I've done another set. Vicnent this time, and I've got a 25-theme piece in the works from Vincent/Cid. Yes, I know I need to work on everything else I am, but I've hit something of a block. Will try harder.
001: Savings box:

One thing he can do quite well with his prosthetic is carve. While it can be a real pain and generally only serves as a way to pass the time, the look on Marlene's face was worth every hour and splinter when she opened the little wooden treasure chest.

002: Lip cream:

From now on, Vincent will always check his pockets before putting anything in the laundry. The embarrassment and general hilarity that ensued after Yuffie found his tube of WildBerry lip cream still gives him nightmares.

003: Photograph:

Tifa has only convinced him to pose alone for a photograph once. That was also the day he'd been forced to submit to Marlene and her new collection of hair accessories.

004: Band-Aid:

As if being stung by a bee wasn't bad enough, Vincent ended up being doctored by Tifa because he couldn't disappear fast enough. The Day-Glo green Band-Aid that accompanied her attention was just the final insult.

005: Oil:

He is not particularly good with mechanics. He proved this by managing to get a mouthful of oil when Cid asked for help doing the annual maintenance on the Bronco.

006: Traveling abroad:

Be a Turk. See the World. Ah, yes. However…be a member of a rebel group, and you'll see all the parts of the world the Turks can't control.

007: A group of shooting stars/falling stars:

When everything began after his awakening, he saw Cloud and his little gang as shooting stars, destined for a blaze of glory before burning out. These days, he sees them more like a single constellation, permanent and whole.

008: Ball game:

Every so often, there is nobody at 7th Heaven to watch the kids except Vincent. On these days, if the weather permits, Denzel and Vincent play basketball in the back yard. But only when nobody else can watch them.

009: King:

Since Vincent arrived, Cloud's throne has been stolen. He is no longer the King of Depression and Dark Secrets. All Hail King Vincent.

010: Burn:

Carving he can do. Art projects he cannot. There have been several spectacular hot-glue burns to prove it.

011: Troublemaker:

He has never been a troublemaker. Chaos could be, sure, but one is only a troublemaker if one gets caught, and Vincent is never caught.

012: Vacuum cleaner:

All vacuum cleaners are out to get him. He's sure of it.

013: Kiss:

Mistletoe is an evil thing. It forces unsuspecting people to kiss in view of the entire living room while Yuffie squeals and snaps pictures.

014: Training:

Years of training have given him the ability to keep his balance under almost any circumstances. The one situation he never prepared for, however, was a barrage of snowballs while he was hanging Christmas lights for Tifa. After he crawled out of the snowdrift, he wondered what he had done to deserve this.

015: Young leaves mark:

Vincent hates Laundry Day. He hates it even more in the spring, when the sticky pods that fall off the young leaves of several trees in the backyard can be found stuck to nearly every piece of clothing he folds.

016: Hypnosis: A sticker for new car drivers:

Okay. He hadn't driven in…a little over twenty years. So what? There was no reason for Cid to get him a sticker to put in the window whenever he drove.

017: The Duty of Siblings:

He knows that Denzel and Marlene aren't related, but they are the closest thing to siblings they will ever have. Therefore, he took some time to explain to Denzel that it is the duty of the oldest to protect his younger siblings. Denzel took it to heart.

018: Straight perm:

No ma'am, it isn't a perm. No, I'm afraid not. I don't have a hairdresser. I cut it when I- what? Ma'am, I'm male.

019: Rest one's head on a person's lap:

Vincent has never been one for physical contact. However…he sees nothing wrong with indulging in a little of it on the rare occasions when he gets hurt. He likes lying still with his head in someone's lap- it doesn't matter who- and having something to concentrate on while someone else patches him up.

020: Contract:

He has, at this point, made a sort of contract with Chaos. This pact essentially involves the level of annoyance and mental/verbal abuse either is allowed to use on the other. It has, so far, held up admirably.

021: Quiz:

Marlene likes to play 20 Questions. She taught it to Vincent, who took to it at once. He likes to use it on Cid, who hates to be quizzed when he's busy.

022: Emotion:

Long ago, he taught himself to show no emotion. These days, he allows some emotion, so long as he has no audience to his fits of nearly silent laughter when he actually takes the time to pay attention to Cid's bad jokes.

023: Castle in the sky:

As a baby-sitter on-call, Vincent has seen many animated movies. Castle in the Sky is not his favorite, but he feels that he can relate to the Guardians; being away from the place he belongs hurts.

024: Hay fever:

There is a very good reason Vincent refuses to have any contact with the outside world when the lilacs are blooming.

025: Pierce:

He refuses to get any part of his body pierced. He has stabbed himself in a variety of places with his own hand, and has no desire to let someone else do the same, even if it is likely to hurt quite a bit less.

026: Body fat:

As the smallest male in the group, Cid was forced to spend the entire trip to the coast sitting on his fellow truck-mates. Vincent, being the biggest, played chair most of the way. Cid informed Vincent that he either has the boniest lap in the history of mankind, or he has zero body fat. Possibly both. Vincent was not amused; Cid had been sitting on Cerberus.

027: Soap bubbles:

There is a world within a soap bubble. It exists for the eternity of an instant, and is gone in the flash of a lifetime.

-Vincent Valentine

028: Secret:

Vincent has a secret love of sweets. It's not so secret anymore, since Cloud caught him with a bag of gummi worms and insisted that he share. When Vincent didn't, Cloud told Marlene, who promptly begged half a dozen of the sweets and gave two to Cloud.

029: Thing left behind:

There have been many times when he has left something behind. It is inevitable, with the life he has led. Sometimes he doesn't even realize it is gone, or has no idea how it went, like when he realized that he had somehow managed to lose his right sock somewhere in the middle of a festival in Wutai.

030: Blood:

After catching Vincent with untreated wounds under his cloak, Cloud accused him of wearing that particular color of cloak for the sole purpose of hiding his own blood.

031: Glasses:

Yes, he wears glasses for reading. Yes, they make him look like an intelligent cat. No, he does not appreciate this being pointed out. And yes, Cid, this kitty will scratch if you say 'here kitty kitty' one more time.

032: Homemade:

Vincent makes very good soups. He can also manage bread. He sometimes wonders why he is always volunteered for KP duty.

033: Punishment:

He absolutely refused to go see the new horror flick. As punishment, a very disappointed Chaos sang the theme song to Yuffie's favorite anime for two days straight. Vincent almost admitted himself to a mental institution.

034: 2-seater:

Three people + 2-seater plane awkward.

035: Memory loss:

On the rare occasions when someone gets Vincent to drink, he usually regrets it later. He has to do something about the horrid memories. Thus, he lives a life of contentment under the influence of self-induced memory loss.

036: Glasswork:

Vincent can spend hours watching a master glass blower at work.

037: Experiment:

When he has no visitors, Vincent experiments with new ammunition and targets.

038: Shell:

Yuffie often accuses him of hiding inside his cape the way a turtle hides inside its shell. She is right, but only when she is anywhere near him.

039: Playing House:

Marlene only asked Vincent to play house once. After that, she decided that prince and princess was much better, because Vincent makes an excellent horse, and his tea party skills are nil.

040: Rope:

Vincent can tie almost anything to anything with anything even remotely resembling rope.

041: The falling of cherry blossoms:

In spite of Yuffie's complaints of petals getting into everything, Vincent rather enjoys falling cherry blossoms.

042: Wing:

The burden of Chaos may be a difficult one to bear, but Vincent can do it. There is nothing like soaring on Chaos' wings, even when he is not controlling them.

043: Tactician:

As one of the most levelheaded members of the group, Vincent often plays mediator for his companions' frequent arguments. The position of tactician is not one he requested, but it fits him.

044: Coffee:

Vincent likes his coffee black. No sugar, no milk, and certainly no funny flavorings. That includes the caramel stuff that Tifa likes, and the raspberry abomination Yuffie adores.

045: Legend:

He never imagined that he would become part of the legend. Okay, maybe once or twice, but never did he see himself as one of the heroes.

046: Homecoming:

It has been a long trip. He steps inside, wanting nothing more than a hot bath and sleep. The stairs are quiet, as is the hallway. In his room, there is a set of pajamas and a note on the bed. The bath is full, and there are clean towels out. Welcome home, Vincent.

-Tifa and the kids

047: Individual Lesson:

The one time he decided to accept Cloud's offer to teach him how to handle a sword (he doesn't know what possessed him), he found himself flat on his back in a matter of moments. He also discovered that his individual lesson had an audience.

048: Ruggedness:

It is the ruggedness of the mountains that attracts him. He could go into them and be in a world where he is the intruder and the prey, and he could come out again with a new understanding of the human race.

049: Color:

The variations that color comes in never ceases to amaze him. Varied shades of a single color can hold meanings that are a world apart.

050: Candy:

When Halloween rolls around, even Vincent is willing to say 'trick-or-treat' if there is good candy involved.