A/N: Hello readers. All my friends were telling me to make another chappie, so I guess I'll do that. Unfortunately, two chapters is it--it's going to no more than a two-shot. I did like the effect of a one-shot, but this one's in Elizabeth's POV. And a lot shorter. Hope you like it!

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I promised him.

I promised that I would come back.

I could still remember every detail of that last day. I could remember his warm breath on my face, the long, memorable kiss, the final embrace. I remembered pulling away from him with a feeling of wretched betrayal. Pulling away to go with Will, to live with a man I no longer loved.

He had wanted another chance. He had wanted an oppurtunity to live the rest of his flickering days with me. We both knew I did not love him anymore. We both knew his wound was tugging more of his life away day by day.

He had pleaded for me to return to Port Royal with him... and try as I might, I couldn't deny his plea. For I knew that he had always wanted the best for me, he had almost always been there to help me--the least I could do was be by his side when it ended. For I knew that long ago, once upon a time, I had loved him. I had loved him once. That time seemed so long ago, like a faint childhood memory fading into the past.

Had I loved him once? I could hardly remember ever feeling a sense of joy at seeing him. All I could remember now was the charming smile of the Pearl's captain, the roguish look on his face as he took yet another swig of rum.

I did not love Will. I knew I would never love Will again. I had loved Jack for as long as I could remember feeling at home on the Pearl. Perhaps I had loved him ever since he had saved me that day, long ago in Port Royal, or when I had chained him to the mast in a terrible, selfish way to flee. But he had forgiven me. I had sailed past numerous dangers, to World's End to save him.

And I had disappointed him.

The feeling was terrible beyond belief. I lived in torment for the first few weeks, thinking about how much hurt I could see in Jack's eyes during the mournful farewell. I could only promise him of my return, by the silver light of the moon at night. I knew I would go. I would go one day, I would go back to the wonderful dream-like life of rum and ships and listening to the wind in the sails.

I would go back, no matter what it took. I had promised. Jack had said I was a woman of my word, and I would be one. For him. For us.

Stay with me, he had said, and I had told him one day, knowing it could be months or years before I saw him again.

It had been nine months. Nine torturous, painful months before I laid a last kiss on the grave of the man I no longer loved.

I'm sorry, Will.

And I left.

I had asked him not to leave the Caribbean forever. I had asked him to wait for me, and he had sworn to do so.

I knew he would wait. I hoped he knew I would return. For now I was coming back to him, back to the life I had waited too long for.

I would start in Tortuga. I would search every road and alley, every bar and tavern. I would sail the entire Caribbean sea until I found him.

I had promised to come back. He had promised to wait. I would find him, and by moonlight, I would come back.