Summery: Max is captured by the Erasers, and the Flock are left the fend for themselves, but what happens two years later, when the flock come face to face with a certain familiar, winged teen girl… as the enemy. Can a certain dragon friend help Max remember? Will the flock ever get their leader back?

M/FX (Max/Fang), Nidgy (Iggy/Nudge)

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Chapter 13: Deadly Ink

Fang threw his bag in the back of the van between Nudge and Angel, and looked around for Gazzy. Iggy nodded at him and jumped in the front passenger's seat, slamming the door behind him. Fang's eyes scanned the area for the ten year old. It was early in the morning; they planned to leave before the owner awoke.

Total was the last one to exit the building, dragging his bag along behind him. Fang rolled his eyes and scooped down, picking up the dogs pack. He threw the bag on a spare seat and tapped Total on the back as he jumped into the van.

"Where's Gas?" he grunted, his black eyes meeting the little terriers. The dog made a purposeful movement with his shoulders, which Fang took as a shrug.

Iggy stuck his shaggy head out the window and stared sightlessly at Fang.

"What's up?" he shouted in annoyance. Fang frowned and ignored him, making his way back to the room.

"Gazzy?" he called, opening the door slowly. He subconsciously slid his hand down over the handle of his gun, stashed in his dark jeans. Fear gripped his mind again. It happened so frequently these days, he'd almost forgotten the early days when he'd never feared for anything. Anything except, perhaps… Max.

He gazed around, hand over his gun like some old western cowboy. He spotted the Gasman with his back to him, peering out the window from behind the dusty old curtains. He mentally let out a sigh of relief, and let his hand slide off the gun.

"Gas, we're leaving," he said loudly, and stooped down to pick up the boys backpack. He swung the pack over one shoulder with an 'oof', wonder to what the hell was in it. He glanced up at Gazzy as he made his way to the door. The boy hadn't moved a muscle.

"Common, I'm not joking around," he said, frowning at him.

"Fang, there's Erasers outside," Gazzy said in a strange little voice. Fang swore and dropped the back pack, hand on the revolver again.

"How many?" he hissed, heading for the window.

"That's the thing, Fang. There's about twenty of them-" Gazzy turned around with a small frown on his face, his big eyes staring blankly at Fang.

"But they're all dead."

"Whatcha think happened?" Iggy muttered, prodding one of the bodies with his shoe. Angel glanced at him, then frowned around at the mass of deformed bodies. She counted seventeen, fully morphed Erasers. They looked like they just… dropped dead.

"They weren't attacked," Angel shot at Nudge, before she asked the question.

"There's not a damn scratch on them," Gassy whispered to Iggy. Fang frowned at the Gasman.

"Language, Gas," Fang murmured, looking at the body at his feet.

"Not a mark… no sign of a struggle…" He crouched down next to one and pushed its head to the side to look for head wounds. It was the closest anyone of them had ever been to an Eraser that wasn't trying to kill them. Angel followed his lead and kneeled down, touching the man's paw. The fur was soft, softer than she'd ever expected, like he'd washed it and kept it clean. She stopped and lay down the hand gently, suddenly quite disturbed at the fact that she was seeing her enemy possessing some sort of human quality.

Sure, she hated them for everything bad that had ever happened to her and her family, for putting Fang in hospital and slicing up Gazzy's wing, for ruining any attempt of them ever having a normal life…not to mention taking Max away from them. But seeing so many dead, with no one caring in the slightest- it upset her.

"Maybe someone poisoned their water?" Nudge asked loudly, looking at Iggy. Angel looked up sadly at the dark skinned teen. She was standing behind Iggy, not really wanting to get any closer to the bodies.

"Well, I personally don't give a flying cra-" Total started, but Fang shot him a look. The dog cleared his throat and started again.

"Sorry. I mean, I don't really care how these oversized rats died," he said loudly, glancing up at Fang, "I'm just worried about what's gonna' happen when they come to get the bodies."

"Total's right, Fang. Can we please leave now?" Angel whispered, standing and walking over to Nudge. The older girl put her arm around her and they watched as Fang flicked his black pony tail over of his shoulder and went to stand, when something about the Eraser caught his eye. He tilted his head and crouched down again, pushing down the Erasers collar. He stared at the back of the wolf's neck for a while, till finally he looked up at them in grim determination.

"Gazzy, check the back of that ones neck. Tell me what you see," Fang shouted over to the Gasman, who was playing with one of the dead Erasers two-way radios. He frowned and dropped the radio and grabbed the jacket collar.

"What is it Fang?" Nudge called, but he was busy check the necks of the other bodies.

"Fang?" Gazzy called, looking up at the dark teenager. Fang didn't look up, just went to check the next ones neck. Finally, he stood and just stared blankly at the last Eraser he'd searched.

"Yeah, Gas?" he barked, frowning darkly.

"This ones got today's date tattooed on the back of his neck," Gazzy shouted, frowning at the tattoo again. Fang sighed and raised his hand to his temple.

"Yeah… they all do."

Everyone looked at Fang and watched as he dropped his hand and looked around at all the bodies.

"That's creepy. What does that mean, Fang? What are those tattoo's for?" Nudge questioned, looked from Iggy to Fang. Fang glanced at her then shook his head.

"I don't know, Nudge," he muttered, turning to walk towards the van. "Whatever happened to them, it's out of our hands. We're on the run remember? We've gotta' keep going."

Angel looked at Nudge and their eyes met. Fang was keeping something from them again, and this time she was determined to find out exactly was it was. Angel walked over to Fang and took his hand, concentrating hard on his memory. She felt him trying to push her out of his head, but she slipped through his defensive cracks. Suddenly it went dark.

The first thing she could hear was rain pouring down. She looked through Fangs eyes as he opened them in the memory, and she saw rain drops pattering down on a blurred, blue tinted face. They were beside a road and it was a cold night. Baa- dum. Baa- dum. She could feel Fangs heart pounding in his chest, so hard that it hurt. She reach out to touch the blue-ish skin on the neck. It felt as though Angel herself had felt the cold skin for a pulse she somehow knew wasn't there.

There was nothing, not even a murmur of a pulse. The girl was dead.

She was relieved for the first time in ages that this memory seeking power was limited to the touch, sight and sound of the person in the memory. If she could feel his emotions right now, she was sure that her heart would be breaking. She felt tears rolling down her cheeks and was surprised to find that they were Fangs. Fang didn't cry, Fang never cried. But there he was, in front of the blurred body of a dead girl who Angel didn't know, weeping for her death.

The memory jumped forward, as if Fang was pushing her out. All she could see was Fangs hands turning the bodies head slightly to see the back of her neck. Angel gasped when she saw the black tattoo on the back of the neck. A date; like the ones on the back of the dead Erasers. She tracked the numbers with her fingers and heard Fang whisper the date slowing.

"05- 20- 07."

She was thrown into darkness once more and opened her eyes to an angry looking Fang. She blinked in surprise, her mouth open fully. Fang shrugged her off violently, black eyes shining with fury.

"You- had- no- right," he hissed in a low, dangerous voice. Angel stared at him, shocked. She'd never seen him this angry, except when he fought with Ari.

"Fang… I-" she stuttered, but Fang turned swiftly and stormed away to the van. She looked at Nudge in shock, who shrugged back at her. Angel looked at Iggy, who seemed to glare at her before following after Fang.

Gazzy, who'd once again been playing with the radio, stopped and stared after Fang and Iggy. He stood and looked at Angel and Nudge, frowning.

"What just happened?"

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