Once again, I take your outstretched hand. How can I not?

You command me as easily as that, David -- you reach out, and I am here for you. I close my fingers around yours, so small and trusting, and follow you as best I can in your sad quest for your dreams.

Why am I doing this? I'm not a nanny, not a teacher, not a doctor or a butler or companion. I am a lover-robot, built for adult humans to use for their pleasure. You are neither human nor adult, and when I am with you I find I become something quite different from myself, a new and curious creature. I don't seem to know quite who I am, any more.

I certainly should. How many names have I been called in my brief time on this planet? Not the endearments cried out by the women I service -- I mean truenames, ones applied to me by orgas not lost in the spell of passion I'm so skilled at weaving.

"Gigolo"? The politest term, some might say. "Boy-toy"? Certainly descriptive. "Lover", "friend", "escort", "whore"... these are the terms that define me, that have always defined me and imprisoned me. At some point I came to realize this, and that's when I started playing the words as a game.

Most mecha can't understand the rules, and no orga I've ever met could conceive of me having a mind of my own -- as if my mind were anything more to them than something that directed my hands, my mouth, and my cock to please them most efficiently.

Words are my standard of trade. So what is the word for this, for what I am now when I am with you? I don't think there is one.

Perhaps somewhere, in the place where you should have been if the world had any justice in it, you would whisper that word in my ear, and I would take it from you as payment for my services -- or would I dare to accept it as a gift, given freely, that in the act of giving sets me free from the commodity that defines me?

I am with every passing hour more and more the word that defines me when I am with you, even not knowing what it is. And if you give me that gift, David (if even you know what we are looking for together), all my questions will mean nothing, because a single perfect word can redeem the world.