidence to do this on my own." Paige said looking up at her older sister.

Paige's eyes were practically begging Prue for her help. Prue could see desperation filling her younger sister. Prue knew this was something that she couldn't help Paige out of. She looked at Paige sympathetically. She couldn't get mad at her for being so afraid. In the beginning when they first received their powers, the Halliwells hardly fought demons on their own so Prue understood how nerve wracking it could be for Paige.

"Let's go downstairs; maybe getting something to eat will get your mind off of everything." Prue said.

"What if Sam and your dad are still down there?" Paige asked.

"We'll just ignore them, just keep walking." Prue said as she led the way out of the attic, Paige now following close behind.


Piper was setting up candles on the other side of the conservatory near the dining room entrance. Leo was standing nearby, his arms crossed over his chest. Sam and Victor were still in their frozen states.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Leo asked.

"Do you have any other suggestions?" Piper asked moving in a clockwise movement around the thick white candles.

Leo was about to speak but swallowed his words.

"That's what I thought." Piper said lighting the last candle.

Piper stepped away from the circle and stood next to Leo.

"This is going to cause some problems." Leo said looking at Piper.

Piper returned an annoyed look. She took a breath before starting her chant.

"Hear these words, hear my cry,

Spirit from the other side

Come to me, I summon thee

Cross now the Great Divide."

Shimmering silver lights sunk into the room from the ceiling. A woman's silhouette began to form within the bright flowing lights. It finally dissipated and left the Charmed Ones' mother standing in front of Piper and Leo. Patty looked stunned as she walked out of the circle and embraced her now corporeal form.

"Piper?" Patty asked. "Honey, why did you summon me?"

Piper pointed to the back of the room. Patty slowly turned to what her middle child was pointing at. Her stunned expression turned to utter shock as she saw Victor and Sam.

"Oh no!" Patty said. "I really hoped that this would never happen."

"Mom, I really need your help. Both of them need some clarity on everything and Dad needs to know everything." Piper said.

"What happened?" Patty asked.

"It's a long story but the bottom line is that Dad has some issues that need resolving before he says horrible things to Paige again." Piper explained.

"Again?" Patty asked.

"He said some horrible things about her, Patty, they were pretty hurtful." Leo said.

"She's been through a lot today, Mom and now to finally find her birth father and have Dad come down on her and say that she's the reason you two never got back together again." Piper said.

"That is a lot for anyone to deal with," Patty agreed. "Unfreeze them, Piper so that we can end this once and for all."

Piper nodded her head as she twirled her wrist and released her freezing hold on Victor and Sam. Both of them were stunned not to see Piper standing between them anymore. They turned around to see Leo, Piper and Patty standing across the room.

"Patty?" Victor said.

"I guess we have to talk." Patty said.


As Prue and Paige came down the stairs they saw Patty moving towards Victor and Sam.

"Mom?" Paige said.

Prue grabbed Paige by the arm and yanked her down. They sat down on the steps watching and listening to the conversation that was about to commence.

"Piper tells me you need some clarity on certain things, Victor." Patty said.

"I guess I do. For one, when did you decide to have a child with him?" Victor asked, pointing a finger at Sam.

"Paige was not planned, Victor but it did not mean that we didn't love her. Sam was willing to give up his powers to keep her safe. That was the only way we could shield her from the Elders." Patty explained.

Paige looked over at Sam, now seeing him in a different light. In that moment she felt like he cared for her. She could not believe he gave up his powers to protect her, but somehow she didn't understand how that could have worked. Listening to her mother talk gave Paige this warm feeling that she could never describe. It was possibly the feeling that she was never abandoned in the first place.

"Did you leave me for him?" Victor asked.

"No, I loved you, Victor. You gave me my three beautiful girls but you were too resistant of their powers. All the fighting about magic and their destiny came between us and no one else. At the time Sam was a good friend, nothing more. You have to believe that." Patty insisted.

"I know we had our troubles, Patty but you were the one that wanted a divorce in the end." Victor said.

"You walked out on us, I didn't know if you were coming back or not. I was so angry at you for just abandoning us like that." Patty admitted.

"It was the final argument with your mother that pushed me over the edge, Patty. She never thought I was good enough for you or that I could protect my girls." Victor said.

"I never wanted you to leave but I can't say that I wish it didn't happen because then I wouldn't have had Paige. I wouldn't wish not to have any of my girls." Patty explained.

"So your relationship with Sam..." Victor began.

"Was strictly platonic." Patty finished. "After you left our feelings for each other surfaced and we fell in love and because of that love our daughter was born."

Victor turned away, closing his eyes and bringing his hand up to his forehead.

"Victor, you can't keep living with this anger. You just have to put your stubbornness aside and realize that Sam is the innocent in all of this. Our marriage fell apart because we weren't willing to try hard enough." Patty said placing a gentle hand on her ex-husband's shoulder.

"You're usual." Victor said with a slight smile.


"Come on," Prue said as she took Paige by the hand.

Both of them hurried down the stairs to the landing.

Paige yanked her hand back. "Prue…I can't." She said.

"You'll have to face them sooner or later and right now we need to fill Piper in on what's going on before you battle the Darklighter." Prue said.

Paige did not move; she was clearly scared about walking into a room where her parents and Victor were.

"I'll be by your side the whole time," Prue promised.

Paige shut her eyes for a moment, took a breath and followed behind Prue into the conservatory. Everyone turned they attention to the sisters entering the room.

"Paige," Patty breathed as she embraced her youngest daughter.

Paige's arms tightened around Patty as she closed her eyes. While embracing Paige, Patty glanced over at her oldest daughter and gave her a warm smile. Prue returned the smile.

After Prue had returned from the hospital she had summoned Patty to discuss the issues she had been bottling up since they had discovered Paige. Prue and Patty had worked out their problems and were once again on good terms.

"I think it's better if I leave," Victor said as Patty and Paige broke their embrace.

"Dad..." Piper began.

"I have some things to work through; I'll see you girls another time." Victor said making his way out of the room.

"Prue, shouldn't we…?" Piper began.

"No, I think Dad needs some time." Prue said.

Everyone stood in silence until they heard the front door close, indicating that Victor was gone.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" Patty questioned Paige.

"Not really," Paige answered shaking her head.

"What's wrong?" Piper asked.

"Paige has a battle to fight and she's feeling a little unnerved at the moment." Prue quickly explained.

"Paige has a battle?" Leo asked.

"Why don't I explain everything to you two while Paige has a moment with the parents?" Prue said turning on her heel and heading to the kitchen.

"I guess we'll be in the kitchen." Piper said as she took Leo by the hand and led him to the kitchen.

There was uneasy silence between parents and daughter before Patty focused her attention to Paige.

"I guess you have some questions as well." Patty said to Paige.

"Not anymore," Paige said. "I heard what you said to Victor. Somehow it feels good to know that it was hard on you to give me up."

"Of course it was hard, Paige but it was the only way to keep you safe." Sam explained. "If we could do it over and there was another way, we would have kept you. We would have given anything to raise you."

Paige lowered her head and smiled, a tear trickled down her cheek. "Even though you didn't raise me, you gave me the greatest gift. I had extraordinary parents and I had a good childhood without any type of danger or worry. I was happy." She said.

"That's all we ever wanted, honey. I just wanted you to be safe and happy." Patty said.

"I was." Paige assured her. "And I'm even happier now that I've found my family."

Patty smiled as she pulled her daughter into her arms and stroked her raven hair. Patty backed away but still held onto Paige's hands.

"Now, what's this about a battle you have to fight?" Patty asked as she led Paige to the couch.

Patty and Paige sat down on the wicker couch while Sam sat down in the armchair.

"Apparently I'm the only one who can defeat this rogue Darklighter because I'm the prophesized witchlighter. I'm the only Whitelighter out there with active defensive and offensive powers because of my Warren blood and I have to face him alone without Piper or Prue." Paige quickly explained.

"And you are scared?" Patty asked.

"Terrified, actually." Paige corrected. "I can't do this. I'm not a Whitelighter."

"Yes, you are, Paige." Sam chimed in. "How do you think I found you? I was being pulled by your Whitelighter side. It is within you, you just need to embrace it."

"Listen to your father, Paige. I think this might be the only way for you to be ready to face this battle. You need to embrace the other half of yourself. You are a talented witch, there is no denying that but you can't suppress your other half. Embracing it might give you the upper hand in defeating this Darklighter. You are a Halliwell, honey; you must remember that we aren't that easily defeated." Patty smiled.

Paige smiled at both her parents. A wave of calmness rushed over her. She felt focused and composed. Paige now realized what she had to do. Embracing her inner Whitelighter might be the key to her reaching that level that she needed to be at to face this Darklighter.


"She can't do this alone, Prue." Piper said as she sat on the bar stool by the kitchen island.

"She has to, Piper; she's the only one who can defeat this Darklighter. It's a prophesized battle that has nothing to do with us." Prue said handing Piper some herbal tea.

"Herbal tea?" Leo questioned, inspecting the liquid within Piper's cup.

Prue looked at Piper, worried that Leo might suspect something.

"Upset stomach," Piper covered.

"Uh-huh," Leo said; not sure if he believed his wife. "Do you think Paige can handle it?"

"I think she can but she has doubts, understandably." Prue said glancing out the kitchen window to make sure that Laura was still alright.

Laura had insisted on sitting outside so she could give the sisters and Leo some privacy. She was walking in the garden inspecting Piper's newly planted pink roses and herb garden. Piper had insisted that they began their own herb garden so that they could produce their own potion ingredients.

"Prue, she's not ready to face this on her own. Are you really just going to let her go out there without us?" Piper asked.

"Of course not!" Prue retorted. "We'll be there as back up but we won't be much use as our powers will have no effect on this guy."

"I'm just worried; I don't want to lose another sister." Piper said.

"And you won't, I promise." Prue said nodding her head.

The group looked towards the swinging door as it opened revealing Paige. "I'm ready, let's get that Darklighter." She said determined.

"Are you sure about this?" Piper asked.

"More than ever, I am a witchlighter after all." Paige said, winking at Prue.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Prue said as she moved forward.

She stopped and glanced back at Leo.

"Leo, you stay here with Laura, keep her safe at any cost and keep your ears open for in case we call you." Prue ordered before she and Paige slowly made their way out of the room.

Leo nodded his head as Piper stepped down from the stool. She was about to leave when Leo grabbed her by the arm.

"Are you okay?" Leo asked. "Is there something I should know?"

"I'm fine, I'm just worried. That's what I do, remember?" Piper dismissed the question and kissed Leo before leaving the room.

Leo was now left alone. He knew that something was going on with Piper but decided not to push it. He had known Piper long enough now to know that if something was bothering her, she would tell him in her own time and would not be pushed to face the issue head on. He sighed before making his way to the laundry room and out the door to Laura.


Up in the attic, Prue and Piper were consulting the Book while Paige sat by the potions table scrying for her Darklighter counterpart.

"Okay, so we have a bunch of spells and potions for just in case." Piper announced to Paige.

"But if he's immune to witches' powers, aren't the potions and spells kinda useless?" Paige questioned.

"We're not sure, it may or may not be but it's better that we take it for just in case. Maybe if you say it, it will work." Piper said.

"It's better to be prepared for a battle like this. Have you found him yet?" Prue asked moving towards the youngest Charmed One.

"I can feel a pull, so I guess I'm close. I'm trying to tap more into my Whitelighter side." Paige explained.

"This sure is a turn around for you." Prue said.

"Well I got some good advice tonight." Paige said.

"So are things fine between you, Mom and Sam?" Piper asked.

"We're getting there. I had some questions that needed some answers and I think I got what I needed." Paige replied before looking back down at the map. "But we all have a long way to go I think."

"No one would expect everything to be cleared out in one day, but you guys will get there." Piper said.

The ivory coloured crystal began to swirl at a fast pace above the map.

"Whoa!" Paige exclaimed. "Why's it doing that?"

"I don't know." Prue said.

The crystal began to slow down and dropped down onto the map with a thud. Paige narrowed her eyes as she studied where the crystal had dropped.

"Ladies, I think I've found my Darklighter." Paige announced looking up into the worried eyes of her older sisters.


In a swirl of blue and white orbs Paige, Prue and Piper appeared in an abandoned warehouse. All three of them were now dressed in different clothes. Paige wore her favourite jeans with a bright orange jacket over an indigo coloured waistcoat top. Piper was dressed in a crimson knitted polo shirt & black pants while Prue was dressed in a white polo neck shirt & jeans. Both Piper & Prue were wearing their favourite black leather jackets.

"Why did you orb us in here?" Prue asked searching the room.

"It's so you two can hide in here and not be discovered by the Darklighter, I especially don't want Piper to get hurt."

"Gee, thanks!" Prue said sarcastically.

"I just meant I want to keep her safe for the baby's sake." Paige said.

"Thanks," Piper said.

Paige gave her a smile before taking in a breath.

"Are you okay?" Piper asked.

"I'm a little nervous, but I think I'm okay...for now." Paige replied.

"Don't worry; we'll be right here when you need us." Prue reassured her younger sibling.

"Take this," Piper said handing Paige a stocked potions purse. "Just in case."

Paige nodded a thank you as she took the purse from Piper and slung it across her shoulders. "Okay, here I go." She said as she walked towards the exit door.

Paige looked down at the handle, lifted her trembling hand to it before pushing it open and walking out onto the landing. Paige looked to the far end of the alley where Ronan stood, waiting for her. He was still clad in his Darklighter attire.

Paige sometimes wondered if the demons had dry cleaning services in the Underworld since they always seemed to be wearing the same clothes. She pushed the silly thought aside & focused on the Darklighter.

"It's about time you showed up." The Darklighter quipped.

Paige walked down the few steps of the landing to the ground and stood a few feet from the Darklighter.

"You should actually have wished that I didn't show up." Paige retorted, trying to cover the fear she felt in the pit of her stomach.

"Enough small talk, I'm sure that's not why you are here." Ronan said.

"You're right, that's not why I'm here." Paige said quickly pulling a random potion vial from her purse and hurling it towards the Darklighter.

The potion created a blast against Ronan's chest as he staggered backwards. He steadied himself once more, glaring at Paige.

"Ouch, that hurt. You're going to pay for that." Ronan said advancing on Paige with his hand extended.

From his hand shot a bolt of crackling electricity. It soared towards Paige, who gave a yelp as she covered her head with her arms and shutting her eyes. Spheres of bright blue and white orbs collected her body and carried her away. The lighting bolt hit the wall behind her.


From within the abandoned warehouse Prue and Piper were watching the fight through a filthy window.

"Prue, we need to get out there!" Piper squealed.

"No, she can do this." Prue said grabbing hold of Piper as she made her way to the door.

"Prue!" Piper insisted.

"No, we are in more danger out there than what she is. Don't you remember what happened this morning?" Prue said.

Piper's brow creased with concern for Paige but she knew Prue was right. They would be in more danger out there considering they would be powerless against this evil. They just had to pray that Paige would be okay.

"But if she gets hurt, we're going out there." Piper said.

Prue nodded in agreement as she and Piper looked back out the window.


Paige reappeared in glistening lights as Ronan extended his hand once more to release his electrifying attack.

Paige narrowed her eyes at him, now forcing herself to no longer fear this enemy. She had a job to do and the only way she was going to win this fight is to finally engage him in one instead of cowardly orbing away.

As another surging line of electricity left Ronan's palm, Paige lifted her right hand. "Lighting bolt!" She called out.

The crackling lighting ceased to move towards her and instead shot back towards its owner. The lighting bolt was forced back towards Ronan, penetrated his chest with a blue orbing blast and sent him soaring across the alley. His landing was softened by a group of discarded boxes that was piled up next to the filthy dumpster.

"Whoa!" Paige said, clearly impressed by what she had done.

Ronan collected himself once more, swiftly lowered his hand and summoned his crossbow to him. In a plume of black smoke, the deadly Whitelighter-killing weapon manifested in his grasp.

"Uh oh," Paige said, her brow furrowing.

"Remember your training," A voice whispered within Paige's mind.

"Prue?" Paige said turning her head towards the warehouse.

Paige whipped her head back as she heard something soaring towards her.

"Arrow!" She called, extending her palm and twisting her wrist, redirecting it to Ronan.

Ronan ducked out of the way, but jumped to his feet once more and released four energy balls from both his hands. Paige swerved her body out of the way of two energy balls but as the last two came soaring towards her, Paige knew there was no way to dodge them. She summoned her orbing power, but just as the orbs began to collect her body the energy ball collided with the orbs and sent Paige to the ground.


"Paige!" Piper screamed within the warehouse. "Prue, we need to get out there now!"

"Let's go!" Prue said as she grabbed Piper hand and made their way through the exit door.


Once they arrived on the landing, Paige was already picking herself up off the ground.

"I'm okay," she assured her sisters. "This is my fight. You guys get out of here!"

Paige was indeed fine, except for a few scrapes to her arm and a small gash on her forehead. Paige used her hand to wipe away the few drops of blood that were trickling down her milky skin.

Prue and Piper lowered to the ground to avoid an attack. Piper clung to Prue's hand in hopes that Paige would be able to win this battle on her own.

Ronan lifted his crossbow once more, determined to be the victor of this battle and sent three more arrows towards the witchlighter.

Paige focused on all the training she had received and tried to incorporate them into this battle. She flung herself to the ground to avoid the oncoming arrows. She then rolled onto her back, lifted her hands to behind her head and jumped up, just like Prue taught her.

"Whoa!" Prue said impressed, her eyes widening.

"Enough arrow games!" Paige said removing her athame from her purse. As her fingers touched the handle of the double edged knife, the blade began to spark a golden glow. She tightened her grip on the handle as she willed her orbing power to carry her away.

"And I don't like orbing games!" Ronan retorted, keeping his eyes alert.

Paige orbed in behind Ronan, determination visible on her usually soft features. With a great deal of force she rammed the now charged athame into his back. Ronan gave a bone-chilling scream as Paige pulled the athame from his back. The charged athame still wasn't enough to vanquish this being. Ronan flung his arm around and backhanded Paige, causing her to lift up into the air and slam against the wall. Paige slid down to the ground, her face contorted in pain.

"Time to end this." Ronan said lifting his crossbow.

He fired two more arrows towards a defenseless Paige. As the arrows traveled towards her, Paige pushed away the pain to her arm and lifted it.

"Arrows!" She called.

The two arrows were consumed by orbs and then telekinetically redirected to an unexpected Ronan. The arrows penetrated his chest with brutal force. He screamed once more as the arrows burst into flames as they were infused with his blood. The fire began to spread across his body until he was fully consumed by them, causing a fiery explosion. Ronan was finally vanquished.

Prue and Piper swiftly rose from their hiding place and hurried to their younger sister.

"You did it!" Prue said proudly as she and Piper carefully helped Paige up.

"Along with my success came a lot of aches and pains though," Paige complained.

"Don't worry; Leo can fix you up." Piper said.

"Are you feeling up to orbing us home?" Prue asked a worn out Paige.

"I think I can handle it," Paige said, giving her sisters a weak smile.

Paige took her sisters' hands, closed her eyes and summoned the remaining strength she had left to carry them to the Manor. In a flurry of white lights, they were carried away.


Back at the Manor, the sisters and Leo were gathered in the living room along with Patty and Sam.

"I'm so relieved that you are okay," Patty said as she sat next to a now healed Paige on the couch.

"Me too. For a moment I thought I might not be able to defeat him but Prue helped me." Paige said looking up at her eldest sister who was standing across from her with Piper by her side.

"Me? What did I do?" Prue asked.

"When I started to panic, I heard you say to me that I should remember my training." Paige said.

"I did think that, but I didn't say anything." Prue said.

"Maybe your telepathy is back, maybe in that moment you needed to coach me and that's when you tapped into the power and projected your thoughts into my mind." Paige suggested.

"Maybe. I still need to figure out how to control it though otherwise I'll be projecting other lovely little thoughts into your minds." Prue said with a smile.

"Okay, eeuw!" Piper said bumping shoulders with Prue.

Everyone gave a laugh.

"Well I should be getting back," Patty said as she stood up from the couch.

"Thanks for coming," Piper said as she moved forward and embraced her mother.

"You're welcome, sweetie." Patty said before lowering her lips to Piper's ear. "And I can't wait to meet the little one."

Patty broke the hug and smiled at her stunned daughter. Piper didn't know what to say, her face softened and she just gave her mother a loving smile. Patty then moved over to Prue and hugged her as well before moving over her youngest daughter.

"I'm sorry that we never had the chance to get to know each other, Paige, but do know that I would have given up everything to keep you." Patty said.

"Thank you, Mom." Paige said softly as she embraced her mother.

Sam smiled at the moment between mother and daughter and hoped that Paige had found it in her heart to forgive him as well.

Patty stepped back from her daughter and stood next to Sam.

"I think maybe we should get Laura home." Piper said.

"I agree," Prue said. "We'll leave you guys alone."

Prue, Piper and Leo made their way out of the room and towards the kitchen.

"Sam?" Patty said. "Do you have something to say?"

Sam nodded as he moved towards Paige.

"I know you have some repressed feeling about me not searching for you but the truth is, Paige, I did come and look for you once about 14 years ago." Sam explained.

"You did?" Paige asked, stunned.

"It was during Christmas and you were so happy; you got the doll house you always wanted. You had a loving family and you had a normal life. I couldn't give you that. That's why I decided not to take you away from them. You were better off with the Matthews family than you would have been with me." Sam said.

"Somehow in the back of my mind I always thought that you didn't want me or love me." Paige said, trying to fight back tears.

"Of course we loved you, Paige, we just wanted you to be safe, be loved and be protected. We loved you so much that we couldn't bear the idea of the Elders doing something to you." Sam said.

"How did giving up your powers protect me?" Paige asked.

"Well after we had dropped you off at the church, your mother cast a cloaking spell that was empowered by my powers. It shielded you from being discovered by anyone. No one would be able to find you until your powers manifested and that happened once Phoebe died." Sam explained.

"So you really gave up your powers to keep me safe? You sacrificed your powers as a Whitelighter to protect me?" Paige asked.

Sam nodded. "I wouldn't allow your mother to give up hers; I insisted that it was my place as your father to keep you from harm." He said.

"Thank you for doing that," Paige said as she moved forwards and embraced Sam.

Sam closed his eyes and smiled as he wrapped his arms around his only daughter.

Paige smiled too. For the first time in her life, she was whole; complete. She didn't have anymore questions, no more feelings of abandonment. She finally knew all she needed to know.


The next morning Piper and Prue were sitting in the conservatory enjoying a late breakfast together.

"I'm glad Paige was able to work things out with Mom and Sam, I think that meant a lot to her." Prue said.

"I'm sure she feels a little better about the whole situation as well. I just wish she and Dad could be on good terms too." Piper said.

"Have you talked to Dad since yesterday?" Prue asked.

"Yeah, I called him last night. He said he was sorry about the fight and everything he said to Paige. He said he'd apologize to her once he's ready to face us again." Piper responded.

"Face us again?" Prue asked.

"I think he feels a little ashamed of his attitude." Piper said.

"Oh. But all that aside, I'm really proud of Paige, she did great yesterday." Prue said sipping her steaming cup of java.

"Well she did have good teachers." Piper said raising her own cup, containing tea, to her lips.

"I'll drink to that!" Prue said holding out her cup and clinking it with Piper's.

"Hm-mmm," Piper said, smiling as she and Prue each took a sip of their drinks.

They both raised their heads as they heard the front door of the Manor open and shut again. They smiled as they saw their half-sister walking towards them.

"Speaking of the witchlighter," Prue grinned.

"Morning," Paige greeted as she placed her jacket and bag on the couch before moving to the conservatory.

"Hey!" Prue greeted.

"Grab a seat and some coffee, you butt kicking witchlighter." Piper said as she poured the hot liquid into a cup for Paige.

"Oh gosh, you guys aren't going to keep referring to me as that, are you?" Paige asked sitting down at the emerald green iron table.

"Up to the point where it annoys you; yes." Prue said.

"Yeah," Piper agreed holding out the cup to Paige.

"Great," Paige pouted, taking the cup from her sister's hands.

"So what brings you here?" Piper asked.

"I just thought I'd drop by before heading to the bank." Paige said.

"What are you going to do at the bank?" Prue asked.

"Ugh, I have to get a loan for my apartment. They've raised the rent and I can't afford it with my salary, now I have to beg my bank manager to give me a loan. It's totally degrading." Paige said adding sugar and milk to her coffee. "So either I get a loan or I have to be out of my apartment in three weeks."

Prue looked up at Piper; she did not need her telepathy at that moment to know that she and Piper were thinking the same thing.

"Why don't you move in here?" Prue suggested.

Paige looked from one sister to another, confused.

"Move into the Manor?" Paige asked.

"Why not? We've got the space and you're practically here everyday anyways. Why not cut the trip?" Prue asked.

"Piper, would you be okay with it?" Paige asked.

"It's like Prue read my mind," Piper smiled.

"Not that I did," Prue defended.

Paige smiled. "I'd love to move in here. Thanks, you guys." She said.

"Well I say we drink to it. To the Power of Three under one roof once again." Prue said raising her cup.

"To the Power of Three!" The girls said clinking their cups together.


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