Author's Notes:My first "UC: undercover" fic, nothing serious just a few thoughts, I've been having after I noticed the exchange between Donovan and Jake, when Jake was held hostage in that bank, then in the next episode in the jungle, when Donovan looked behind him, right at Jake, before surrendering and later when Alex asked him why he did it, Donovan told that he had to think about team's safety. Yeah, right, more like certain member's Jake's safety, if you ask me



Starsy Rayne

Frank Donovan was the best when it meant going undercover. He was so good at playing a role he could almost deceive himself. Only on rare occasions the truth would come forward breaking all barriers.

The truth he did not want to acknowledge, the kind of truth that is best kept hidden deep in one's mind and heart, and pretending it doesn't exist. Yes, if you didn't think about it, if you pretend you don't feel it, you just might believe it doesn't exist, right?

Then why do I think about him? Why do I have this urge to protect him no matter what?

"I had to think only about myself before. Now I have a team I'm responsible of," he had told Alex and Jake in the jungle. If they only knew that it was actually Jake he was thinking of protecting.

And that time, when Jack was held hostage in the bank. The sight of gun pressed in his agent's jaw, the pain at the thought he might loose him, and that moment he knew he'd do anything to protect Jake.

Frank had long time ago forbade himself to have such feelings for someone, much more for a man. In the line of work they were it is never good to fall in love, much less for a co-worker.

But still these feelings were here, and by the looks of it, they were planning for staying for good in his heart.

So be it, he was the best at playing a chosen role, so good in fact that he even could deceive himself. In love with Jake? Who me? You've got to be kidding, caring about him? Of course, I'm their leader, I have to care about protecting my team, I'm responsible for them…

And if you keep repeating that long enough you might actually believe it…

The End