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A large, purple figure soared through the sky, completely unnoticed and untouched. He was trying to get past nightmare castle without being caught by Reala or Wizeman. The reason he would even go near nightmare castle is because behind it, there was a glowing blue star which was sort of odd.

"So NiGHTS. You looking for the water nightmaren?" A red and black figure appeared next to NiGHTS. NiGHTS frowned. Reala grinned his evil grin. "You don't know what I'm talking about do you?" NiGHTS shook his head. "Once, every ten million years, a water nightmaren is said to appear. He/She is also said to hold great power."

"Well then I have to make sure that that power doesn't turn evil." NiGHTS said as he sped past Reala. Reala scowled as he tried to get past his younger brother.

A young girl at the age of ten trudged through the snow in Twin Seed town. "I better get home before it gets to cold." The young girl said. Her name was Sophie. A large gust of freezing cold wing hit Sophie, causing her to hit a brick wall. "That was strange." She whispered. It was really strange because know one els seemed to notice it. Sophie continued to trudge through the snow.

When she turned the corner, instead of her large, white house, she saw a pile of ashes and a fire truck. Her uncle ran up to her and hugged her. "We thought you were killed in the fire!" He exclaimed. "W-what fire?" Sophie asked. "There was a fire and it burnt down your house. Your parents were killed so we thought you were too! Her uncle said while hugging her again. Sophies eyes teared up when he said "Your parents were killed".

Sophie sped off back into town and headed to the ocean, the only place she could relax when she was upset. When she got there, the waves were so unbelievably high, that she had to take a few steps back. A few seconds later she was running from the giant waves that were trying to pull her into the ocean.

Sophie squeezed her eyes shut when a giant wave, about twice the size of Sophie (Sophie is about five feet tall) pulled her so far down, that she couldn't breath. All she could remember from there was a bright blue light (Not the blue ideya) and blackness.

NiGHTS looked up and saw that the blue star was falling and the light in the star was disappearing, revealing a small girl. Luckily, NiGHTS caught the girl before she hit the ground. She had white skin. Her hat was light blue and it seemed to shine. Her outfit was light blue with shiny stripes going from the top of her arms to the bottoms of her sleeves and from the top of her knees to the end of her feet. She also had a blue diamond on her chest.

"Hand the girl over. NOW!" Reala yelled from behind NiGHTS. "Now why would I do that?" NiGHTS sarcastically asked. Reala growled but the girl opened her eyes. Her eyes appeared to be ocean green. She quickly squirmed out of NiGHTS arms and fell on the stone floor.

"Two arms. Two legs. A head. Good I'm OK but what am I wearing? WHY ARE MY HANDS FLOATING?!"

NiGHTS looked confused but Reala grinned evilly and through the strange girl over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "LET ME GO LETMEGO!" Reala ignored her kicking and screaming. "Wizeman will be pleased." Reala said as he started to fly back to nightmare castle. "Not if I could help it!" NiGHTS yelled as he grabbed the water nightmaren out of Realas hands and paralooped Reala causing him to fling to nightmare castle. "That girl's power will soon belong to Nightmare!" Reala yelled as he disappeared into the castle.

"Who are you?" NiGHTS asked the girl. "My name is Sophie. Who are you?" Sophie asked. "NiGHTS." He simply answered. "What am I" Sophie asked while looking at her hands. NiGHTS sighed and motioned for her to follow.

Sophies POV

After explaining Nightopia, Nightmare, and Wizeman, he started to talk about the prophecy.

"So I'm a nightmaren as you say?" I asked, trying to follow. "Yes." NiGHTS answered. "And I can control water?" I asked. "Yes." NiGHTS answered. "COOL!" I yelled. When NiGHTS landed on the ground, I finally realized how much taller he was than me. I sweatdropped.

Then I sat down and looked at my reflection. I looked so much different with this outfit and this white skin. I frowned and touched the brown hair that went to my shoulders. NiGHTS looked at his own reflection in the water. "Whats wrong?" he asked me. "You wouldn't care." I said, looking away. "who said that?" He asked. I smiled and sat down. NiGHTS sat too.

"Yesterday or today...I don't know when...I turned the corner and my home was gone...and my parents were to...I didn't know how it happened though. How could a fire start when it's snowing?" I asked. NiGHTS shrugged.

"Well now I don't have any parents." I said wile kicking my feet in the water. Some thunder clouds roared from the sky and I new it was going to rain but I didn't care. It started to sprinkle, then rain, than pour.

NiGHTS flew under a thick tree in hope to escape the rain. But I liked the rain. I put one of my hands over the water and tried to concentrate my energy. When I lifted my hand, a water ball formed. Suddenly, I got an evil idea.

I quietly hide behind NiGHTS and threw the water ball straight at his head and started laughing at his startled look. He grinned evilly and now it was my turn to me startled. He picked me up, and threw me straight into the lake.

I quickly swam to the top of the lake. By now it had stopped raining and the sun was out. "Hey! that's not fair! I can't fly!" I yelled. "Can you?" NiGHTS asked. "Well...I don't know." I responded. "Try." He ordered.

I climbed out of the water and kicked myself of the ground and found myself soaring above the prettiest lake I had ever seen.

"NiGHTS! I'm flying!" The diamond on my chest was glowing brighter than ever when I skimmed the lake with one of my hands. "This is awesom!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

I landed in front of the amazed NiGHTS. "You are a natural!" he exclaimed. We both laughed and sat back under the tree.

"REALA! I thought you retrieved the girl!" A booming voice said. "I am sorry, Master Wizeman. I will not fail you again." Reala answered. "You will bring the girl to me. NOW!" Wizeman boomed. "Yes Master Wizeman." Reala said while flying out of Nightmare castle. "You won't get away from me this time."

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