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Another Hideaway contest entry. A 200 word drabble starting with the line; What had he told her?

Before you read this I would love you to read another of my drabbles, Goodbye. It is from Albus' POV and takes place a few days before this one; as he and Harry go 'Horcrux hunting'

What do you think?

What had he told her? That she was the most intelligent and capable witch he had ever come across. That he would be delighted, when the time came, to hand over the reigns of Hogwarts to her.

He had also told her she was beautiful…witty, stubborn and sarcastic. He told her how much he loved her, he told her everyday of their forty years together.

Now she was standing in his, no, her office, preparing to fill his very large shoes. The cluttered circular room still smelled of him; a previously comforting aroma of chocolate and lemons. But she felt anything but comforted; she felt hollow, empty somehow and utterly alone.

A sudden wave of nausea hit her. She retched, trembling fingers grasping the antique mahogany desk for support. Days of suppressed grief rose to the surface as she collapsed into the chair.

Head buried in her hands and shoulders heaving, her emotions overwhelmed her and finally, she allowed the tears to course down her ashen cheeks in rivulets.

Several hours later, when her tears had subsided and the now familiar emptiness returned, she glanced up at the slumbering portrait.

"I don't think I can do this, Albus. Help me…Please."