Kid Flash laid down on the bed being careful not to spill any of the contents of the breakfast on the tray he'd brought Jinx, having secured its safety on the bed he reached over it and shook Jinx gently awake.

"Urg." She commented rubbing her eyes, she took the sight of him and the breakfast in.

"I feel like hell." She mumbled propping herself up on her elbows.

"You look it too. You're covered in bruises." He agreed and stuffed some toast in his mouth. His mask felt wrong on his face, but he felt the need to be strong around Jinx for the conversation that he was determined they should have and his mask and uniform helped that.

"You have… some explaining to do. Start at the beginning." He said quietly and passed her toast. Jinx looked somewhat taken aback but began her story.

"After you got into that fight with Madame Rouge and I let you go, the other HIVE members… well, just See-More really, were suspicious of me. So they wanted me to prove that I was still bad to the bone, so they set me up to spy on you." Jinx admitted with a sigh.

"Didn't that seem a little immoral to you?" Kid Flash raised an eyebrow at her.

"No, I was bad remember?" She rolled her eyes and continued with her tale. "But you being so infectiously chipper about being good started getting under my skin you started being different from how heroes were meant to be. You're meant to all be dumb and self righteous using your powers and getting no thanks for it but a pat on the back whereas villains just get what they want when they want it." Jinx sighed rubbing her temples as if she still couldn't believe that Kid Flash had gotten her into this.

"I'm sorry for helping you find your moral compass." He said sarcastically through his toast.

"Well that's the damn thing wasn't it? You HAD made me good, and I could hardly turn around and tell you why I'd really come here could I? I was going to tell you if I managed to pull off a good act, and I did but then the HIVE turned up at the worst moment as ALWAYS. And then Batman stuck his stupid nose in." Jinx groaned staring at the ceiling, the piece of toast in her hand apparently forgotten.

"Were you actually going to tell me? Or were you just going to keep telling yourself that you'd tell me and not?" Kid Flash asked bluntly.

"I was going to, I just… I knew how you'd react, and I was right wasn't I?" Jinx said tired of being the one getting accused. Kid Flash looked at her levelly.

"You lied to me, about something really big. I trusted you, I took you into my home, walked around without my mask on and told you my name, how did you expect I should have reacted?" He said in a cold voice that Jinx had never heard from him before.

"It's not like I told anyone was it?" Jinx said pointedly referring to Madame Rouge's treatment of her, Kid Flash recoiled somewhat at this as he remembered Jinx lying battered and broken on the floor and her fear of him when he'd first brought her back.

"I know, I'm not unconvinced of your goodness now, just worried at how easy you find it to lie to me." Kid Flash said quietly.

"I had no choice!" Jinx snapped jumping out of bed irritably and not caring that she almost knocked over all of their breakfasts.

"You had every choice!" Kid Flash shouted back sitting up and staring at her.

"It's not like you're innocent in all of this are you? Supergirl could have killed me! I didn't see you coming back in time to help; she was your crazy ex not mine, and HOW many girls were there anyway? Any person who could go through that many girls that fast isn't the sort of person that I thought you were, how do I know you're not pretending to be someone else?!" Jinx roared throwing the toast in her hand at him. Kid Flash didn't dodge as the toast bounced off his head. Jinx had been right about him.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" Jinx demanded of the suddenly sullen and silent hero.

"I've got a confession to make myself." He admitted quietly and stared at the blanket.

"Let's hear it." Jinx said with her hands on her hips but in a softer voice than before.

"I'm not who I used to be. I used to be that kind of person, I didn't really give a damn about those girls ever. So I decided to be different before I met you and that's why I don't seem like the type." Kid Flash lied chickening out of telling her.

"And what pray tell was the cause for this miraculous personality change then?" Jinx asked feeling that he was lying to her.

"I-" Kid Flash faltered and then, crestfallen, he began to tell her. "You did. I was doing research on all the bad guys around Jump and your name kept cropping up so I looked you up on the system, you were pretty so I figured if I was going to do surveillance of bad guys it might as well be of a pretty one." Kid Flash winced knowing how bad that sounded, "And before you say it, yes, I know that sounds bad but this is why I decided to change."

"So you what, started stalking me?" Jinx demanded, suddenly something clicked. Kid Flash had seemed so knowing about her the first time they met in the museum, so confident that she was different. And it was all just because he had been spying on her.

"Yes… kind of. But you were fascinating, you're smart and strong and talented, but you were stuck with those hopeless losers of the HIVE five, you deserved better." Kid Flash pleaded, this was all going horribly wrong and he could see from the fire in Jinx's eye that it was all going to get worse.

"And better is YOU?" She snarled, her eyes glowing. Above them the light bulb burst and Jinx stormed out of the room.

"Yes, no, I don't know! Jinx!" He yelped running in front of her.

"I felt different when I saw you, I wanted to be someone you'd like and after I talked to you for the first time I realised what a bad person I really was. I might have been a hero but I wasn't exactly nice to any of those girls was I? I felt different when I saw you, so I gave you red roses, I wanted to actually know you." He sighed.

"So that makes it okay? One red rose and you think its okay to just try and play the dashing hero in the hope that I'll turn into some damsel in distress for you?" Jinx snapped looking away from him, well aware that she'd kept that red rose safe all this time.

"I- no. Jinx…" Kid Flash whined, this was all going wrong.

"You know I thought the file was wrong about you, but it's not you ego IS huge." Jinx shot back as she pushed past him to the door, she felt stupid for thinking that this hero thing would ever work.

"I did it because I wanted everything I said and did with you to mean something, I wanted to know you as a person, is that so wrong?" Kid Flash yelled stopping Jinx in her tracks.

"Wouldn't it have meant something without you inventing some perfect persona to talk to me through?" Jinx said coldly, Kid flash felt and odd conflict of emotions, Jinx had called him perfect but on the other hand she was VERY very mad at him.

"No, because we'd have barely had a conversation before you ended up like the rest of my ex-girlfriends." Kid Flash muttered rubbing his eyes.

"That's a big assumption, and we're back to your ego again." Jinx said shocked at his audacity to assume that she'd just swoon, go weak at the knees and fall for him. Kid Flash growled at this and before Jinx could react he had her pinned against a wall. He was breathing hotly on her neck and his hands were running up her sides, Jinx's heart was pounding and blood was rushing through her ears.

"Jinx, I am a very fast moving person, I've got a huge amount of energy and a fast metabolism and I'm a teenage boy as well, so understandably I've gotten through a lot of women already." He said in a deep and seductive voice, her skin tingled where his breath licked at it.

"You talk about getting what you want as a villain, well it works as a hero as well. They practically throw themselves at me, and I was only too happy to oblige." He breathed into her ear, much to Jinx's surprise she didn't feel fear at being held against a wall like his, or against him taking such liberties with running his hands up and down her sides.

"But I genuinely felt a change when I saw you, I felt something more than lust for the first time." He said stepping back from her, to Jinx's shame a small whimper escaped her lips and she realised her face was flushed.

"You were meant to be different no matter what our relationship came to, friends or otherwise. And then you needed me, you were homeless and in need and I knew you could be better than the life you'd led, and I helped you. I suppressed every other instinct I had just so I could be around you and I actually cared what you thought, how you acted and where you'd end up. So imagine my surprise that all this effort seemed to be wasted when it came to my attention that you'd just been lying to me." Kid Flash explained, Jinx remained silent.

"But I guess I was still wrong, you can go if you want. I know you wanted to." He sighed defeated and turned his back on her to sit on the arm of the sofa. He listened for the sound of the door opening and closing but it never came, instead he felt a presence behind him and heard a small sigh.

"So, I guess we're both pretty bad people huh?" Jinx murmured from behind him, Kid flash couldn't help it, the joyful laugh of relief and happiness escaped his lips.

"See, you're different, you make me happy." He laughed turning to look at her, Jinx rolled her eyes at this soppiness. It was far too emotional for her.

"Whatever. Manwhore." She snorted shoving him onto the sofa. Kid Flash laughed joyfully as he fell down onto the sofa cushions.

"So." He said reaching up and stroking Jinx's bare arm, for she was still in just the shirt and shorts that she had slept in, the thought now of her leaving in those was funny indeed.

"Will you stay? Here? With me?" He asked pulling back his mask and staring up at Jinx who looked at him then looked away.

"Sure. I haven't got anywhere else have I?" Jinx shrugged keeping her eyes on an empty vase, there was a breeze and it was suddenly filled with flowers, she looked down and Kid Flash who was grinning like a hyena at her.

"Will you stop that?" Jinx said rolling her eyes.

"Probably not." He grinned leaning on the arm of the sofa and looking up at her. Jinx felt uncomfortable, all this… openness, let alone him constantly flirting with her and his performance with the wall a moment ago had left her quite unbalanced. She was used to just being blunt and cold and emotionally shut off from people. But Kid Flash was so damn open and honest and… good looking in spandex. It just wasn't fair. She was used to living with boys with the emotional capacity of a rock, and a very dumb rock at that, and suddenly there was all of this how was a girl meant to react to a change like that?

"Aww, come on. It's not just because you have nowhere else to go is it? I thought you cared about me." He said pulling a sad puppy dog pout.

"Alright, alright I do okay." Jinx grumbled swatting him away.

"You do what? Does Jinx LIKE me? Do you looooove me?" He teased her dragging out the words and fluttering his eyes at her. Jinx glowered at him.

"Shut up." Jinx grumbled shoving him back onto the sofa.

"Ooh, Jinx, throwing me on the sofa so you can have you wicked way with me already? I'm shocked!" He mock gasped at her all seriousness gone from his face as if nothing had ever happened.

"Urgh. Is THIS what I've let myself in for?" Jinx groaned folding her arms.

"I'm afraid so my dear, I did warn you. But you're stuck with me now, plus, I've used up all my serious Kid Flash quota for the month." He smirked up at her. Jinx tried to resist, she really really did, but the smile crept up onto her face and she couldn't fight it anymore.

"I love to see you smile." Kid Flash said as he suddenly appeared standing in front of her.

"You are very strange Wally." She said shaking her head with a small smile.

"As are you, Millie." He shot back playfully, Jinx raised and eyebrow at this but said nothing, slowly silence fell between the two until Kid Flash nervously broke it.

"So… you're probably going to hex me for this but…" He trained off before lunging forward and capturing Jinx's lips in his own. This kiss was delicate and gentle and to his surprise Jinx responded in kind.

"I think I love you Jinx." He murmured against her mouth as he broke away reluctantly.

"I… think I might too." She replied uncertainly.

"Wait, you love you or you love me? Because I'd really prefer the latter." Kid Flash laughed straightening up, this time Jinx DID hex him, and hard.

"Way to ruin a moment moron." Jinx sulked as she poked the slightly smoking Kid Flash on the floor with a foot. He groaned.

"Oh man! I've got to tell everyone!" He squealed with happiness rushing to the phone apparently unharmed, if a little charred, Jinx rolled her eyes.

"What on EARTH are the Titans going to say? They're not going to believe that I'm good you know." Jinx groaned falling backwards onto the couch.

"Actually… whilst you were away I talked to Robin, I'd already gotten word of you returning things. I thought you were trying to trick me but… well… he said that you were probably genuinely good. He believed in you before I did again." Kid Flash admitted phone in hand, Jinx's head rose above the sofa at this with a disbelieving expression on her face.

"…Seriously? We are both talking about bird-brain here right?" Jinx gawped at this.

"Yes! And don't call him that, he'll go mad." Kid Flash laughed until he was interrupted by his titans communicator, he scrabbled around for it and finally answered.

"Kid Flash! We've got tr-ARGH! Brotherhood of evil! ksssh here ksssh co-ordinates!" Robin flickered on and off until the communicator fell dead, Kid Flash just managed to get the co-ordinates off of it before it detonated into a sad scrap of metal and plastic. A thought crossed his mind and he looked up at Jinx with a grin.

"Wanna prove yourself to everyone?" He asked with a broad smile.

"Everyone will be there… all the bad guys and… everyone." Jinx murmured uncertainly.

"It's the best way to draw your line in the sand for good, show which side you're on." Kid Flash pointed out.

"Okay okay fine." Jinx surrendered and in a moment found herself in Kid Flash's arms ready to burst into hyper-speed.

"Oh no you don't, that makes me feel SO sick. We're driving there." Jinx snapped clambering out of his arms.

"I don't have a car… I'm the fastest boy alive, why would I need one?" he rolled his eyes, slowly an evil smile spread across Jinx's face.

"This wasn't what I had in mind." Kid Flash pouted from the back of the bus. "People are in danger! Quick! To the nearest means of public transport! It doesn't exactly have the same ring to it does it?"

"Would you prefer up, up and away? Oh, alright alright, we're about half the way there, I suppose you can carry me." Jinx gave in with a sigh and was quickly filled with the same nausea and the feeling of her organs being crushed as before. Kid Flash set her down worriedly and gave her a moment to compose herself before running in for a classy entrance, the fight was already underway. A second later Cyborg crashed to the ground at his feet.

"Sorry I'm late, I had to pick up a friend." He smiled jerking a thumb at Jinx's direction, she grinned knowingly, Cyborg wouldn't have been as impressed if he'd admitted that they took the bus. Nevertheless the android man gawped at her as she sighted Madame Rouge and headed off past her old team for some good old-fashioned butt-kicking. She appreciated Gizmo pretending to be surprised as she ran past on the side of good.

Several hours later and she and the Titans, well, she supposed she should have to include herself in that category now, Robin had just made her an honorary Titan a few moments ago, sat slightly dazed on the couch with Raven and a few other Titans.

"Kid Flash?" Raven asked disbelievingly with all her previous wariness of Jinx gone, Jinx nodded silently and watched Kid Flash messing around with Beast Boy in an attempt to wind Robin up.

"But… what on earth do you have in common?" Raven asked wide eyed, Jinx searched for something.

"…a pulse?" She ventured. To be honest they had almost nothing in common. But she supposed that's why it worked, they balanced each other out; he was a flirt and childish and amazingly upbeat, she on the other hand was serious, ambitious and occasionally very cold to people. She reined him in and kept him grounded in the real world and he made her lighten up and have fun.

"Did I hear someone say my name?" he said suddenly behind Jinx and leaning over the back of the sofa to wrap his arms around her, several other titans stared at this, the majority just looked on in slack-jawed shock.

"Yes." Jinx laughed slightly.

"Oh, so that's why you're all red." He grinned and quickly bit her neck and did something disgusting to her ear with his tongue and was safely out of reach before Jinx could react and hex him.

"Argh!" She growled wiping her ear, Raven snickered at what had to be the world's fastest love bite on jinx's neck and was glad that she wasn't going to be Kid Flash when Jinx realised it was there.

Robin leant back on the table and smiled, all was well, the world was safe and there was even a brand new Titan. His old friend had finally stopped going through women like other people go through air and everything was just… great.

"KID FLASH!" Jinx screamed angrily, Robin chuckled maybe 'safe' wasn't quite the right word.

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