The Epilogue: 4 years later…

A faint crying could be heard from downstairs; it took a couple of moments to register with him that the muffled scream was not in a dream.

He groaned and looked at the flashing red digits of the clock next to his bed.


On a Saturday.

He yawned loudly and wiped his eyes, trying to wake himself up. He was just trying to gather the energy and the will to throw off his nice warm covers and comfort the child when he heard a yell from down the hall.

"I'll get it!"

Gibbs smiled softly and threw himself back onto the pillows. He turned to his side to see a lifeless lump next to him.

Her hand was just visible from underneath the covers and her engagement ring and wedding band glowed softly in the early morning light which was streaming in at the windows.

He propped himself up with the pillows and smiled enjoying the last moment of bliss before two children burst in through the door in the corner.

He turned to his wife and poked her.

"mmmfphh." Came the reply.

He rolled his eyes upwards and kicked her under the covers. She simply rolled further away from him.

Suddenly a tittering laugh could be heard outside the door and with much effort and time the door was kicked open by a dark heard teenager who was holding in her arms a young girl of about two whose face was fresh pink from tears but who was now giggling at the little four year old boy who was clamped around the teenagers leg – refusing to let go.

The girl struggled through the door pulling her leg behind her.

Gibbs extended his arms to the little girl, who then began screaming to be let go.

The teenager winced at the high pitch of tone but dropped the girl into her Daddy's arms.

"Sadie, where did you learn to scream like that?" she clicked at her.

The little said nothing but buried her head into Daddy and smiled at her shyly from the gap in his arm.

"Daddy?" the girl asked.

"Yes honey?" Gibbs replied.

"Tom was being meeeeaaaaan." She whined.

Gibbs looked at the angelic face of the boy, then back at his daughter.

"How?" Gibbs asked in the same voice.

"He.. he… stole my dolly…" she whined again.

Gibbs chuckled to himself, and then with mock anger on his face he turned to his son.

"Thomas Ari, that was not very nice now was it?" he peered at his son, who was now hiding behind the before mentioned leg.

"She deserved it." He said, sticking out his tongue at the girl who screamed again.

The teenager smiled down at the boy, then to the little girl.

She leant over and in a huge stage whisper and said.

"Do you know what the punishment is for horrible little boys who steal dolls is Sadie?"

The girl shook her head.

"No… What is it Merny?"

The teenager smiled sharply and picked up the boy in her arms and threw him on the bed and then pounced.

"We tickle him!" she yelled.

Sadie did not need to be asked twice and was on top of her brother in an instant tickling him all over. Gibbs laughed and joined in the scrum.

They forgot all about the other lump in the bed until Tom kicked her in the stomach and she groaned.

"itfdnfg 7 oo moorubneing." She mumbled into the pillow.

Gibbs and Mernina looked at each other.

"What was that Ziva, I did not quite catch it?" he asked sweetly.

Ziva thrashed out under the covers.

"That roughly translates as It is 7 in the morning, why all the noise. Am I correct Ziva?" she asked.

A firm nod answered her.

"Well then boys and girls," she said to Tom and Sadie. "Don't you think it is about time she got up?"

The children screamed and attacked their mother who was caught of balance and in the whirlwind of feet and hands, all three of them ended on the floor.

Ziva picked up her two children and turned laughing to the bed to find Mernina sitting in the place she was just a couple of minutes before.

"Out." She commanded.

Mernina looked blankly at her.

"Now…" she warned.

Mernina snorted through her nose and shuffled up closer to Gibbs as Ziva got in. Gibbs smiled down at her and put an arm around her.

Not wanting to feel left out Tom and Sadie quickly squashed in at each end, smiling, identical smiles at their parents.

Ziva looked down at the four other faces in the bed and turned to Gibbs.

"We are going to need to get a bigger bed…"


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