Aaannndd...the other 50. Enjoy. Finals are almost, and I think I'll be able to write more when I'm not so stressed. Short works are easy at the moment, but long oes aren't. Sorry. Trying very hard.
051: Dirt:

Vincent has nothing against getting dirty. In fact, he thinks it's rather fun, provided he has a reliable way of getting the dirt off afterwards.

052: Jewel:

The colors he looks best in are generally classed under the heading 'jewel tones'. Yuffie says they're girly. Tifa refuses to comment. Cloud snickers any time the subject comes up. Vincent ignores them.

053: Melting chocolate:

One summer afternoon, Vincent was enjoying a casual stroll and an ice cream cone when he happened by Tseng and Elena. Both looked up. Hiding a smile, Vincent pretended not to see them and slowly licked a trail of melting chocolate ice cream off his hand. A quick peek over his wrist showed two nearly identical blushes. Ha. He still had it.

054: Miracle:

It is a miracle Vincent hasn't permanently silenced Yuffie. Not that he hasn't thought about it.

055: Pet:

Vincent does not do pets. Cid knew this when he brought in a pair of bedraggled kittens. Still…one night wasn't too much to ask, since it was raining and both the kittens and the pilot were soaked. He regretted it the next morning, when he was completely boxed in.

056: Chain:

So he refused to dress up in costume for the New Year's party. No big deal, right? Wrong. He ended up chained to a chair, wearing a pirate costume and having his hair and makeup done by Yuffie.

057: The Ability to Live:

When he first woke, up, he was sure that there was no way he could continue. After spending some time with Cloud and the others, though, he realized that he retained the ability to live, even after so long.

058: Sake (As in the alcohol):

Of all the drinks he has ever had, sake is his least favorite. It gives him a headache like no other, and is the only thing that can upset his impeccable sense of balance.

059: Old money:

ShinRa is old money, a family that has had its fingers in the most profitable business of the time for as long as anyone can remember. Vincent is as wealthy as they, though his fortune is in memories. As far as he is concerned, there is no better treasure.

060: A silence:

When Vincent attempted to sneak out of the kitchen while wearing the results of a whipped cream explosion, a well-placed trip-wire (courtesy of Yuffie) sent him flying into the midst of a card game in the living room. The stunned silence that followed lasted for the length of time it took for the situation to sink in. Then they all began laughing.

061: Shyness:

It is not that Vincent has a chronic case of permanent shyness. He is not at all shy. He is simply vaguely anti-social and fond of peace and quiet, which he doesn't get when in the company of most people.

062: Time limit:

Vincent wishes he could impose a time limit on children's animated musical movies. Approximately fifteen minutes ought to do nicely.

063: Fortune-telling:

He does not believe in magic. He does not believe in mythological creatures. He has gotten his fortune read five times.

064: Rejection:

Yuffie really is something. No matter how many times Vincent politely turns down her invitations to parties, festivals, and other celebrations and gatherings, she shakes off every single rejection and asks again.

065: Calendar:

Vincent no longer measures time by a calendar. Instead, he keeps track of the years by birthdays, holidays, and memories of all the good times.

066: Learning by experience:

Vincent learned the hard way that poison ivy will get just about anyone, himself included, and there isn't much he can do about it except wait for it to go away.

067: Childhood friend:

When watching Tifa and Cloud argue, Vincent often feels grateful that he doesn't have any childhood friends to know all his goof-ups, personal disasters, embarrassing moments, and the like.

068: Smile:

Once, in response to Cid's insistence that 'ya hafta smile in a group photo, Vinny', Vincent put on his cheesiest school-photo smile. Cid never complained again.

069: Umbrella:

Vincent does not have anything against umbrellas. They are useful, both as temporary shelter and impromptu weapon, but he draws the line at a black one with little cartoon bats on it in red. He is not a vampire, Yuffie.

070: Ice:

He used to think that ice was pretty. That was from a distance. Having been victim to a skating party hosted by Tifa, he now believes it to be one of the most evil substances on earth, and he still wonders who was first crazy enough to strap blades to their feet and skitter across a frozen pond.

071: Mark:

Vincent never misses his mark…unless he's throwing things at one of the three squirrels that have moved into the eaves directly outside his window.

072: Women's bathing suit:

Never again will Vincent allow Yuffie to get him so riled up that he accepts a dare. He doesn't like the beach to begin with, but being there in a black and red bikini was the awful. The only thing to make it worse was the vicious sunburn he got to match it.

073: Flower language:

He has studied many things since he was woken, mostly for entertainment. One of the most interesting was the meaning of flowers. However…he regrets telling anyone, because Cid wants to know why he wants to speak flower.

074: Afro:

From now on, Vincent is never accepting a drink from Yuffie. She drugged the last one, and he woke up with his hair in a bunch of tight little curlers. When he managed to get them all off, he was left with a spectacular afro. Cid had to sit on him until he calmed down.

075: Oath:

After some discussion with everyone but Yuffie and Vincent, Tifa forced Vincent to swear, upon pain of Marlene make-over, that he would not make any attempt to end Yuffie's life, no matter how bad whatever she did to him this time turns out to be.

076: Magic:

There is magic at work when a man comes home to two children who run to meet him at the door. It is even more magical when they run to meet that man when he is in no way related to them.

-Vincent Valentine

077: Trick:

Vincent likes to foil Cid's magic tricks by stealing whatever it is that he is making appear or disappear.

078: Earthquake:

Vincent has lived through three earthquakes. One was natural and almost killed him with falling rocks; the other two were man-made, and nearly killed him with falling comrades.

079: China dress:

He was not told that he'd been set up until Cloud offered him a blood-red Oriental dress and told him that it was what he was supposed to wear to his blind date.

080: Can be either "nut," "fruit," or "berry":

No, the color of his cloak is not 'berry red'. Therefore, he does not wear fruity clothes. Knowing how to repel these accusations seems to have gotten him a permanent classification as a nut.

081: Contact lens:

Vincent has lost count of the times he has been stopped on the street by people who want to know if that's his real eye color. Are you sure they aren't contacts?

082: "Why?" (Or "What for?"):

One rainy afternoon when Cid wanted someone to keep him company while he worked on the Bronco, Vincent calmly eyed him over the top of his book and said "Why?" Cid flatly informed him that if he was going to insist on sitting around being decorative, he could at least do it where he would be seen.

083: Black tea:

Vincent likes his tea black. No milk, no sugar, and certainly no salt, pepper, hot sauce, or unidentified substances. Thank you, Yuffie.

084: World of Dreams:

Vincent's world of dreams is inhabited by an intelligent demon named Chaos who has an unfortunately evil sense of humor.

085: Study orchids:

The number of species of orchid in existence amazes him, but the fact that Yuffie knows the name of each and every one never ceases to astound.

086: Holiday:

Every winter Vincent holes up in his room and wishes he could hibernate through the holidays.

087: Virtual image:

It was only a virtual image, but the computerized Lucrecia broke his heart anyway.

088: Clock:

The alarm clock beside Vincent's bed is silver, old-fashioned, and a sure-fire way to jump-start the sleepiest of pilots.

089: Fallen Angel:

He sees Sephiroth as a fallen angel: If Sephiroth figures out what it is that he did to fall, maybe he will rise again.

090: Word:

Vincent's word is his bond…unless he promised not to booby-trap Yuffie's room, in which case he never made such a promise.

091: Crown:

For Marlene's birthday, Vincent agreed to remove his cloak and wear a silver crown. As such, he was Marlene's prince. She knighted him with a fluffy pink wand and declared him Sir Vinny, a name that Yuffie and Cid have yet to forget.

092: Person of fiction:

Chaos is not a person of fiction, though he doesn't mind being one of legend when Denzel chooses him for a creative-writing project.

093: Indirectly:

Vincent is indirectly responsible for at least three different mud-puddles that Yuffie has fallen into. He has a gift for influencing a hose to be left running, or the mop-water to be dumped in a certain place, and he knows that revenge is sweet.

094: Good-bye:

The last time he said goodbye to Midgar and headed off to wander, he was presented with a stuffed wolf named Scruff and a slingshot. Since then, both have found a permanent home inside his cloak, and he is sure to return to 7th Heaven with tales of Scruff's adventures with only a slingshot to protect him.

095: Assistance:

No, he is not stuck between the bed and the wall. He would never have leaned down there to retrieve a gummi bear, and even if he had, he wouldn't have lost his balance and slid down here. Yes, he could use some assistance.

096: Sunlight streaming through the trees:

The most innocent things in life are the most exquisite.

-Vincent Valentine

097: The common cold:

The great Vincent Valentine has been reduced to fending off his enemies with pillows, boots, and three stuffed animals that found their way into the room. His enemies are: Cid with tea, Tifa with cough syrup, Marlene with more stuffed animals, and Yuffie with a camera.

098: Cloud:

Cloud can be depressing, vague, a loner, and very irritating, but Vincent can't imagine a world without the gutsy blonde with the black motorcycle.

099: Voice:

On a visit to Cid in Rocket Town, Vincent found out that Cid has an incredible singing voice. Cid refuses to admit it, but Vincent has proof; he recorded Cid's shower singing on his phone.

100: 365 days:

The only real consistency in Vincent's life is that he can always find someone if he ever needs them. This is true 24/7/365.