One day, Naruto was laying in his bed, thinking about how to solve his emotional problem, when he heard Hikari entering the room. She said:


"Hi, love. What did baa-chan tell you?" Naruto asked, asked, as she sat next to him. Hikari said:

"Nothing much. I´ve got a new mission, so I´m leaving today. I´ll back tomorrow, I think."

"Ahh... I see. Well, I´ll take care of Ryuu, don´t worry." Naruto said, smiling. Hikari nodded, and getting up, said:

"Oh, and... there´s something we must talk about, when I return." Naruto gulped, and nodded.

She got her things ready and went out, after waving good-bye. Naruto stood there just a second, and then followed her. She was about to leave when he took her hand and when she turned to see him a bit surprised, he said:

"Take care."

"Sure." Hikari said, nodding.

Naruto kissed her softly in the cheek and then let go. She smiled and then, disappeared. Naruto sighed, leaning against the door, and thinking about the woman that had just left. Kyuubi woke up and said:

"Poor child. You shouldn´t do that."

"Why?" Naruto asked, cofused.

"Because she´s in love with you, baka. And even if when she feels like that, she´s trying really hard not to get in the way and let you be with Sasuke. She´s really hurt, because you won´t let her go."

"I never wanted this to happen. She´s really precious to me, and I don´t want to hurt her. But... I just happen to love Sasuke, and I don´t know who should I choose."

"Kit... maybe you just have to search within your heart who you treasure the most."

Naruto didn´t answer, but decided to head out and search the only friend he thought he could trust this, Gaara.

It wasn´t hard to find the redhead, as he was in the Hokage´s Mountain, gazing over the village. Naruto sat next to him, and Gaara asked:

"What´s bothering you?"

"Eh?" Naruto asked, surprised. Gaara answered:

"I can tell, something is bothering you, and I think it has to do with your girlfriend."

"Well... yes. It´s just I´m really confused, Gaara. Look, I love her, and everything, and she´s really gentle and nice with me, and she´s the best girlfriend that anyone could ever have."

"But?" Gaara asked, watching his friends features. Naruto sighed once more and said:

"But I love Sasuke too. And I have loved him since we were teammates, and I think Hikari knows this and it´s trying to step aside, so I can be with him, but I don´t want to hurt her, but I want to be with Sasuke too, and at the same time with Hikari, and I just don´t know what to do."

"Well, only you know who you love the most, Naruto. But be careful, nobody should get hurt. And, if what worries you about Hikari is that she doesn´t find someone else, I´m pretty sure she will. After all, she´s really nice and beautiful." Gaara said, and slight blush, almost imperceptible, appeared in his cheeks. Naruto sighed and said:

"Yeah, you´re right... She´s really... wait. Don´t tell me you like her. Oh, whoa, you do like her! Oh, shit. And now, I´m just in the way, between you and her! Can things get any better?" Naruto said, covering his face with his hands. Gaara chuckled sadly (A/N: Believe me, you can do that, I´ve done it) and said:

"Hey, it´s not like I have a grudge against you or anything. Even if you didn´t love Sasuke, I know I don´t have a chance with her."

"Eh? Why?"

"She´s too nice for someone like me, too good for... for Shukaku´s blood stained Jinchūriki. Well, see you later." Gaara said, sad, but disappeared before Naruto could say anything against the last comment.

Naruto shook his head, and decided that the best was just to go down and to pick up Ryuu from school. The rest of the day was really relaxed, and Naruto didn´t had to worry about anything. Ryuu was really happy of going to the Academy, and Naruto had fun with him, since kids could always cheer his or anyone´s day.


The next day, after leaving Ryuu at the academy, with all his new friends, and learning that Ryuu was invited to stay over Maiko´s house, because there was a party; Naruto decided to pay a visit to Sasuke, since he hadn´t seen him of lately. He got to the Uchiha compound and after entering the principal house, he called:

"Sasuke! Oie, TEME!"

"Dobe. What do you want?" Sasuke asked, as he came downstairs. Naruto answered:

"Don´t call me that, teme! Anyway, do you wanna come out and have lunch or something? You´re always inside here, it´s really creepy."


"Hn. Hn. Is that all your vocabulary, teme?" Naruto asked, as they made their way out, and Sasuke glared at him, saying:

"I don´t waste my time saying unnecessary thing, unlike you, usuratonkachi."

"Duck ass." Naruto simply said, and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

Even when they spoke like that all the time, they could tell that the other was rather happy of hanging out with the other. They went to eat something, and then to train. It was getting late, but they didn´t notice, and suddenly, thanks to Naruto, they tripped over, ending in a rather compromising position, Sasuke on top of Naruto. Naruto rubbed his head, because of the pain, and Sasuke just stared at him. Naruto opened his eyes, and they stayed there, frozen, their noses almost touching. Without thinking, Sasuke closed the gap between them, and kissed his best friend, who was simply shocked.

But it takes two to dance tango, and suddenly, something knocked the raven haired ninja, causing him to jump. Naruto kept staring at him, with eyes wide open, and Sasuke said:

"I´m... I´m sorry. I´ll just go."

He disappeared, and Naruto just stayed there, trying to understand what just happened, but a familiar voice said:

"Are you just going to stay there or go after him, and tell him you love him? I fear he´ll leave again, if you don´t do something."

Naruto jumped to face the person there, and found himself looking into beautiful green eyes and hair like snow. He covered his mouth, and Hikari looked at him gently. Naruto said:

"Hikari... I... I..."

"Shh. You don´t have to explain anything, Naruto. Just go after him, and be happy."

"But... but... but what about you? I don´t want you to be hurt and lonely again."

"Geez, Naruto! Stop thinking about others and just do what you need. I´ll be fine, I´m sure. I´ve been through worse things, and, well, it doesn´t matter what happens to me, you´re the one that has to be happy! So, go now, and get him! He´s the one for you, and you are the one for him, I´m sure, so go now!" Hikari answered, pushing him towards the way Sasuke had gone. Naruto stopped, hugged her and said:

"Thank you again, for everything. Let´s be friends, ok?"

"Count on that! Now, go!" Hikari said, smiling, and then Naruto, ran towards the Uchiha grounds.

Hikari smiled, and whispered to herself:

"Be happy, Naruto."


Naruto ran as fast as possible towards the Uchiha compound, making a mental note of talking to the sand Kazekage and make sure he was happy with Hikari. But right now, there was something a lot more important. When he entered the house, he heard someone moving upstairs and ranting about something. He went up quickly, and through the door, he heard Sasuke´s voice:

"... idiot, I had to kiss him right? I´m such an asshole, really, I mean, for god´s sake, he´s with Hikari! And I had to go and kiss him, and ruin everything. He must hate me now. Idiot."

He entered the room, and saw Sasuke sitting on his bed, his hands over his face. Naruto said:

"Hey, Sasuke. Are you finally admitting you´re a teme?"

"Naruto! What... what are you doing here? I mean, I´m sorry for what I did before, I know that..."

"Teme, shut up. I heard you the first time, and you don´t have to apologize."

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked, confused.

"Well, I.. I love you. So, yeah, I wouldn´t mind you kissing me." Naruto said, smiling.

"But... what about Hikari?" Sasuke asked. Even when he was jealous of her, he did liked her as a person, and didn´t want to hurt her or anything. Naruto sat next to him and explained:

"Hikari knows what you and I feel for each other. And, in fact, she´s the one that made me understand that I wanted to be with you. She pushed me, and I know that she just wants us to be happy. She´s a real friend, and doesn´t holds a grudge against anyone. You should thank her."

"Oh... I... I see. I do like her, as a person, actually, so yeah, I´ll thank her. But right now..." Sasuke said, before kissing Naruto, and this time, the blond answered eagerly.

Naruto now knew that Hikari was right, Sasuke was was the one for him, and he was forever bounded to the avenger.


Hikari, after sending Naruto to the Uchiha compound, and feeling relieved and happy, though a bit lonely after doing that, decided to watch the stars and relax. It was a calm night, with the crickets and the nocturne sounds around her. She was glad Ryuu had found a friend, and right now he was staying over with her, Maiko. As she gazed at the moon and star, she said to herself:

"Lonely again, Hikari. It isn´t as bad as it sounds. I guess that... life keeps going on. I think there´s someone else for me, I´ll just wait."

There was silence for a few minutes, until someone approached her and said:

"Beautiful night, isn´t it?"

"Kazekage-sama! Oh, yes, it is beautiful." Hikari said, almost jumping out of her skin, as the redhead sat next to her, his gourd still on his back. He asked:

"May I ask, where´s Naruto?"

"Oh, I guess that enjoying this night with Sasuke, happily."

"What?!" Gaara asked, completely surprised. Hikari nodded and said:

"Yeah. I mean, they are meant to be together. In fact, I was the one that pushed Naruto to go with him. I´m happy for them."

"But... what about your feelings?" Gaara asked, showing a bit of concern in his usually neutral voice.

"Well, I´m a bit sad, as any other person would be, if you ask about that. But I´ll be ok, no worries. I´ve been through worse, so yeah. Falling in love with a demon host and then letting him go is not such a bad thing." Hikari said, smiling at him.

"You knew he was Kyuubi´s container?" Gaara asked, even more surprised.

"Yeah. Not that it changed the way I saw Naruto. Naruto is Naruto and Kyuubi is Kyuubi. I didn´t love him less because of that." Hikari said, calmly. Gaara, asked again:

"You don´t care, about the demons?"

"Nop. You are Shukaku´s container, aren´t you? Gaara of the desert. And you have a sad and dark past, don´t you? So what? I have one too. Past is past. What matters is the present."

"Uhm." After this talk, Gaara felt that maybe he did had a small chance. They stayed in silence for some time, until Hikari said:

"I should go now."

"Can´t you stay?" Gaara asked. Hikari thought for a moment and answered:

"I guess I could."

It was a really beautiful night.


Time passed, and with some help of Naruto, Sasuke and Temari, Gaara and Hikari ended up together. Hikari was Naruto and Sasuke´s best friend, and they lived rather happily. Ryuu and Maiko were the best of friends, and they became teamates when they became Gennins, and they continued to be friend for all their lives. Naruto became Hokage after Tsunade and the old hag prefered to be just the hospital director. Kakashi spent his days with a certain dolphin. Sakura and Lee married. Shikamaru was Temari´s husband. Hinata became Kiba´s girlfriend. And so, the lives went on.

The End

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