A/N: This advert was created for a wonderful HP role play took place on the IMDB threads some years ago. The original role play can still be read at groups.yahoo.c o m/group/pensieveswirls

I hope you like this little ad.

A word from our sponsors

We interrupt the scheduled programming with a word from our sponsors

A very motherly looking woman is reading a letter looking very disappointed
Voice over: - "Bad reports from school?"
The woman slowly nods
VO: - "Your children out of control?"
Woman nods again
VO: - "You don't know what to do?"
Nods again
VO: - "Well fear not because help is at hand"
Woman looks mildly interested
VO: - "We at howler inc are here to help you in your disciplinary

Woman looks very interested
VO: - "What ever your needs we have over twenty templates that you can use and personalise, try our very popular "Six hours of labour I suffered bringing you into the world!" range or the "I thought your father would die of shame!" range.
"So what ever guilt trip you wish to inflict on your offspring, we at Howler inc can help you out! And for a very limited period only, buy one get one free!"
"That's, right chastise both of your little darlings for the same price!"

We now return you to our regular programming