Naruto was walking through the forest, lost and injured. He and the other Rookie 9, besides Team Guy, were 20, and all of them respected jounins, he and Sasuke were even ANBU captains. Oh, yes, the raven avenger was back, though right now, Sasuke was on the mission, given by the Hokage, of course, of killing his brother and Kisame, the last remains of the Akatsuki.

Well, the truth was that Naruto wasn´t respected by the villagers, unlike his friends. As they had done every single day of his life, he was punched, annoyed, and he remained as an outcast. Even when 20 years had passed and no harm had been done to the village, they couldn´t see beyond Kyubbi, and the glares, the harsh words and everything that they did to him, that were the cruelest things they could ever do to any other human, were growing in number and in an alarming way.

That was why in that dark and stormy night, where the moonlight had disappeared, thanks to the clouds, and a thick, heavy rain, confused his senses, Naruto couldn´t find the way home, and was bleeding and hurt. Kyubbi had done everything he could to help him, but since he had just returned from an S-class mission, their chakra was drained completely. He had wounds every where, not life threating, but the deepest ones were on his heart, and those ones; not even Kyubbi could heal.

He was hurt from the harsh words, the rejection of the villagers, the pain and suffering that he had to go through every day, the painful memories, the treason.

He wasn´t the stupid dobe everyone thought he was, but indeed a rather fragile person, with so many fears and pain that one could never imagine how he had survived. He had a mask, one made with so much detail and perfection, that nobody could see through it. And, it wasn´t only the way the villagers threated him, but also the longing of having one specific person by his side, and yet not being able to have him. But that was the last of his thoughts as he tried to go back to Konoha, until he couldn´t move anymore.

He collapsed into the ground, and laid there, unable to move anymore, more from the pain and strain, than from the wounds themselves. He said out loud, through nobody could answer:

"I guess this is the end. But perhaps, it was better like this. No more pain. No more memories to haunt me in the dark. No more trying without avail."

He coughed, but then, the Kyubbi´s voice resonated in his head:

"Kit, do you want to die or to forget?"

"I don´t want to die, but dying is just the easiest way out. I just wished I didn´t remember this. Not even the good times. If I were just able to begin a new life, far from Konoha, far from everyone..." he answered.

"Even the one you love?" Kyubbi asked.

"Yes, even him. Because I know he´ll never return my feelings, and knowing that hurts." Naruto said, barely able to look around him. Kyubbi sighed and said:

"I know how you feel, and it hurts me too, even if you can´t believe me. So, you really want to forget, and just to be able to begin again?"

"Yes, just that." Naruto said.

"I´ll make you forget, except the techniques you know. But all other memories, I can keep them locked, and can bring them back if you want me too. Do you really want me to do that?" Kyubbi asked, doubtful. Naruto could have smiled in that moment if it hadn´t been to keep awake, so he just nodded. Kyubbi said:

"This time, your wishes, are orders, kit. I just don´t don´t want to see you cry anymore."

"Thanks, Kyu." Naruto said, before a bright light wrapped him and he knew no more.

Serai Hikari, a young former kunochi from the Land of Water, and therefore, from Kirigakure, that was 22, she lived in a small village in the Land of Fire, not to far from Konohagure, and that beautiful morning she walked through the damped forest in search for wood.

The reasons she had quit being a shinobi, were really personal. She was a simple and humble person, not very cheerful, but gentle and rather good in treating wounds. The people in the village, liked her, since she was the best medic they had and wouldn´t doubt in help anyone. Besides, she was good at teaching and taking care of kids, who liked her a lot. Nobody, had ever seen her angry because of anything, and it was extremely difficult to get into a discussion with her, since she was really passive.

She had white hair, despite her age, astonishing green eyes, and a tan skin. She wasn´t skinny, but she wasn´t chubby either. She wasn´t the most beautiful girl in town, but still had good looks, and was more or less tall. So, a rather normal woman, save for her eyes, that seemed to shine with an eternal light, even in the night.

The only thing the other woman from the village disagreed with, was that in the time that she had been living there, she had never had even a boyfriend, though some of the men liked her enough to ask her marriage, but she always refused.

She lived beyond the walls that protected the village in a medium size house, not too wealthy, not poor either. She could have maintained a family of three or even four, but she lived alone, her only company a black fox, who was rather friendly and would purr to anyone that scratched his belly and gave him something to eat, called Sun.

As Hikari made her way through the forest, picking fallen branches, some wild fruits and some healing herbs, something caught her eye. She turned, a bit nervous, and began to get near to the thing she saw. She came to view with the most handsome and beautiful man she had ever seen in her entire life, surprising her so much she let her basket fell to the ground.

He had bright, sun kissed hair, tan skin that reminded her of some kind of caramel, because of the color, tall, well built, without excessive muscles, but not skinny. She knew that any girl would love to marry him, but she wasn´t any girl. Yet, as she watched him better, she understood he was an jounin, from his vest and possibly an ANBU, from the markings in his shoulders, yet he had no forehead protector, so she didn´t know to which village he belonged to, and now every village had their own ANBU. But his clothes were stained with blood, and so did a part of his face and head, and one of his legs too. She said, covering her mouth:

"Oh, kami-sama. Who did this to you?"

She hurried to his side, and notices three whisker marks in his cheeks, and she also noted he was breathing. She sighed in relief, as his breathing was rather normal, and though he looked a bit pale, it didn´t seem to be something to worry about. She checked his wounds, and deciding that they were not life threating, she decided to leave, because his team should be somewhere near.

Yet, as she got up, a regret came over her and deciding against her best judgment, she picked him up and then she picked up her basket and the stuff she had before finding the man. He was surprisingly light, though it was partly because she was a strong woman, not leaving training even after she had quit being a shinobi.

She made her way back home, singing softly to herself, and soon found herself in her home. She left the things to eat in the kitchen and then, took the man to one of the bedrooms she had destined to the injured. She left him in a futon and then went for the medical kit. Sun came into the room, and noticing the new person, went near him and sniffed him. He was a ninja fox, so he said to his master:

"He´s rather healthy, and a ninja. Is not your costume to bring such people here."

"I couldn´t left him there, could I? Those wounds weren´t made by kunais or shuriken, so it wasn´t a ninja he was fighting against to, if he even fight. Nor are sword wounds, Sun." Hikari answered.

Sun nodded his head, and his master cam over to heal the man. She opened his vest and took off his t-shirt without blushing, thing that any other woman would have made if she had to take care of such a handsome man. She soon healed his wounds, without leaving any marks, and she continued with the rest of his body, and soon the man looked like if nothing had happened to him, though he was now in just his boxers. Sun said, kidding:

"You should bring the teenagers. They would get a nosebleed right now."

"Yeah, I know so. Well, stay here to see if he awakes, as I clean his clothes, but you know the rule..."

"No speaking. Yeah, I know so." Sun ended for her.

Hikari smiled to her fox companion and then left, to get his clothes clean. She didn´t found his forehead protector there, so she had no clue who he could be.

When she returned, he was still asleep, thing that worried her. Most of her patients would wake up almost immediately, so this was strange. She checked his body once more, but she found no poison or any other damage she hadn´t noticed the first time. Deciding that the best would leave him rest, since he surely was exhausted, she went to the village to buy him some clothes, since she had no clothes he could borrow, and also to by some food and to learn about the news. Nothing interesting, save the wedding of a couple she knew more or less well, she came home and cooked.

She checked one more time on her patient, and there were no signs of him waking up any time soon. She was really confused, but as she found nothing to worry about, she decided to wait. And, no ninjas could be felt near the village, thing that made her wonder if he had been alone or what.

When night came and he didn´t wake up, she decided to watch him through the night, just in case anything went wrong.


Finally, about midnight, he stirred and opened his eyes. Hikari went next to him, and saw his stunning blue eyes. She had already seen them, while checking him, but now that he was awake, they looked a lot more entrancing. He asked:

"Where am I?"

"In the village of Masanori, under my care. Serai Hikari, at your service." She answered gently. He looked surprised, and then, asked something that surprised greatly Hikari:

"And... who am I?"


Naruto, though he didn´t know his name was Naruto, began to wake up. He had no memory of who he was, what he did, or where he was. The only thing that he remembered, were the ninja techniques he knew. Besides that, everything was blank, well, except the obvious stuff, like how to eat, what was a house, how to speak, etc. But about who he was, nothing, not even his name.

He opened his eyes and was greeted by a wooden ceiling, and white walls. He looked to his side, and saw a young woman, with bright green and worried eyes, white hair held in a ponytail and tan skin. He asked:

"Where am I?"

"At the village of Masanori, under my care. Serai Hikari, at your service." The woman, or better said, Hikari, answered, with a soft voice. He was kind of surprised, why would he need her care?, but then asked the question that seemed more important to him:

"And... who am I?"


Hikari was really surprised. She answered:

"If you don´t know, much less do I. I found you in the forest, and as you were injured, I took you here and healed you. But I don´t even know from which hidden village you come from, since you have no forehead protector, and I know you are a ninja because you had a chunnin vest and those marks on your shoulders mean you are an ANBU, but as every hidden village now has ANBU, and they are marked the same... I can´t know beyond that. You don´t even remember your name?"

"No, I don´t. I just remember the ninja techniques I learned." Naruto said. Hikari was surprised at hearing this, and said:

"That doesn´t help me either."

"Oh, sorry." Naruto said, lowering his head. Hikari smiled and said:

"Hey, don´t worry. It is not a big matter anyway. If you were dangerous, Sun would have told me immediately."

Naruto looked to his side and and saw a black fox, that was sleeping by a corner. He noted he had almost no clothes on, and blushed. Hikari noticed this, and giggled a bit and handing him the clothes, she said:

"Sorry. I had to take your old clothes, in order to heal you, and to clean them."

"Oh. Thanks. I mean, you don´t even know me and you are helping me." Naruto said. Hikari said:

"Oh, well, it´s not big deal. Don´t worry about it. I leave you so that you can change, and I believe you are hungry, so I´ll get you something to eat."

Naruto nodded and she went to the kitchen. When she came back, he was already dressed, and he gave him some food. She said:

"I´m not the best cook ever, but it isn´t bad."

"As I don´t have anything to compare it, don´t worry." He said, and began to eat.

He felt a lot better after that, and decided that he liked that food. Hikari took the dishes away and then came back to the room. She asked:

"So, what are you going to do now?"

"I have no past, no memories of who I am or where I come from. What am I supposed to do? I guess... I´ll wander and..."

Hikari thought for a moment and said:

"If you want to, you can stay here. We are only two people, better said, one person and a fox living here. So, yeah, you can stay."

"Re, really? Aren´t you bothered? I don´t want to be a burden." Naruto said, but he was really happy to hear this. Hikari said:

"Oh, no, you would never be a burden. I would love you to stay here, sometimes I really need a helper and a person to talk to. But, first we have to speak to the villagers, ok?"

"Yes, I understand." Naruto answered, but yawned. Hikari almost giggled again and said:

"Tomorrow will do that. So, you can sleep here, ok? I´m in the room next to this one, so if you need anything..."

"No, it´s ok. So, thank you, Hikari, and good-night." Naruto said. Hikari nodded, but said:

"No problem. Good-night... uhm.. can I call you Sora-kun? Your eyes remind me of the sky."

"Sora it is. Thank you." Naruto or Sora, said, before drifting back to sleep. Hikari smiled, and after turning the lights of, she went to sleep too.

A fox, who was lurking in "Sora´s" mind, thought:

"I hope that you can live well here, kit. She´s kind enough for you. Go to sleep."

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