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Chapter 4: Why People Invented Alcohol.

Obi Wan Kenobi was walking nervously through the corridors of the Jedi Temple, heading for Speeder Bay 7. A look of grim determination was on his face and a thought ran single mindedly in his head. Whatever is there, it's gonna suck for me. The hallways were quiet and he could hear only his own footsteps echo on the floor. It seemed too quiet. Where are all the Padawans?

The silence seemed to weigh down on him. He thought he sensed something behind him, but when he turned there was nothing there. He was starting to get seriously paranoid. As he continued toward a destiny he didn't really want to think about, the author conjured up the theme to "Jaws" in her head.

Duh-Nuh. Step

Duh-Nuh. Step.

Duh-Nuh. Duh-Nuh. Duh-Nuh-Duh-Nuh DUHDUHDUHDUH……


"Obi Wan! I finally found you!" smiled Selah. (you might think that someone can't smile a word, but believe me, they can.)

"Stars above, Mistress Selah, don't do that to a person." Gasped Obi Wan as he held a hand over his chest.

"Oh Obi Wan, you're so funny," said Selah, with that weird little tinkling laugh. "I bet you noticed me a mile away! You're such a perfect gentlemen that you pretended to be surprised."

"Yes, pretended." Obi wan muttered as he edged around her to try and walk away. Unfortunately, Selah didn't get the hint and started to walk along with him. It was at times like this that Obi wan wished he didn't have such the reputation as a diplomat. It was perfectly all right if Kit Fisto ignored an unwanted person, or was less than polite in his rebukes, but if the diplomatic Obi Wan was rude, well. The Council, the lectures, the "Jedi are supposed to be courteous" speech from Yoda. That little green holier-than-thou wizened up old coot. Obi Wan bet he'd never even dated a girl, let alone had one hanging all over him.

Speaking of Kit, though. The green skinned Jedi rounded the corner ahead of them, and Obi Wan waved hello and walked to meet him.

"Obi Wan, what brings you all this way distant from the main party?" Kit asked him, eyeing the hanger on warily.

"Well, I'm looking for Anakin, and I got some pretty reliable information on Speeder bay 7."

"Ugh. Where Master Tipada set off all those stink grenades? I remember that, Obi Wan," he said with a shudder. "Are you sure that's where he is?"

"My sources tell me the stink wore off, and something is there, at any rate. But why are you so concerned? I seem to recall you laughing quite heartily the last time Anakin encurred a Master's wrath."

Kit sighed and gritted his teeth in a way that spelled unpleasant consequences for whomever he was thinking of. "As a matter of fact, I too am looking for my Padawan. She was supposed to be setting up a pyrotechnics display for the families, but both she and the fireworks have disappeared. No offense, Obi Wan, but I can only assume that Anakin has hijacked her skills and attention. Surely you've noticed it's unusually quiet?"

Obi Wan grimaced and motioned for Kit to come with him. As the group started walking the rest of the short distance to the speeder bay, Selah broke in on the silence.

"I really don't see what the big fuss is. Surely your apprentices are allowed to have fun once in a while?"

Kit replied "This is a slightly special case, Mistress. The high spirits of tonight and the alcohol served at dinner will probably lead to some unwise decisions. That, and one of Nova's major ideas of fun involves fire. She's a rowdy drunk."

"And Anakin's seems to involve a Senator now. Wait, Nova's been drunk before? You said that infirmary stay was for Denebian flu!"

"Well, I refused to have you lord it over my training skills when Anakin still likes to drive at Mach 3." By this time they had reached the inside door to the speeder bay in question. Both Masters paused to take a deep breath and prepare themselves. Through the thick titanium blast doors they could hear faint music and what might be voices.

Mistress Selah was not giving up trying to convince them there was no need for this. "Honestly, if they are normally fully responsible, the best examples of this age, why don't you trust your Padawans now? I'm sure they're fi…" Obi Wan had reached forward to touch the keypad on the doors. They opened, and a huge blast of sound almost knocked them over.

The three stood undisturbed and unnoticed as a party loud enough and unruly enough to put Senator Organa's bashes to shame raged in front of them. Almost every Padawan was in there, and they seemed to have invited quite a lot young people from the city. Ropes and streamers had been strewn everywhere, and as they watched, entranced, Padawan Feris swung past them from the ceiling. Against the far wall they could see the entire stock of firewhiskey from Master Koon's private- I mean the kitchens. As the mayhem continued unabated, more and more Masters were summoned to the spot by the noise. They stared openmouthed at their own apprentices or those of others, most of whom were quite obviously drunk. A fiery streamer ignited in the back, bursting into multicolored flames in the middle of the room.

"I think Nova will be back there," Obi Wan yelled to Kit over the bass that was shaking the floor.

Kit pointed to a curtained section labeled 'make out room'. "And I think Anakin will be in there." Kit yelled back at him before furiously striding into the room. The other Jedi followed, some grimly, some with twisted anger on their faces. Being very drunk, of course, it took a few seconds for the partiers to notice something was very wrong indeed. By the time the started bolting, only a few were able to escape, and they were being chased down with a vengeance. Yelling and curses could not be heard until a group of Masters, unable to figure out how to shut off the sound system, destroyed it with lightsabers.

Obi Wan dragged Anakin kicking from the corner, though it seemed that Senator Amidala had managed to slip out. "Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you guys are in? You are supposed to be the Jedi's future, not a band of drunken students!" Obi wan yelled to the group at large.

Master Unduli was also livid as she spoke. "At least one of those guests you invited worked for the 2nd major news station. What do you think it's going to look like to the people when they hear about how the war will be fought by you lot?"

"And most of all," Mace Windu cut in, "How on Coruscant were you people able to block our minds with static?! Do you know how dangerous that could have been?"

"Oh, I can explain that." A sweet, medium range voice broke through the discord and heated arguments like a police speeder though a mob. The voice was sultry, sexy, and everyone turned to see who spoke it. Instantly, every male brain in the room short circuited. Mouths dropped open, tongues hung out, and the women stared with shock and envy.

Standing in the doorway was the most beautiful woman any of them had ever seen. She was blue skinned and perfect, with silky black hair falling to her waist. She was hot, no doubt about it, but she made the hottest supermodel look like a desperate hooker. Utterly at ease among them, she stepped into the room.

"I gave them a TS76 model psychic disrupter, just for tonight."

One of the female Masters had managed to bring her brain back to the surface. "And who told you it was okay to do that?!"

"Gave her permission, I did," spoke a wizened up voice. Master Yoda hobbled into the room and pinched the woman's rear end playfully, and she swooped down to give him an extravagant kiss. "Thought it would be nice, I did, to get them away from us for tonight. See that they took my suggestion a little too heartily, I do. Still, they will not be punished."

Obi Wan stared in disbelief at the ancient Jedi. "Master Yoda, is that your wife?"

Smiling greatly, he responded. "Yes, my wife this is, Tanya. Wasn't she nice to come up and meet you? Very shy, she is. Come on dear, want to show you the Temple, I do.' With that he hopped into her arms, and she carried him lovingly out the door, leaving every one else staring after them. Master Obi Wan Kenobi broke the silence.

"Well, you still have to replace that firewhiskey. Stars, I need a drink."

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