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Neither one of them knew when it happened. Neither one of them knew just how it happened, or what made them start. The fact was, they were.

Orihime felt it coming, that climax she so longed for now. He was the only one that had ever touched her this way, had ever made her feel this way. A sense of guilt flooded her as she remembered him. Kurosaki Ichigo, the man she loved. Tears welled in her eyes as she realized she was betraying him.

Ulquiorra was accustomed to this now. He would visit, she would try to talk, and they would always end up in this position—she lying below him, her whimpers of pleasure barely audible, he above, watching her face. And she would always begin to cry, just at the climax. He didn't think he would begin to feel attachment for this human, but the more he watched her, the more he wanted her to forget him—the one she so often cried over. As he gave one last thrust, he closed his eyes, feeling her clench down on him, squeezing his very essence out of him. He would kill that boy, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Ulquiorra got up wordlessly, slowly pulling himself out of her with careful consideration. He turned away from her as he put his clothing back on; she always told him not to look so he expected it now. He couldn't help but throw a glance over his shoulder to look at her. She had sat up and was wiping her tears, her sad eyes staring off seemingly staring at the bed sheets, but Ulquiorra knew better. She was thinking of Kurosaki again.

Time seemed to move too quickly. Before either of them noticed, Ulquiorra was pressing her to the bed again, his lips locked with hers. It was an impulsive moment on Ulquiorra's part, but he wanted to make sure she knew just how he was beginning to feel. She was his and no one else's. He found himself parting his lips and giving her a fuller, more passionate kiss—and…she kissed back? A shiver went down his spine. He licked her bottom lip and found she parted her lips as though granting access. He found himself exploring her mouth, playing with her tongue in such a tender and careful way. He broke away and began kissing along her jaw, moving up and kissed her just below her ear, another shiver going down his spine as she felt her chest rise against him in pleasure.

"U…Ulquiorra! Please…" Please what? He wanted to hear. He began trailing kisses down her neck to her collar bone. Her breathing became deep and was picking up its pace. He looked up into her eyes to find her staring back, a look of longing and confusion reflected in them. "Keep…going." She was so nervous.

He kissed her softly just above her heart, closing his eyes, his lips lingering there. She was so alive and full of emotion. How had he come to care so much for her?

Just as quickly as he had come to kiss her, he got up and left the room, leaving Orihime dazed and confused.

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