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"And so, class, that would eventually create a Supernova…" Says the instructor, who scribbles the words with a piece of chalk in his hand.


The student stood up from the middle of the classroom. He was new, so naturally everyone thought he was fucking crazy for randomly cursing at their teacher by his first name.

Axel himself turned from the board, his eyes closing and almost sending a silent prayer to a god he wished existed.

"You fucking killed yourself, you idiot! Neither of us were supposed to have a next life! THIS ISN'T REAL!"

"Roxas, calm down…" Axel's voice was powerless however on the visibly upset boy.

"I loved you… I loved you… but you fucking ass, you tried to kill me, you never told me anything!"


"You don't remember now, do you?" he chuckled bitterly. "Like I never remembered you…it's my entire fault I guess. If I hadn't have left, none of this would have happened. The world could have been run over by heartless but at least we would have existed, right?" He wasn't looking at Axel anymore. His eyes were unfocused; they saw the world of possibilities disappearing forever.

"Roxas, what happened to us, it happened. There's no changing that."

Roxas's eyes snapped to his, they narrowed. "You remember a part of it at least. So why can't we try now? Why can't we make it work? Why can't we be together?"

"Because you don't exist, Roxas." The boy was speechless. The science teacher sighed. "Roxas, this is my fabricated reality, made to keep me in check. You're simply another ghost in the system meant to remind me that I am guilty. You are only Ansem's illusion, meant to torment me."

Why was he speaking to the illusion? Why was he continuing this existence? Oh, yes, right.

The fake Roxas smirks and he fades away in white boxes, a stream of information flowing upwards.

System, restore

"And so, class, eventually create a Supernova." Says the instructor, who scribbles the words with a piece of chalk in his hand.