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See-More stared down at Jinx, the rose held in her delicate fingers, that smile and this was all Kid Flash's fault. He just breezed into town and decided to wreck everything.

'go catch him yourself'


Something had been going on, and he was going to use it to his advantage.

"You what?" Jinx asked turning around to face him. They were back in the HIVE five base and the other members of the HIVE five were eyeing him just as weirdly as Jinx was.

"He trusts you, we can use that to our advantage." See-more said levelly staring Jinx in the eyes, she looked away.

"I only let him go to spite Madame Rouge, no-one treats me like that. The brotherhood of evil can get bent, and if it means that Kid Flash doesn't bust us so much then all the better. But I'd hardly say he trusts me." Jinx glowered as she returned her gaze to him.

"He says he thinks you can be good, I watched the security tapes." See-more pointed out, the remaining members of the HIVE five digested this for a moment before bursting into hysterics.

"Jinx?! GOOD?! BWHAHAHAHAA!" Billy Numerous laughed manically, he even cloned himself to hold himself up he was laughing so hard.

"Whoo that's a good one See-More!" Gizmo screeched with laugher. Kid Wykyd grinned at this, Mammoth looked around as his slow brain caught up with the situation before letting out a booming laugh.

"So he thinks I'm better than you morons, that's not saying much." Jinx muttered rubbing her temples.

"My point is, he's a nuisance and if he trusts you and thinks you're good then lets give him more reason to think both. Be good." See-more smirked, everyone stopped laughing at once.

"Now you've lost me." Jinx frowned at him.

"Yeah, whatchoo talkin' bout See-more?" Billy drawled. See-more rolled his giant eye at them.

"Make him think Jinx is good, pretend that she's left us, that she's turned good. He'll welcome her with open arms, but she'll still be one of us." See-more spelled it out frustratedly, maybe Jinx was right, the HIVE five weren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

"Aaaaah… I see, the old double agent ploy." Gizmo mused, suddenly his eyes lit up, "Just like what that crud-munching Cyborg did to us, I like it." He grinned maliciously.

"Yeah, we can learn all his weaknesses and crush him!" Billy Neumerous shouted, why did he always have to shout everything?

"Don't I get a say in this?" Jinx demanded narrowing her eyes at them all, See-more looked at her, this was it, if she refused to do it she'd prove that she was siding with him over them and they'd kick her out for real, she had to agree.

"Why, what reason would you have for not wanting to trick him?" He said coolly, he watched Jinx visibly twitch at this.

"If it's any plan that you dweebs have cooked up it's bound to go wrong, that's why." Jinx snorted rolling her eyes, "I'm the brains of this outfit remember?" She added glaring at him.

"Well, would you care to make a suggestion then?" He smiled falsely, this was going perfectly.

"I- oh fine. But remember when this plan all goes horribly wrong that I told you so." Jinx conceded folding her arms and turning her back on them.

"Check in every day remember?" Gizmo said handing her HIVE five communicator, he'd improved it to work at longer ranges.

"I'm not brain-dead Gizmo, I know how this is meant to work. Not that it will work mind you, not even Kid Flash is THIS stupid." Jinx said lifting the Hive communicator from Gizmo's hand.

"You sound like you know him so well." See-more said from behind Jinx, she spun on her heel and looked at him surprised, she could have sworn he wasn't there a moment ago.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She retorted staring at him, See-more looked at her with a crooked smile and turned away.

"You tell me." He called over his shoulder and left the room.

"What's up with him?" Jinx muttered shuddering, See-More hadn't been the same lately.

"Don't ask me, I deal with machines not people." Gizmo shrugged turning back to his mechanical toys.

A few days passed with little more said of the plan until one night just as Jinx was considering getting ready for bed a knocking came at her door.

"Hello?" She asked opening it, she looked down slightly, See-more and the rest of the HIVE five were there.

"Come on, tonight's the night. We're starting phase one." He said to her, Jinx frowned and looked around at her bedroom window, it was dark out and it was pelting it down with rain.

"Are you crazy? I'm not wandering the streets looking for him in this weather, I'll catch my death!" she exclaimed turning back to them.

"That's the idea." See-more smiled nastily.

"Heroes like a damsel in distress!" Billy pointed out.

"Well, let me at least grab my things…" Jinx said turning back into her room but suddenly there was a tight grip on her arm.

"No, only the clothes on your back and your communicator. We've got to make this look real, come on." He said pulling her towards the front door.

"You don't have to make it THIS real!" Jinx squeaked as she was half pulled half dragged to the door.

"The pit-sniffer has probably got cameras watching this place, real is the way to go." Gizmo nodded as they opened the door.

"And stay out!" Billy yelled theatrically as he and several clones literally threw Jinx out of the door, she span in the air and landed in a muddy puddle. The door to the HIVE five base slid closed, Jinx stood up swearing. The clouds above her were a menacing black; she wrapped her arms around her already soaked form and shuffled of down the street.

"Just like old times." She murmured trying to walk under shop awnings in a vain attempt to keep dry. Several hours later and no Kid Flash to show for it Jinx was starting to loose her resolve.

"Stupid… boys." She muttered vaguely, she shook her head. She was already starting to feel feverish and if she didn't get out of this rain soon she'd be ill in the morning for sure. A bright flash of light came down from the clouds striking a lightning rod on a tall building nearby, the almost instantaneous bang of thunder was deafening. Jinx backed up against a shop window with a shudder, she HATED lightning.

As if cue a red and yellow blur ran through the street kicking up a huge wall of water, predictably she was soaked from head to foot, her boots were filled with yet more water and she knew with certainty that now she would be ill the next day.

"Ack!" She yelped as cold water slid down the back of her shirt.

"Jinx? Is that you?" A gentle voice called, she shivered and looked up, Kid Flash was standing right next to her.

"God, it is you. What are you doing out in this weather? You look like someone tried to drown you!" He exclaimed looking at her. He was right, and Jinx knew it. Her signature horn hairstyle had dissolved into a tangled mess around her shoulders, what little makeup she'd had on was washed down her face, her wet clothes were stuck to her sapping what little warmth she had from her.

"G-gee. Th-thanks." She her sarcasm being ruined by her teeth chattering.

"Well what are you doing out here?" He asked looking worried, Jinx looked down, it was time for the first big lie.

"The HIVE five threw me out." Jinx shivered, "See-more saw you giving that stupid rose to me, they called me a traitor and kicked me out." Jinx blurted out.

"Oh god." Kid Flash paled at this. Jinx was just as surprised as he was, but it was a believable lie and it would make him feel responsible to boot. It was even more of a lie since the rose he'd given her was being pressed in a book so it wouldn't die, she'd no idea why she'd done that either.

"Yeah, well." Jinx shrugged looking away from those big blue eyes which were now staring at her worriedly.

"I can help Jinx, let me take you back to my place." He offered moving into her line of sight so she was forced to look at him.

"Don't you think you've 'helped' enough?" Jinx muttered turning her back on him.

"I know, I'm sorry. Please let me make it up to you, just until the rain stops." He begged zipping in front of her again, Jinx said nothing.

"Please?" He asked again holding out his hand and giving her one of his small charming smiles. Jinx thought about this for a moment, she didn't know if going back to his place was part of the HIVE five's plan but she was going to be damned if she was going to stand out in this rain all night.

"Okay…" She said slowly reaching out and taking his hand. Kid Flash grinned and scooped her up in his arms.

"What are you doing?!" she yelped pounding on his shoulders with her fists.

"Hey, I can't get you there at super-speed any other way." He smiled before kicking into high speed. Jinx felt all the air being knocked out of her lungs, she felt like her skin was about to melt off of her bones until they came to a halt. Kid flash watched as Jinx tried desperately to stop herself from falling over as he gently placed her feet back on the ground, super speed seemed to knock the sense out of everyone, he'd never dared go full speed with a passenger for fear of liquidising them.

"You okay?" He asked steadying her with his arm, Jinx shook her head and her eyes refocused on him.

"Urgh. Yeah, I think so." She mumbled rubbing her head.

"Super speed does that to people, I'm sorry about that." He smiled embarrassed. He turned his gaze back to the door in front of him, normally he didn't bother with using the key but he daren't even try that with Jinx in his arms.

"Uh… key… key…" He muttered patting his suit, had he picked his key up this morning.

"Don't tell me you locked yourself out." Jinx said darkly.

"'fraid so. Wait here." He grinned at her before vibrating himself through the wall, a second later he opened the door and grinned at her.

"Welcome to my humble home." He grinned playfully bowing as she entered, he noticed her rolling her eyes at him as she walked in, he also noticed the small smile playing at the edge of her lips, he still made her smile that little bit.

Jinx looked around the place, it was a fairly small apartment, the kitchen, living room and the dining room were all one main room, off the side were two rooms which she could only guess were Kid Flash's bedroom and the bathroom, she raised an eyebrow, where was he planning on putting her?

"I know it's not that great, the flash is just lending it to me for a while." He explained taking her look to mean that she was unimpressed with the place.

"No, it's not that. It's just… you only have one room." Jinx said slowly getting ready to hex him and run if he so much as suggested sharing a bed.

"Ah, no, the sofa pulls out." Kid Flash said and zipped over to the sofa. Jinx watched half amused as he wrestled with the furniture in a vain attempt to get it to unfold.

"okay." He gasped letting his head flop onto the sofa cushions. "My last sofa pulled out. I move around too much." He added looking up at her, she was laughing at him.

"At least I make you laugh." He smiled slightly, she stopped laughing. Kid flash stood up and looked at her feeling embarrassed.

"You uh… don't mind staying on the sofa do you? I know it's just a sofa but…" He trailed off.

"And here I thought heroes were meant to be gentlemen." Jinx teased him as she leant on the sofa.

"Ah no no, it's not that! I just-" He cut himself short, Jinx had a devious grin on her face.

"You've got something in your room you don't want me to see!" She exclaimed jumping up and running to the door.

"No, Jinx you can't!" He yelped running in front of her and standing with his back to the door and blocking her way.

"You did it to me. Unicorns remember?" She said prising him away and throwing the door open, her jaw fell open and Kid Flash cringed in embarrassment.

"Oh my god…" She murmured walking inside.

"Don't…" Kid Flash squeaked his whole face turning red as he slid down the wall.

"You've… you've got all your own merchandise in here!" Jinx laughed, the whole room was plastered with lightning-bolt plasters and even little figurines of himself. She heard Kid flash whimper from the door.

"It's like a shrine to yourself in here!" Jinx giggled, she turned and spied something she liked she plucked it off the wardrobe top for closer inspection. It was a small Kid Flash plushie made of soft felt, she idly flicked the little plastic lightning bolts on the side of his head. Kid Flash held his head in his hands, he'd never been so embarrassed in his life, Jinx poked her head around the door.

"I like this, I think I'll keep it." She said waving it at him, he parted his fingers to look at her and nodded slightly.

"Aww come on, don't be like that. It's strange, and… kind of endearing." Jinx laughed unintentionally.

"It's embarrassing!" he moaned burying his face in his arms and curling his knees up to his chest.

"Hey, you can make fun of my unicorn thing if it makes you feel better." Jinx offered feeling slightly guilty at embarrassing the hero. She heard a snort of laughter come from his arm-cocoon.

"Unicorns." He giggled.

"Okay, that's enough making fun of me now." She said narrowing her eyes as he continued laughing.

"Now that I know your dirty little secret can I at least have the bed for the night?" Jinx asked poking him with his plushie self.

"Heh, sure." Kid flash grinned up at her.

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