Summery: Max is captured by the Erasers, and the Flock are left the fend for themselves, but what happens two years later, when the flock come face to face with a certain familiar, winged teen girl… as the enemy. Can a certain dragon friend help Max remember? Will the flock ever get their leader back?

M/FX (Max/Fang), Nidgy (Iggy/Nudge)

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Chapter 1: Back to School Again, again?

"We've got to go back for her!" Nudge screamed, fighting against Iggy's hold.

Gazzy lay in the middle of the cave floor; eyes screwed up tight, groaning in pain. His left wing stood out horribly on an odd angle underneath him. Above him stood Angel, her face damp from crying. Her red eyes darted to Fang, standing in the corner like a shadow, his expression growing darker.

"We have to save Max!" Nudge sobbed in Iggy's shoulder, still struggling to get away from him at the same time. Angel and Gazzy's eyes met for a brief second, and Angel could see his pain.

"Sleep," she murmured quietly to him. Gazzy whimpered painfully once more, before lying still, eyes shut. Fangs eyes shot to Gazzy's motionless body. He darted over to him, and crouched down beside him, taking his pulse. Everyone watched him.

"We have to go- now." His face was in shadow, but his quiet tone left no room for argument.

"No! NOOO! We've gotta save Max!" Nudge wailed, trying to break free of Iggy's arms. Iggy hugged Nudge into a bear hold, and pulled her away to the car they had stolen earlier. As he gently pushed past her, Angel could see the tears threatening to fall in Iggy's eyes.

Fang lifted Gazzy into his arms like some sort of wounded soldier carrying a fellow wounded soldier, and brought up the rear of this strange march, Angel walking slowly in between them. Gazzy's broken wing was drapped over his body, like a white and scarlet coat.

The only sound was Nudges wailing, which seemed to be swallowed up by the surrounding trees. Shock had crept in and attacked, paralysing the now fragile flock of children. Iggy eased Nudge into the front passenger's seat of the car, where she sat crying, as Angel hoped in behind her. Angel stared out the window, and watched as Iggy carefully approached Fang and Gazzy.

"Is he breathing?" Iggy questioned softly, taking Gazzy's pulse. Fang silently nodded.

"I have to get him to someone," Fang whispered, casting a wry eye over their surroundings. He was constantly watching out for Erasers, in the trees around them.

"Dr. Martunez lives near here. Max wanted to visit her on our way-" he broke off his sentence, unable to finish it. His expression hardened and he shifted Gazzy slightly in his arms.

" I have to fly him there," he muttered, looking at Iggy firmly.

"Can you trust them?" Iggy asked, touching Fangs arm to feel his response.

" Max does," Fang said gently, turning away and spreading out his wings. Gazzy let out a pained sigh in his sleep.

Fang looked over his shoulder at Iggy and said commandingly, " Stay with Nudge and Angel. I'll come get you if it's safe."

Fang turned back, lept into the air, and flew steadily over the treetops. Iggy listened to his wings beating, till they faded out to nothing. Iggy turned away, and finally allowed his tears to fall. He dropped to the ground, his shaggy head buried in his large hands.

Angel looked away, and her eyes drifted around the car, finally landing on Max's backpack.

What are they doing to you Max? She thought, her mind was still in shock. She rested her forehead on the cool glass of the window.

Where are you?

THIS… is what it must feel like, to wake up with a hangover. I groaned and rolled over, blocking the white light out with my hand. I didn't roll far though.

I felt my shoulder hit a wall of cold steel, and my eyes flew open. The white light faded down a little. I reached out my hand, and tested the freezing metal barrier, trying furiously to blink back the mist over my eyes. I was in a container, no bigger than myself.

Uh-oh, this ain't good.

A bombardment of antiseptic smells filled my nose, and I could feel my heart miss a beat… or two.

Or three.

I closed my eyes tight, and counted to ten before opening them to the light above me. There was a window above me, all frosted over, like a freezer or something.

Above me, I could hear a voice.

"It's done. Give her a few days, she'll be ready."

"Good. How long will the process take?" Another voice asked gruffly.

"One to two days." The first guy seemed anxious.

"And the damage?"

"With her extreme rate of regeneration, full repair should occur with-in… a week."

I frowned. I didn't feel that bad. I mentally checked my aches. The worst was my neck. I reached a hand up, and almost screamed out in shock. Bandages heavily layered my neck. I traced the bandages down over my shoulder, passed my armpit, where it stopped just below my ribs. I withdrew my hand, staring down at the sticky, crimson liquid now covering my fingers.

My mind drifted back to the men above me. Whitecoats. There was no denying it any longer.

I was back.

And this time… I was alone.

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